The New World Order has very effectively hidden their world domination agenda from the masses for a very long time.  They did this through a combination of Secrecy, Black Magic, Lies and Deception, Distractions, Bribery, Blackmail, and by owning the money system, the Courts, and many world leaders.

They worked slowly and steadily toward their goal, and killed anyone who got too close to the truth.  However, there comes a time in every game and in every battle where the TRUE MOTIVES and TRUE INTENTIONS have to be seen by everyone before they can make their final moves.

In other words, it is impossible to actually finish and complete a very dark agenda without showing most of your hand at a certain point.

Once this point of the game or the battle occurs – it literally becomes:


This is where the entire world is as we speak.  We as a collective human species are at the point of no return!  When this happens, it becomes impossible for those who want a New World Order to HIDE their true motives and their true agenda from everyone any longer and they are now EXPOSED!

Some people will just never wake up – but far too many people will finally start to see the true reasons behind what they are doing, what is really going on, and will start to fight back.

This is a very DANGEROUS PLACE in the game/battle.

Because of what the Luciferians are actually after – which is total Global Domination – the very nature of the battle is all or nothing.

I know that this is hard for most people to hear.  I know that this is even hard to read in print, but it must be said so that the nature of what we are all facing can be known and not sugar coated away by the Deceptive Main Stream Media.

All or nothing means that in this particular part of the game – which is near the end – there is no middle ground.  There is just no way to have multiple winners at this point of the game no matter what the New Agers or the Christians would like to tell us.

In this battle (yes, and I’m talking about the battle that we are currently fighting) it is WINNER TAKE ALL!

Even in a simple game of Poker, there comes a point at the end of the game where both players (both sides) have to go all in.  This means that all of the chips and everything they have and own is ON THE TABLE.

Naturally, at this point, neither player wants to lose, and will do what ever it takes to take all of the chips.  But, once all of the chips are taken – the “OTHER PLAYER” – the one that has lost – walks away from the game with NOTHING AT ALL.

I am writing this article – this particular post – because the rest of humanity does not seem to realize where we are in the game.  They just can not grasp (due to mind control) that there is NO GOING BACK to where we were even just a few years ago. 

There is no going back to the way it was before Covid!  This has got to sink in!   We either win this battle – or they do – and we all get enslaved!

Both sides now have all of their cards on the table – both sides are exposed – both agendas are KNOWN!

Either “TEAM LIGHT” wins the battle and the entire world is set free from tyranny – or “TEAM DARK” wins and every single man, woman, and child on Earth is made a slave!

You people have got to grasp this – because you are just not getting it.   What part of this don’t you understand?

At this point in time – we still see too many people who are at home and sitting on their couch planning their next vacation.  They are thinking about buying their next car, and planning their retirement as if NOTHING is happening around them when they SHOULD be working very hard to spread the word to everyone they know about the New World Order Agenda for Vaccine Passports – Digital ID’s – Microchips – and Boosters Shots for the rest of their lives.

They are BLIND to the fact that we are all in a tiny boat floating on a fast moving river that is about to go over a huge waterfall!

The Warning Signs are there!  You have Warrior Angels who are here on Earth and who are yelling out at you – PLEASE do not go past this point – you are in DANGER!

Instead of paying attention and paying heed to the warnings, it almost appears as if most people are “OKAY” with global enslavement if it happens – and that if they get micro-chipped, mind controlled and have all of their possessions and human rights taken from them – they will deal with it when it happens as if it is no big deal.

Well my friends here is what happens to the river just past the warning hands of the Warrior Angels who are telling you to STOP and to turn back!  You are NOT going to be able to survive that fall.

You would think that when faced with such dire consequences – that most people would not only take notice – but be appalled!  Instead, they are tucked comfortably in their beds and under full blown MIND CONTROL of the MAIN STREAM MEDIA.


These men and women of the Media are “literally” Lucifer’s henchmen – and are only there to make sure that you DON’T SEE THE TRUTH, and are NOT PREPARED for what is coming.  They are highly paid liars and propagandists for the New World Order.

The VATICAN is highly involved in this – and what is even worse than that is the current Pope is  Jesuit!


So this means that what “they” are doing will show you who they are!   In the last days – it will be as if the BLIND are leading the BLIND.

Above is the “Dark Side” of the Goddess COLUMBIA – (Signs and Symbols anyone) – and below is the sanitized version.

Here are other “SYMBOLS” that are used to depict the Goddess Columbia.

COLUMBIA is also known as the Goddess ISHTAR – which is pronounced EASTER in English.  This means the Catholic Church is well aware of this particular Goddess and what she stands for!


Learn how to play the game.   Learn what they are doing.  Work hard and you’ll be able to play – THE PERFECT GAME.

Please, please, please – OPEN YOUR EYES…

All my love.

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