This is the message that I am getting from the Holy Spirit!  I do believe that it is an accurate message, because other people in the truther community (those in the know) seen to be saying the same thing.

I am writing this message today for all of those who have been long suffering and who have waited patiently for so very long!   It has been a very long road to be sure, and those of us who have worked so hard to hold the line are finally about to see some real action taking place out in the open.

The truth is that we have been fighting a very real battle and a mostly hidden war for the last many years against a Deep State/Satanic group who just would not quit without being forced to stand down.

It does appear as if the 2022 November election in America is a focal point where action (from both sides) must be taken.

I think that both sides see this single event as the final line that can not be crossed at all costs. 

The DEEP STATE (if it ever wants to ever get the New World Order) can never allow another free election in America, and the Alliance/White Hats/Patriots can never allow the 2020 election to stand as is because they know that there will never be another fair election in America if they do.

November 8th of 2022 is therefore (by default) the expiration date of the current hidden battle where the final “bets” will be laid on the poker table just before the WINNER TAKES IT ALL.

Freedom either WINS or LOSES forever in less than a month from now.

This is not only freedom for America, but freedom for the entire world!

I do think that the entire Q message board will finally come to pass staring in the beginning of November of 2022.

I think most of it was set up to a “five year delta”.  This idea gives even more credence to the thought that the entire Q-Project was a Quantum Access/Looking Glass/Time Travel Project from the very beginning.

This is just my opinion of course, but given the current circumstances, it makes perfect sense.

So all of us who have been waiting very patiently are going to finally start to see serious action being taken (from both sides) and life as we know it will no longer be the same.

I’ve already said that everyone should have extra food, water, cash, back up generators, guns, and ammo to last for at least one month if not 2 or 3 months!  Winter is a tough time for all this to happen, but strategically it works for both sides.

Every family should be ready to take care of themselves AND to be ready to help those who were not ready and are caught by surprise!

What I’ve written above is the “get ready” part of the equation!  

However, never forget that God is a huge part of this plan and that PRAYER is one of the best tools that could possibly be used in the next few months and should also be at the very top of everyone’s “tool box”.

Prayer can solve many problems and I do think that God wants us to remember that when we actually ask HIM for help, only then can he give us what we need.  I believe that God is ready, willing, and able to bring everyone who may be adversely affected exactly what they need, and when they need it, if they will only humble themselves and ASK!

Just like a “birthing process” – when new life is coming into the world – the process we all go through over the next few months may seem painful, but when it is over and done there is great joy on the other side.

I love all of you so very much, and I try to reaffirm that every single time I write a post! 

Every life is precious and every life is important!


Thank you for reading at Love Truth Site!


All my love


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