By: Bradley Loves


However “clear” it may be to me that this is what is really happening…, the skill and the cunning with which modern day psychololgical warfare is being rolled out is quite stunning.

The intricate WEB of deciet that took years, if not decades, to set up to bring us to this moment in history where the PERFECT STORM of apathy, hope, blind belief, dis-information, and inability to think critically would come together to aid in the destruction of western culture is something to marvel at.

With every i “dotted” and every t “crossed”…, and every sub group of humanity seemingly accounted for…, the GRAND MAGIC SPELL of perversion and Satanic Entrainment that is being “rolled out” without  hardly a whimper among those who will be affected the most by it, and who will most likely perish in the coming days as a result, is what legends are made of!

First…, we have THESE people…, the NEW AGE hopers, the blind believers, and the channeled message purveryors…, who just CAN’T POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND why what they’ve “been told” isn’t coming true…, or happening in the way they “were told” it would happen, and are now looking for countless excuses and reasons for the delay.

Not even stopping for a single second of time to think that it was actually ALL A CON in the first place we now get articles like this….

See this link:

Because there is no logical, or even spiritual explanation for WHY things have not gotten better (as promised)…, we are now getting into ridiculous hypotheticals from “sincere believers” as to why this is so…, and this article is just one of many examples now popping up.

….Are we in stasis to give us more time to come online, mind body spirit systems energetically fluid, balanced and aligned?

When we are fully activated as quantum beings…, it should organically follow that we would be taking care of our planet and each other.

Higher frequencies are by definition positive emotional energies. If even half the planet’s population were to wake up and embrace higher vibrational living we would put empathy, compassion, love and peace on the world stage agenda.

We could rebuild, recycle, redesign and redevelop our cities, our energy sources, our eco system and our future. Fair and free distribution of resources. A financial reset, releasing hidden funds around the globe, establishing equilibrium and abundance….

….So is this a stalemate of sorts? A waiting room for awakening to tip over to mass awakening and peaceful revolution?

Are we waiting for our alien comrades, and possibly enemies, to show themselves finally? Disclosure?

Where is it?

Is it all really biblical after all and we are waiting for the fire and brimstone to release us like phoenix from the fire. Ghostbusters was right and the souls will rise from their graves etc?

You see…, the person who wrote this…, and who (for all practical purposes considers themselves to be fully awakened) is actually one of the MOST BLIND ones out there…, and who is by definition…,

           …..The blind, leading the blind…..

Read the entire post and PROVE ME WRONG!  I dare you!

Grasping at nothing but straws at this point…, this unfortunate person has “believed” and “swallowed” every single planned Psy-op/Entertainment/bad info dump that was meticulously develped and rolled out for their benefit by the NWO Jesuits…, and who really has NO CLUE why it isnt’ all happening as they were “TOLD” that it would happen.


Then we have people like Paul Craig Roberts who clearly sees all of the Propaganda as it is happening…, knows that we are in a state of WAR with the Dark…, and realizes that the Dark is actually winning at this point, BUT HAS NO ACTION PLAN to counter what he sees happening.

The Reign of Propaganda

The Reign of Propaganda

Paul Craig Roberts

If truth has a chance…, it is in a different country than America.

Masters of propaganda from its inventor, Jewish public relations expert Edward Louis James Bernays, to the Nazi Minister of Propaganda Paul Joseph Goebbels, agree that a lie can be turned into truth by constant repetition.

The more pure the lie, the more complete the success in turning it into The Truth. Lies partly based in fact or half-truths open themselves to factual challenge. For a propagandist the best lie is a lie unfettered by even a distant relationship to truth. Such a lie can be turned into such self-evident truth that no evidence is necessary. As Nikki Haley and Hillary Clinton put it: “Evidence! We don’t need any stinking evidence. We know Russia hacked our election!”

For the typical American, who doesn’t know anything, the confidence of the former Secretary of State and “rightful President of the USA” and the confidence of President Donald Trump’s own Ambassador to the United Nations are sufficient to convince them that the lie that Russia stole the US presidency for Trump is true. We all know it. Why? Because we have all heard it endlessly repeated for many months. As one acquaintance said:

“If it were false, surely the media would have exposed it.”

This insouciant naivete is characteristic of Western populations.

As Bernays and Goebbels knew, one good propagandist can control the opinion of the targeted group, whether it is a gender or a nation.

Initially for Benays the targeted group was American women. As a propagandist for an American tobacco company, “the father of spin” promoted female smoking as a sign of feminist independence. He called cigarettes “Torches of Freedom.” He also provided the propaganda that enabled the United Fruit Company to have the US Government overthrow the elected government of Guatemala in 1954.

Goebbels turned Germans into servants of the Third Reich, an accomplishment the neoconservatives have yet to attain in the United States, but they are still working at it.

The neoconservatives, the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, and the US presstitutes have succeeded in blocking Trump from withdrawing from Syria and from normalizing relations with Russia. They have succeeded in this by using their fabrication, “Russia-gate,” to put President Trump in a box.

If Trump now normalizes relations with Russia, it will be presented to the world by the presstitutes as proof that the Putin/Trump conspiracy against Western democracy is real.

