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Moving on from the post I did earlier today…, I would like to add this important information to the mix!  River Phoenix may actually have been “murdered” to keep him quiet about his childhood!

The fatal overdose of River Phoenix on Halloween night leaves hanging a host of questions concerning his death. Why is it, for instance, that three days later medical examiners announced that autopsy tests were inconclusive – but ruled out foul play.

If the cause of death was unknown, how could the coroner possibly dismiss the possibility of murder? Toxicology tests revealed that the morphine levels of the cocaine and heroin ingested by Phoenix were respectively lethal. The day after he overdosed, the question reverberated on Hollywood streets:

“Who killed River Phoenix?”

The conclusion that Phoenix died of an accidental overdose seems premature. No one knows how the narcotics were administered. No needle marks were found. The identity of his supplier is known. He is not some shadow melting back into narco-obscurity. Five witnesses, according to unconfirmed reports, accompanied Phoenix to a West Hollywood apartment at 10:40 p.m., on October 30, before departing for the Viper Room. One homosexual Los Angeles tabloid reported that the drug dealer who gave Phoenix the fatal dose “has been seen back in action at the club.” If so, why wasn’t he so much as questioned by police?

Media interest in the Family was eroded by false reports that Argentine prosecutors had been hamstrung by a lack of medical evidence.

In fact, the death of River Phoenix coincided with investigations of THE FAMILY (The Children of God) spreading across Latin America.

The last thing the cult needed was a popular junkie film star shattering the news vacuum in the U.S. media by expanding, in some Hollywood fanzine, on his sexual initiation in a cult with notorious international political connections.

In fact, River Phoenix had a reputation for talking too much. In the press, the Phoenix family has distanced itself from Berg’s flock, emphasizing their separation from the Children of God.

“We were flower children,” John Phoenix (River’s father, who refuses to tell reporters his true name) told People magazine in September, 1987: “We were full of faith and loved everybody.” John Phoenix was so deeply rooted in the cult that he was named “Archbishop of Venezuela” by the group.

Rainbow Phoenix, River’s sister, told Life in August, 1987 that she debuted as a performer at South American shopping plazas. “We used to sing and hand out pamphlets,” she said. “But after two years in Venezuela, the family wanted out of the cult.” Arlene Phoenix, River’s mother, complained, ‘the guy running it got crazy. He sought to attract rich disciples through sex. No way.'”

The veneer of bohemian innocence was shattered in 1991 when, in Details magazine, River recalled his childhood in the cult. He admitted in this interview that he had intercourse at age four and sex with other children until the age of 10.

River Phoenix violated the cult’s stricture of secrecy by discussing his early sexuality with reporters. Two years later, on All Hallow’s Eve, at the most critical period in the Family’s history, he was poisoned with a drug overdose.

Had he lived, River Phoenix could have proven to be a dangerous liability to the cult, confirming reports of sexual abuse and child prostitution circulating throughout South America, but largely snubbed by the domestic press. Moses Berg’s Family sleeps with powerful political allies.

Did one of them have reason to silence River Phoenix?

Here is my own personal and “TRUTHFUL” experience of meeting someone who had been inside the Children of God cult as a child!

Taken from this article I wrote 2 years ago:


In the early 1990’s – I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting a young teenager (only 15 years old) when I was in my 30s – and in a teaching position where I met hundreds of kids his age. This is all I am going to say about that particular “job” I had at the time – since it is immaterial to the subject matter at hand.

Suffice it to say that I was commissioned to help tutor this very young man for a brief period of time, and that it was very clear to me that he was distressed about something really huge! Since his lessons were not progressing very well at all, we – or I, “side-lined” his lessons and decided to “talk” about what was really bothering him – and what actually came out, was NOT what I was expecting at all.

For the purposes of this article we’ll call him “Anthony” (although that was not his real name).

Anthony was a very good looking boy, and had an awful lot of talent as far as I was concerned in both art and music. He was also a very talented “sketcher” – and by using only pencils – could produce images on paper that were very worthy of artistic notice.

Unusually bright for his age – I asked him where he had gone to school. Anthony then told me that before twelve months ago, he had never actually been to a regular school – even though he was going to a very normal High School now.

When I asked him why – he told me that for the first fourteen years of his life – he had been part of a group of traveling “Christian” Missionaries called: THE CHILDREN OF GOD –

More commonly known today as: THE FAMILY


For a “plethora” of background information on this group – see this article:

See also what Wikipedia says here – (although much of this is patently false and very “whitewashed” – the truth is far worse)

See also this ABC News Article:

Finally see their groups “fantastically” designed propaganda page:

And another propaganda page here:


We both sat on the concrete steps in front of a local library while he recounted the sordid story of his early life during which he – and his parents – traveled around the world talking about “Jesus” in a whole “new way” that I had never heard of – and could not have imagined.

