By: Bradley Loves

I know that most people don’t see it.   Some readers who have been coming to this blog for five years, and are regulars CAN see it.   

It is obvious. 

We are in an “endgame” scenario now where the powers that were have gone “all in”.  Q-Anon has said so, and it is disturbing to me that so many Americans are hunkering down in their homes and hoping against hope that all of this simply GOES AWAY.

This is not going to happen without YOUR HELP!

Furthermore, this is NOT what happened in our history a mere 100 years ago. 

What I see happening (that sadly most can not see) is the very same scenario, the very same scheme, and the very same “playbook” being used today that was used in the 1920’s and 1930’s in NAZI Germany.

Only this time, the “target” is America, not Germany.

  • Do you realize that just before the NAZI’s came to “power” in Germany, there was a huge “renasaince” of spiritualism in Germany?
  • Do you realize that the Germanenorden and the Thule Society, which were both heavily connected to Helena Blavatsky and her Theosophical Society, made up the bulk of men and women who eventually went NAZI?
  • Do you realize that they were all very heavily into Spirituality, Channeling, Meditation, Magic, and Mysticism?
  • Do you realize that Heinrich Himmler himself fought WWII (at Wewelsburg Castle with 12 others) on the Astral and Magical levels of manifestation?

Get this through your heads people!

  • Do you realize that the EXACT SAME PATTERN is being followed here in America?
  • Do you realize that Channeling, Meditation, Magic, and Mysticism have been very heavily brought forth here in America since the late 1980’s, which is an exact DUPLICATE of how it happened in Germany in the late 1880’s?  (Again a 100 year space in between)
  • Do you realize that by teaching their own children “magic”, “sex as young as possible”, “dependacy upon the STATE and not the parents”, and various ways to contact with “spirits” and “unseen entities” through mediumship, that the precursors to the NAZI’s grew to believe that they should control the entire planet?
  • Do you realize that Americans are currently on the very SAME PATH, and the exact SAME TRAJECTORY…, only 100 years later?
  • Do you realize that the NEW AGE MOVEMENT – which was started by Blavatsky and the Freemasons – was brought into America to accomplish the very same thing that it accomplished in Germany just before WW II?
  • Don’t you see that we (as a country and a nation) are playing out the very same scenario that the Germans played out just before WW II started?
  • Are you people blind?

See this very, very important series starting with PART EIGHT:



Every single NEW AGER, and even 501 C-3 Corporate Christians are accomplices in unfolding events they have no understanding of.

The warped “channeled teachings” of the NEW AGE, and the warped “never look at the bad stuff Clergy” whose hands are tied by Federal Regulations in order to stay “tax free” – tell all of their followers to ignore everything no matter what is happening here on Earth and to just FORGIVE IT ALL as if it makes no difference.

These people are leading EVERYONE astray!

We are being “conned”, we are being “played” by the very same powerful forces of darkness – MOSTLY UNSEEN – that manipulated the German people – through their love of mediumship, magic, and mysticism into following a path of support for taking over the world!

  • Don’t you see that most NEW AGERS are still hanging back, refusing to “judge” and refusing to “engage” and even REFUSING to protect their own people and their own countrymen from an onslaught of PURE EVIL?

They would rather “Ascend” (read: escape) to a whole other dimension than lift a finger to protect or secure the dimension that they are currently living on, or save a single soul being tormented from a horrible fate.

This is exactly what happened in Germany – and now it is happening here in America!

Take heed!  


Engage in the battle, (even if only as a digital warrior) or become enslaved if it goes badly!

All my love


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