If Trump were to normalize relations, thereby removing “the threat” that justifies the power and profit of the military/security complex’s budget, he would likely be impeached as a traitor to the USA. Trump’s tweets would be overwhelmed by the onslaught of the presstitutes.


And yet, even he does not step back long enough to look at the very subtle “beauty” of the decades and centuries of LONG PLANNING…, and how painstakingly all of this has been put into place drop by drop and bit by bit to literally CON every single living human being into doing someone else’s will and bidding!

In other words HELP THE CABAL create the NWO by “consenting” to it every step of the way!

It is ONLY when you step back to look at the BIG PICTURE…, and choose to THINK BIGGER AND LOOK DEEPER…, that you become aware of how it is possible to even beat these people!

I have been writing for a few years now…, and have offered a some important thoughts on what people need to be thinking!

Yet few, if any, people repost anything I say…, and as I read in the Alternative Media…, I find countless websites and blogs which are passing out OBVIOUS dis-info and bad information…, and 10’s of thousands of otherwise nice, (but gullible people) running full speed to re-blog and re-post INCORRECT and mis-leading information!

What we have here is a “MIND CONTROL” problem of epic proportions….


However…, as if perfectly “on que” and right on time “as planned”…all of the INCORRECT SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS that will in fact keep humanity from coming together and even helping itself out of this situation are being rolled out!

And also…, “quite on que”…, those people who have spent a few decades BELIEVEING and HOPING in things that “were never true” and “were never going to happen even though they were told it would”…, can’t seem to get out of their own way to help themselves or others…, because they are JUST AS MIND CONTROLLED as the sheep they are sincerely trying to help are…, only in a different way.



Only logic and critical thinking…, NOT BLIND HOPING…, is going to help humanity at this time.

The “programming” of countless CHANNELED MESSAGES has got to be wiped from the MINDS of those who normally would CARE enough act in defense of humanity.

But it isn’t just channeled messages any more!

It’s the countless Psy-ops put out almost DAILY by agents who are desperate to see the government of the UNITED STATES survive!

These agents…, many of whom are PRETENDING to be in the NEW AGE SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT…, and are as we speak…, writing blogs and doing YOUTUBE vids…, and even radio interviews, are actually TAKING MONEY from the Agencies and Special Access Military Programs!!

No longer caring about people or humans as such…, it is only the “state” which must survive!  They are highly motivated and highly paid for what they are doing.

It is only the FICTION of power that must survive at all costs…, and people (living human beings) are now simply cattle which are meant to SERVE THE STATE, and are secondary and expendable.

This is what motivates them to LIE and do it with a smile on their face and they “tell you how it is” and “not to worry” and “not to prepare” and “not to take action”…, because it will soon be all Okay again!

Only a “docile” population is safe for those who wish to roll out the New World Order!    A “stampede” in the human herd can not be tolerated (YET)…, and so…, in order to avoid what they are not ready for…, these “messages” of:

  • Don’t worry
  • It’s ALL OKAY
  • RV is happening as we speak
  • Dunford is in charge and not Trump
  • NESARA is here and happening
  • Peace is coming tommorrow
  • The ET’s will be landing soon
  • Massive Arrests are in fact happening
  • etc, etc, etc.

Are exactly the kinds of things that those who have been working to roll out the NWO would in fact SAY as they roll out the last of their plans when it becomes OBVIOUS that things are “not okay” to too many people to deny it any longer!


The “spiritual people”…, the ones who most certainly would have noticed it FIRST were already being conned and groomed decades ago with Channeled Messages meant to SET UP a mental block…, and a MIND PROGRAM that would compel them to STAND DOWN…, SIT ON THEIR HANDS…, DO NOTHING…, and wait……..


………tick tock…, tick tock…, tick tock…, tick tock….

……and then you finally start to get articles like the one linked above that asks:

“Why isn’t any of this stuff we were promised happening??   Are we in a waiting period? Have our “gods” abandoned us?  Have the Ascended Masters forgotten what they promised?? Why? Why? Why?

Etc, etc, etc,….

They ask these all of these things…, not stopping to think for a second that….. NO HELP WAS EVER COMING in the way they were told (conned) that it would…, and that WE were always meant to be the ones to help OURSELVES out of this problem as the Universe actually designed it this way!


The “thinning of the veil” was always meant to simply SHOW US what was really under the carpet so that WE ALL TOGETHER AND COLLECTIVELY would do this:


(ET’s, Masters, gods, St. Germaine, Dwal kul, Arch Angel Micheal…, etc, etc, etc.)

However…, Paul Craig Roberts does have a point!!

Americans, NEW AGERS, and all of the other sub-groups around the world need to realize how BAD the Propaganda out there really is.., if we are ever going to help ourselves.

At this point…, it could still go either way…, and the ‘LIGHT’ is far from having it’s victory over the Dark as so many Channelers claim.

Here is a direct Message from me…, and NOT your local “Ascended Master”…

Pull your head OUT OF THE SAND before it’s too late and STOP listening to what is clearly and obviously Psy-Ops Propaganda!!!!!!!

Get clear about who is CONNING YOU!

Stop all of the BLIND BELIEF…., and silly asking about why hasn’t this all happened yet…, and START TAKING ACTION to make it happen on your OWN!

Your “input” is required!!

This is all I can say!

All my love!!!








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