For the last 40 years of my life, I (as an innocent American civilian) have been plagued by hidden Government weaponry and hidden Government Contractors that are using super advanced technology daily that can read my thoughts, put thoughts into my mind that were never mine in the first place and even worse than this, to attempt to get me to act or behave in ways that I do not want to act or behave by getting me to abandon my spiritual life, my morality, my decency, and my love of humanity by doing things that I do not want to do.

This technology that I am referring to goes all the way back to before the year 1975 (which was experimental then) and is a technology which would have most likely gotten the green light for it’s use on Americans from Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, or some other group of Orwellian figures hidden behind them.

Senator Frank Church was so appalled by what he was seeing already being used and deployed against innocent Americans in 1975 (mostly technology that was being developed by D.A.R.P.A. and the Department of Defense) that he started the Church Committee to find out just how widespread and pervasive these abuses here in America were and just how many innocent Americans were being affected by hidden technologies no one knew anything about.

See these:

40 years ago, Church Committee investigated Americans spying on Americans

The Church Committee (formally the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities) was a US Senate select committee in 1975 that investigated abuses by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Chaired by Idaho Senator Frank Church (DID), the committee was part of a series of investigations into intelligence abuses in 1975, dubbed the “Year of Intelligence”, including its House counterpart, the Pike Committee, and the presidential Rockefeller Commission. The committee’s efforts led to the establishment of the permanent US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

The most shocking revelations of the committee include Operation MKULTRA, which involved the drugging and torture of unwitting US citizens as part of human experimentation on mind control;[1][2] COINTELPRO, which involved the surveillance and infiltration of American political and civil-rights organizations;[3] and Family Jewels, a CIA program to covertly assassinate foreign leaders.[4][5][6][7]

It also unearthed Project SHAMROCK, a program in which the major telecommunications companies shared their traffic with the NSA, and officially confirmed the existence of this signals intelligence agency to the public for the first time.

Unfortunately, all of the massive surveillance discoveries that were revealed by the Church Committee were far less important than the cutting edge technologies that were still being hidden and were never disclosed!

These various technologies still being developed were able to READ PEOPLES MINDS and to PUT THOUGHTS THAT ARE NOT THEIR OWN INTO THEIR MINDS!

What the Church Committee revealed to the public was most likely revealed in order to cover up the far deeper and more invasive technology that was still being hidden and developed and had not yet been fully deployed.      (Voice of God / Voice to Skull)

The exposure of the Church Committee was done to get an early slap on the wrist and then institute the FISA COURTS here in America which we now know were nothing but a RUBBER STAMP for the Agencies to do whatever they wanted to do – to anyone they wanted to do it to… (including Donald Trump).


Here is one of the technologies developers (Dr. Robert Duncan) speaking in a video about VOICE OF GOD TECHNOLOGY…

He clearly ADMITS in this video above that this technology is out there, because HE WAS PAID to develop it and worked on it himself.

Now, this is not all he says.  He says that he is not proud of what he did, and also says he is “very sorry” for developing it in the first place in an article linked below, where he apologizes to “all of humanity” for the tortures and the murders that are being done unto so many innocent people world wide by the very technology he helped to invent.

He reveals that these people (more commonly known as TARGETS) most certainly are innocent, because their TORTURES and their MURDERS are merely an ongoing part of the experimental phase of this new Technology which is being fully sanctioned (and jobbed out to private contractors) by the Government in order to see just how effective it really is.

See this article:

Here is his apology to the human race:

My apologies to the human race for my contribution to tyranny. I was tricked into thinking it would not be misused by corrupt government especially in my beloved country. I was wrong. The Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate has Skip Green on the governing board. One of my old colleagues at a technology think tank in Cambridge partly in charge of the radio frequency weapons testing for neurological disruption now torturing and killing people worldwide. Several other US Navy and UK Navy scientists have been knocked-off and that is why I have come forward. I know my time may be near. I am currently a professor in computer science and business, helping to educate the public on government corruption, greed, and stupidity. Like my ancestor Lincoln, I am fighting against mental slavery in a new Civil War engineered by the same useless elements in over 80 government agencies who have tested radiological, drug, and viral weapons on unsuspecting Americans for over 45 years.

This clear apology is VINDICATION for me, and is also a very clear message to all of the readers here at Love Truth Site that I (Bradley) was being totally honest with them and very forthright about almost EVERYTHING I WAS WRITING and EVERYTHING I WAS SAYING for the better part of 10 years!

This being said, as an American Civilian, I was even further tormented and further abused by Government Agents just for TELLING YOU THE TRUTH…

Not only was I targeted for 4o long years and tormented and tortured in ways that can’t possibly be properly described (because these are all MIND CONTROL TORTURES)  – I was then Gang Stalked by private contractors, kept from getting gainful employment, bankrupted, stolen from, and had many Government Black Operations being run against me (up to and including Time Travel) where my entire family was abused in order to destroy any and all abilities that we collectively might have to fight back against this, or to bring about JUSTICE if these sadistic things were ever discovered.

Finally, when I started writing about all of this here on Love Truth Site – U.S. Federal Marshals decided that it was time to just try to KILL ME in order to cover up the massive corruptions and wrong doings of 40 years against so many innocent people.

This final insult happened in May of 2020 under the cover of the COVID LOCK-DOWNS – just to make sure that any and all freedoms I might try to exercise while exposing this stuff would be 100 percent LIMITED due to a TOTALLY FAKE and 100 PERCENT FABRICATED MEDICAL EMERGENCY being perpetrated upon the American Public such that any and all Lawyers and Judges would be forced to take the “emergency” into account first and therefore keep me SILENT.

Here is an image of FELONS causing great HARM and great DAMAGE to an innocent American Civilian just because I wrote the truth.

What kind of people come to an innocent man’s camper – shoot it to pieces – and then beat up and taze an almost 60 year old man – just for writing on the internet??   TOTAL 1oo PERCENT HUMAN MONSTERS….

Now, the real question is this.  Can I (as an American) ever get Justice in America for this and for the other 40 years of EXPERIMENTAL TORTURE (where just like Bryan Alexander) they tried very hard to “walk me to my death…”

Probably not.  Is there a Court anywhere in the world that would be willing to hear a matter like this one and actually hand out real justice for 40 years of torment considering that I was TORTURED BY HIDDEN AND UNSEEN MIND HACKING FREQUENCIES that few people (if any) even believe exist?

Probably not – but that is why I wrote the DECLARATION OF FREEDOM AND REMOVAL OF CONSENT…, and that is also why every single word in that Declaration is totally and completely JUSTIFIED and why every punishment and monetary fee in there is also 100 percent JUSTIFIED given the fact the even Jesus Christ only suffered on the Cross for one single day – but I was tormented and tortured by Government Operatives for over 40 years straight!

And now you know the REST of “The Story”

(Little Jamie was not the only one being TORTURED in “The Story” (unpublished) by really BAD MEN…, there are countless others in real life (myself included) who have also been tortured by REALLY BAD MEN who work for Government Agencies and who are Government Agents who wear lavish uniforms and get a paycheck from private corporations.)

If you still have any doubt – please READ this article by Dr. Robert Duncan who is apologizing to the entire human race.  As late as this apology is…, it is better than never apologizing at all.

Stay tuned for  !! VINDICATED !! – PART FOUR

All my love






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