NCSWIC… (Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming)

You may have heard this before, but do you (you personally) really know what this means?

Well today you are in luck because I am going to explain it to you!  The reason that Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming…, is because it has already happened!

In order to grasp this clearly, you are really going to have to put your thinking caps on…, (White ones preferably) and think outside of the box of your normal thinking…

So here we go “WHITE HATS” …


The way the “Good Portion” of the Secret Space Program (and just so you know and are fully aware…, there is also a really evil/Luciferian part of the Secret Space Program out there as well) decided to fight this war against the Deep State/Luciferians/Satanists by initiating something called the “20 and back” program. 

In this program, various people who enrolled or enlisted into any part of the military (if they were smart enough) would be given the opportunity to be placed into the SSP (Secret Space Program) and then engage with the Dark Reptilians (the bad guys) here on Earth, on the Moon, in other parts of the Solar System, and all throughout the Galaxy.

Because of the hidden Tesla Technology that can teleport/time travel/and “age regress” anyone…, the “20 and back” program used by the military has successfully been in operation for almost 60 years now (meaning it most likely started around 1960)

What happens in this program is that many soldiers are actually trained and placed into the fray of the battle against Luciferian/Satanists (who also have Time Travel) and are helping to fight against them for a period of 20 years (being healed if they are wounded with Med Bed Technology) and then AGE REGRESSED back to the very moment they left/enlisted and sent home as if nothing ever happened and they were never even in the military.

Their memories are usually wiped, but many soldiers are starting to remember everything.



Some soldiers come back from their “20 and back” (even after the mind wipe) will full memories of what they did.  Such soldiers (even though they have been age regressed and sent back in time 20 years – KNOW EVERY SINGLE THING that will happen on Earth for the next 20 years to come.  They know this because….


Even as we speak (in 2023), we have soldiers coming back from the year 2043, and are starting to tell people around them about what is coming and what has ALREADY occurred in what we perceive to be our “future”…, but for them – it has already happened.

We (here on Earth) in the year 2023 are finally starting to see the fruits and the results of a WAR that has been taking place (IN TIME) over the last 60 years – and due to ROGUE time travel tactics and hanky panky – has been taking place for centuries and even millennia.

All of the chaos, all of the evil measures that are being taken against us, and all of the corruption that we see taking place all around us at this time is happening because the SATANISTS/LUCIFERIANS are losing this battle (badly) along with their Reptilian Allies.

I know that this is a very difficult concept to grasp, but there are many people walking around us (former military in high levels) who have seen what happens to the Earth in the next 20 years, and are simply (PLAYING OUT A MOVIE SHOW) for our benefit…

This is also why they can be so SURE, so totally POSITIVE, and so totally CONFIDENT that the battle has already been won. 

It has been won (in the future)…, and we are simply waiting for that (TIME) to arrive because it has not yet happened for us.   Now, this does not mean that you can quit your job and just sit around waiting, or that you don’t have to do anything now, because the moment of the victory has not yet arrived for us (IN TIME) and you (yes you) could still be one of the ones who does not make it.

In  order to help you understand this (if you really even want to) I am going to assign (just like a school teacher would) two LONG VIDEOS for you to watch.

These interviews (if you watch them completely) will explain to you what I just wrote.

The interviewer is James Rink from Super Soldier Talk.com, the man he is interviewing is Daryl James.


Part One:

Watch on Rumble:


Part Two

Watch on Rumble:


Just so you know in advance, these videos may be difficult to watch and listen to because both James and Daryl talk openly about some of the darkest evil that is going on behind our backs here on Earth and some of the people and the players (even some who are in the U.S. Military) who are really evil people and are practicing Satanist/Luciferian behaviors.

This is not for the faint of heart…, but if you do watch both of these videos…, you will finally understand why we are locked in a Race Against Time…

All my love…


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