By: Bradley Loves

We are beings of “light” that have been conned into thinking we are something less.  We are beings of energy that have come into manifestation for a “play” that has been HIJACKED by rogue elements, and now are beings “taught” that we are nothing more than solid “dirt” that somehow returns to “dirt”.

Nothing of that sort is true…, and nothing of that sort will help anyone get free from the ILLUSION they have been imprisoned in!!

As multi-dimensional beings, we have access to the powers of the MIND, and it is the FREE MIND which would allow each and every being to see their predicament and to FREE themselves.

It is for this reason, and for this reason alone that MIND CONTROL is so necessary to those who work against HUMANITY.

Those who are working against humanity are everywhere!  They call themselves the CABAL…, the ILLUMINATI, LUCIFEREANS…, etc…, but make no mistake about it…, they are your mortal enemies…, NOT your friends.

I have been patient…, I have been kind to those who just don’t want to look!  I have been extremely aware of the lies and the teachings that have led many loving people astray.

But there comes a time when those who claim they want to know the truth…, have got to be called onto the carpet for their BLATANT unwillingness to see the evil in front of them.

Those who claim they want disclosure…, and claim they want to know the truth…, can not keep INDULGING themselves in the LIES and the DECEPTIONS being presented to them by the CABAL…, and the SATAN WORSHIPERS.

If you want to “see clearly”…, what is happening…, then please, stop stepping on the glasses that people like myself…, and those others like Mark Passio, Jay Parker…, David Icke and others are giving to you!

We are showing you EXACTLY what is going on here on Earth…, and HOW they are doing it.

We are also showing you that this is a very long term, multi-generational effort to turn the world totally DARK…, and bring into manifestation and DARK REALITY that is devoid of human choice.

They are using BLACK MAGIC and sacred Esoteric Knowledge (Scientific) that used to be in the hands of Masters who ran the Mystery Schools.

Everything the CABAL is doing with their “technology” is geared to have a very pronounced affect upon the HUMAN BEING on the “unseen” energetic levels!


This is why you can not “see” what they are doing to all of us out in the open.  They are using frequency based, and energetic technology weapons…, as well as mercenary forces that exist on unseen levels to ATTACK HUMANITY.

What is it going to take for the NEW AGE airy fairies…, to final come to grips with the idea that they have been LIED TO???

What is it going to take for those men and women who COULD do something about the on going criminal acts of the CABAL to engage…, because at least they are “awake” and “aware” enough to know that there IS such a thing as the CABAL?

No matter which Alternative Media Blog site that I go to…, no one seems to care about the most basic things that are happening behind the “WIZARD’S CURTAIN.”

Just like Dorothy…, the Scarecrow, the Tin-man, and the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz movie…, everyone has their eyes focused directly toward the smoking altar…, listening to what the huge smoky and burning head saying…., totally mesmerized by what it is telling them…, when all along…., it’s a deception and…

THERE IS A MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN…, who is pulling all of the levers and the strings…, and doing  what appears to be MAGIC!

I’m waiting for just “one other” site to start telling it like it is.  Just one other site besides Mark Passio’s What On Earth Is Happening (located HERE )  to start telling it like it is.

Please wake up to what is happening around you.  Please realize that there is a REAL BATTLE going on for the minds of humanity, and that the so so-called Channeled Messages are nothing more than a CON.

Please know that even within the “NEW AGE”,  dark forces have infiltrated heavily and are spreading lies at 100 miles per hour…, and that you are being deceived if you buy into their bullshit.

We have got to get clear as to what we are trying to achieve if we are going to get there.

Waiting for a RESCUE…, is not a viable option…, because if you recall Jesus told his followers that he would RETURN.

Those men and women who lived during those days thought that he meant he would return during THEIR LIFETIMES!   Here we are…, 2000 years later and the clock is STILL TICKING….

How many of you have 2000 years to wait for a mass landing…, or an Ascension???

What will it take to get those of you who know what is going on…, to actually ENGAGE in the process of trying to HELP solve the problem?

Those who come to my website…, you can repost and reblog these messages because that will help.

I will be writing more on the collective unconscious soon.

For the time being…, please think on these things!  I ask you because I CARE!

All my love,














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