By: Bradley Loves


LISA RENEE is someone who I’ve read on occasion.  She is in a class of her own as far as New Agers are concerned and does not seem to engage in the typical NEW AGE GROUP THINK.

This means that instead of listening to what OTHERS are telling her…, she actually experiences for herself what is happening on the higher levels.

Not only that…, she must have a VERY STRONG SOUL and be viciously loyal to TRUTH and SINCERITY!

With a mix like that she has basically written (in way too many pages) what I have been saying for five long years!

I honestly did not think there was a New Ager out there who really deeply got the level of the GREAT CON.

Her long article is worth a read…, but if you follow my blog…, you already know the high points.

New Age, Ascension and Disclosure Hijack

IF there was a problem with this post…, it is that it is way too long and it uses too many difficult terms to be grasped easily!  (Very Heady)…, and NO…, I do not agree with all of it.

But…, the part about there being “many levels” of players seen and unseen who are involved in the hijack of our minds and our consciousness…, (even ones pretending to be GOOD) is right on the money!

Shout out to KP the Hawaiian where I first found this link.

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