Truth is a frequency!  It carries a vibration.  This is why in the Bible Jesus calls Satan (the devil) the Father of all lies.  Satan can only tell lies because that is all God left for him.

Every single utterance of truth carries with it the vibration of the Lord, and the very powerful potential to set men free.  This is something that the Dark Side can never tolerate and so…, EVERY SINGLE WORD THEY UTTER (MUST) BE A LIE.

Modern day man has (once again) lost his way and has forgotten that when the truth gets buried and lost, then his freedoms all go away as well!

The reason for this is very simple, Satan has not been defeated yet.  There is never a time (until the final moment) when Lucifer/Satan will be gone because God alone is the only one who can do away with that kind of evil.

The most we can hope to achieve is to keep evil in check by doing everything we can to live Godly lives and to engage in telling the TRUTH at all times.  This weakens Satan and the darkness in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

In the absolute rush to be WOKE…, what people world-wide have forgotten is that by willingly telling lies to themselves and to others and by willingly engaging in deceit, they are actually HELPING to make Satan stronger and helping to bring Satan closer to his goal! 

The WOKE MOVEMENT on it’s own is responsible for handing over GREAT POWER to the darkness because it deliberately encourages people to engage in self deception, group deception, and group lies.


  • Women can be men and men can be women
  • Men can get pregnant
  • There are more than two genders
  • No one knows what a “woman” really is or how to define one
  • Anyone can identify as anything
  • and countless other deliberate lies that the WOKE AGENDA is now pushing on the world

These are not only deceptions, but they give GREAT POWER (of the super natural kind) to the darkness and they help to strengthen the hold that Satan already has on our world.  Thus, when this kind of deception happens in mass (inside of a country like America for example) then men lose their freedoms very quickly and become more and more enslaved to pure evil!

This has happened many times before in other places, and it appears to run in cycles.

As the illusion of time moves by and decades turn into centuries and centuries turn into millennia.  There will always be a brand new crop of willing human beings who for money, fame, or for an easy life of privilege will sell the rest of us out to the darkness and literally lead their own countrymen into bondage, slavery, and even death.

When they sell their souls and TAKE SECRET OATHS to Secret Societies, they are then told nothing but lies by those men who are giddy that they have joined up with the darkness. 

Furthermore, they are taught HOW to lie to others, how to keep secrets, and how to DECEIVE the masses while being (falsely told) that “THEY” are the only ones who know the truth when in matter of fact “THEY” are being lied to as well (because Satan can ONLY tell lies).

They must learn to tell lies because Lucifer/Satan has been given ONLY LIES by the Lord.  Luciferians must do this constantly because every utterance of TRUTH (due to its frequency and vibration) always leads people back to God.

This is why the MEDIA (currently) must always tell lies!  The men and women in the Media have all sold their souls and have taken OATHS to Lucifer.  And Lucifer can NEVER tell the truth because the frequency and the vibration of the truth always sets people free.



President Trump knows this quite clearly.  He is quite brilliant actually.  He is vitally aware that TRUTH can help to set people free.  This is why his Social Media Platform was named TRUTH SOCIAL.

Elon Musk once tweeted that Trump should not have named his platform TRUTH SOCIAL, but instead should have named it something more catchy and witty like “TRUMPET”.

However, Trump is not trying to become famous with his Social Media Platform, but instead he is very literally trying to set people FREE!

The very vibration of the word “TRUTH” helps him to do that.  This is why I named this very blog that I write on every day LOVE TRUTH SITE (SIGHT)

The combined frequency of all three words together are very powerful and are extremely positive in their meanings.  Trump is brilliant in this same way because he knows and realizes that the war that we are fighting is not really against men, but instead it is against the powers of the darkness and against the powers of the evil of Lucifer itself! 

We are fighting against the “vibration and the frequency” of PURE EVIL.

What Donald Trump is doing (and what I am doing as well) is playing CHESS ON THREE LEVELS AT ONCE!

It takes someone who is quite brilliant indeed to realize that we all have chess pieces that can not be seen, and that we can use and move those pieces to our advantage as well. 

(Let’s just call the top level of the Chess Board the Super Natural Level.


Nikola Tesla was very correct when he said that the entire Universe is made up of energy, frequency, and vibration, but what he did not say is that it is not enough to just know this and to understand this, but once this idea becomes known it then becomes VITAL to actually use this knowledge in order to help to create, alter, sway, and manifest goodness and godliness back into our world by way of manifestation and creation!

We have been told this over and over again, (even in the Bible) but we do not seem to grasp or to understand the NATURE of the battle we are fighting.

This is the top level of the CHESS BOARD that so many people just do not see!  They are not able to play THREE LEVEL CHESS as a result.  They do not see that by telling lies, and by engaging in secrecy and deception they are actually making the DARKNESS STRONGER!

They do not get this simple fact.  That we are not fighting against men at all, but instead we are fighting against the powers, the demons, and the darkness that men are serving!

We are fighting against UNSEEN POWERS, and thus the only way to defeat these powers is to be WISE and to know how the ENEMY operates and what it is that feeds them and gives them strength!

Once you know the enemies play book, and what they “FEED ON” then defeating the enemy becomes much easier!



Telling the truth becomes the single most powerful tool that we have at our disposal and it is a tool that we can all use every single day to defeat the powers of darkness and to weaken them dramatically. 

But it takes great courage to do this!  Most people willingly go along with lies only because they are afraid to tell the truth.  But what they don’t realize is that by being afraid now, they are only giving into a much greater darkness, and a much greater evil that will come for them later on down the road.

Therefore we must NEVER give in to lies, secrecy, or deceit!


For Jesus said:


If by saying this Jesus told us that He was the TRUTH, and that we all had to go through “THE TRUTH” in order to come back to God…

Then every word he said was scientifically and provably correct!


Stay tuned for PART THREE

All my love


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