He said that the group that he and his parents belonged to was very much into the Christian Religion, (or what he thought was the Christian Religion) – but he added that the MAIN FOCUS OF THE RELIGION behind the scenes was always about SEX!

He told me that he had been “having sex” since he about about five years old and that this sexual activity was not only encouraged by both of his parents (as well as the group they belonged to) – but “required” to some extent!

After “digesting” the huge revelation that he had just sprung on me – and not wanting to back down from digging to the core of what was really happening in the world – I questioned him extensively on what he meant by what he had just said – and what had actually happened to him while living with this so-called Christian group.

He seemed only TOO HAPPY to share this information with me because apparently NO ONE else either cared to discuss it with him – or possibly even wanted to hear the story at all. He seemed so sad – that I knew I just needed to listen.

I was also very appalled that there was a “Christian Group” traveling the world and preaching both the Bible and Jesus – but at the very same time – teaching their own children to have SEX with both other children AND adults.

He explained to me that the “core group” of their “ministry” was fairly large and included many adults – both husbands and wives – and all of their collective “children” who were of various ages from very young to older teens! He further explained that after a certain time of the day – usually in the early evening – all of the children were encouraged to go NAKED.

Regardless of their age – or what they were doing at the time – it was part of their “religious evening ritual” to have all the kids remove every piece of clothing they had on – which according to Anthony seemed quite normal since he had never known it to be any different!

They were then encouraged to play for the next hour or so while the adults watched on the sidelines both visiting and talking about “RELIGIOUS MATTERS”. After an hour or so – he said it was DECIDED who was going to sleep with whom that night!

I asked him what he meant by that – and he told me that it was never the same person from one night to the next! It was always different! He told me that some nights he would sleep with adult men – other nights he would sleep with adult women – other nights he would sleep with boys – and still other nights he would sleep with girls. Further more, he added: Everyone always had to sleep in the nude – and regardless of who you were sleeping with that night – there was ALWAYS SEX INVOLVED!

I asked him if his “parents” knew what was going on – and he said: “OF COURSE! They were part of it!”

He told me that all of the children were very encouraged by the adults in their group to freely express themselves and to “have fun” with sex (regardless of their age) and to enjoy whomever they were sleeping with at the moment.

Red Flags were going up all over the place for me and I told him that this was NOT part of any CHRISTIAN TEACHING ANYWHERE and that it was probably going against EVERY TEACHING OF GOD that I could possibly think of!

He simply nodded his agreement, but explained that this was how he grew up! He told me that his Uncle – (his father’s brother) had literally come to take him from a foreign country once he had “found” out about the deep depravity of the Religious Group called THE CHILDREN OF GOD – and brought him alone back to California and placed him into a regular school with regular kids.

I personally was very happy to hear of this, but then I found that this was the source of his biggest problem. Apparently he had taken a liking to me and saw me as some sort of TRUSTWORTHY adult figure and wanted some advice that I could not possibly give him.

He said that although being in a regular school with kids his own age made him feel happy – that there were lots and lots of pretty girls whom he liked a lot. I told him this was very normal and that he should get to know them and maybe ask them to a movie or something like that.

To that he replied – No – I don’t really want to take them to a movie – I just want to have SEX with them! I’ve tried several times (he explained) to ask many of the girls that I liked to come over to my Uncle’s house to have sex with me – and was AMAZED at their frigid and hostile response to my request.

(I really had to be careful not to laugh at this)

Then he asked me how he might better handle asking girls his age for what he wanted! I realized that this poor boy had NO CONCEPT OF NORMALCY – and further found out that when and if he saw someone he liked in his High School – the first words out of his mouth were usually: “LET’S GO HAVE SEX”. I then told him there was NO ADVICE I could possibly give him that would make sense.

Sadly, while he may have been “out” of the cult, his Uncle had not really saved him at all, since now the boy had no idea how to operate within the “normal world” or the “reality” that everyone else was living in. He was very confused because his “reality” was so totally different from everyone else’s “reality” that he could not fit into anything like a regular daily routine!

My question is this…, is the CHILDREN OF GOD aka THE FAMILY an “Illuminti’ creation…, and a beta test for getting adults and children to have constant sex with each other!

Was it being run by the CIA or perhaps MOSSAD for the Rothchild Family??

Was River Phoenix killed to cover all of this UP??

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