Can the White Hats “wake up” the world’s entire population BEFORE the JAB fully takes effect and places all of us under Mind Control and therefore under the control of an ALIEN A.I.?

An interesting question indeed, and not one to be taken lightly if you happen to know what is going on behind our backs!

So, what are the White Hats doing to counter the moves of the Deep State if we are really in this kind of epic battle where all of the chips are on the table and it is WINNER TAKE ALL?  

Even though this question might be of acute interest (and significant importance) to the public at large and those of you who are my loyal readers, unfortunately there is not much that can be said about the ongoing operations of the White Hats as concerns this TIME WAR.

They are keeping their moves very close to the vest and are using complicated strategies that are largely hidden.  What CAN be said is that they have formed an ALLIANCE with far more benevolent Off Worlder’s than the ones who the Black Hats had made agreements and treaties with back in 1954.

The most important thing to say is that “dates” become absolutely meaningless in a TIME TRAVEL BATTLE! 

EVENTS are what people need to watch for, not DATES – because in a Time Travel Battle dates can be manipulated forward or backward in time by months or even a year, but certain events still need to occur in order to steer the time-line and so it is the “events” that the White Hats are watching and waiting for BEFORE they make their moves.

Because this “WAR” that is being fought is a war that is being fought throughout “TIME” – then all kinds of situations and conditions logistically arise that are just too complicated and insane to talk about.

Trump gave us our first hint that this was the case in his 12 second “I’m Back” video clip after being allowed back onto Facebook and You-tube.


You are coming back from where? (or even “when” ?) are actually pertinent questions that could be asked in Donald Trump’s case.

Those who have “Eyes to See” and have “Ears to Hear” would know…

The insane problems that would arise from a Rogue U.S. Corporate Government that has the ability to Time Travel and has been actively USING THAT ABILITY (along with their Reptilian Allies) to change all kinds of things in Earth’s history – would be some of the most insidious and “complicated” issues one could possibly imagine having to deal with.

So let’s listen to the final minute of James Rink’s TEMPORAL WAR video that was found on his SUPER SOLDIER TALK website…



Once again, truer words have never been spoken.  There is almost NO TRUTH in anything that we have been told about our own history.  It has been stolen, corrupted, designed, and scattered deliberately as an experiment in order to see if the whole Time Line could then be steered into a very dark and evil reality.

This is also why – from the VERY BEGINNING of writing this TRUTH BLOG – I made the important statement that this blog was NOT just being written for my readers, but instead was being written “in code” and for other groups as well.

I made the statement that I was writing for:

  • Very Positive ET/ED races
  • Positive Time-Travelers
  • The White Hats
  • The Black Hats who could be turned back to the Truth
  • The Public at Large
  • My regular readers


In this particular order!

I even used a popular song and video as a symbol of inspiration for those who are fighting this epic TIME TRAVEL BATTLE to please continue their fight and to GO THE DISTANCE.


This particular song was written (in code) and placed into a Walt Disney Movie as a symbol for all of the Satan Worshipers to help them continue fighting for their THOUSAND YEAR REIGN!

By co-opting this song and video, and then using it as an inspiration for Positive Time Travelers, I have effectively turned their own battle symbol against them and have given it a far more positive meaning!

This Blog has been written in a very particular way (mirrored) from the end to the beginning. 

There are many early articles that will ONLY make sense (or become pertinent) in a year, two years, or even five years after they have been written as many of my most loyal readers have started to find out.

This is exactly the way that the Q group has been writing for the public as well, and those who are really starting to understand the nature of these drops have realized that many of the Q posts were meant for 1, 2, or even 5 years down the road.

The “FUTURE PROVES PAST” is not just a catchy phrase to put on a bumper sticker, but is actually a lesson in how to decipher code that has been written through “TIME” – and has been written by people who have the ability to see through TIME.

It may be of interest however to the White Hats to notice that you don’t actually need Looking Glass to see through time, and that a good connection to God and to the Holy Spirit would prove far more accurate in the long run than using a mere machine to do what a Spiritual connection to God can also do!

Far more is coming…, but this is enough for today.

All my love

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