By: Bradley Loves


If you happened to watch the John Ramirez video, then you’ll have taken away some really PROFOUND information.  I can’t recommend this video enough.

The information that you really needed to take away from his video – (which is something you could have also gotten from Mark Passio’s videos) – is that these “satanists” are highly educated, highly organized, very motivated, and they are out in full force all over our world!

”THEY” are working very hard for Satan – but they work on the magical (magnetical) unseen levels – and are using the “higher powers of demons and principalities” in their war to take over the far weaker Christian followers of Jesus Christ – (many of whom barely pray at all)  – and to also take over the basically very lazy followers of the NEW AGE, who might “meditate” for  10 minutes every other day, and who never pray at all.

The Satanists and followers of Lucifer read everything they can on the subjects of:

  • Witchcraft
  • Voodoo
  • Magic
  • Spells
  • Demonology
  • Satanism

But even more importantly than what they read and study…, they “pray” to these demons daily for “power” over others – for the “power” to take over the world – and for the “power” to control “governments and money”.

They get “involved” in large and small groups all over the world and do regular Rituals,  Sacrifices,  Murders – and again…, they “pray” to their demonic spirit guides for hours and hours in just one single night.

”They” are highly motivated to WIN the battle of Heaven and Earth for Lucifer, and to gain “power” in his kingdom.

They laugh at “weekend” (weakened) Christians – and see them as completely useless and SPIRITUALLY WEAK human beings.

John Ramirez said in his video (and I can attest to his truthfulness about this) that if you do “not” have a good personal/rock solid relationship with GOD our loving Father – or with Jesus Christ…, then these Satanists, who are so very highly organized – can have “amazing” and long lasting affects on your life – and on the lives of your families.  (See the video above).

And why not…, “they” at least, are practicing their religion…, what are YOU doing with yours??

They are AT WAR with you…, whether you want to be “at war” with them or not!

They are “targeting” all souls for Satan.

According to the Satanists…, anyone who is not part of their group – IS A TARGET!

”Spiritual Forces” and magical forces not “imaginary”!!

Your only protection is YOUR BATTLE ARMOR!    Your battle armor is PRAYER – and your relationship to a much greater power than SATAN.

This armor can not be taken lightly, nor can it be forged in a short hour of “church” (for one single hour) at the end of the week!


You just can’t make this STUFF UP PEOPLE!

Does it surprise you that the Luciferian/Satanists would eventually make the “move” into technology in their quest to subdue you for their god satan?

They were already working on the unseen levels with ASTRAL DEMONS!!

They were already having a huge AFFECT ON YOU while you slept.

How is this “tower” any different than “dark magic” ??

It still works on an “unseen” level, and comes at you “like a thief in the night” just like a dark spiritual FORCE.  It is no different in their eyes…, and that is why they use it.

And this is EXACTLY why the “GWEN TOWER SYSTEM” has this badge:

Which is a carbon copy of THIS badge:

Which is part of the NAZI “SS” RUNE SYMBOLISM that was used by Heinrich Himmler – A Grand Wizard

MIND CONTROL is basically an “act” of Luciferian worship!

Silver is the weapon of Lucifer, the lightning of Lucifer, can you wield the lightning bolts of Lucifer?

The holy fire of Lucifer!


These LUCIFERIANS simply took the battle that they were already fighting against us all (behind our backs) and took it to an “Industrial Level”.

That’s all they did.

They started to “mass manufacture” the negative very effects of what they were already doing in the spirit realms through the use of demons and dark magic and moved it into TECHNOLOGY. 

(With the help of the Draco – the Grays – the Fallen Angels).

The GWEN TOWERS are simply the “marriage” of Luciferian Magic with Modern Technology…, put into use for the Kingdom of SATAN!

This is NOT a healthy thing to be doing at this time….

All my love….

Oh…, and P.S. —  NOW you know why “America” looks the way it does…, there is no such thing as “standing still” in a SPIRITUAL WAR.




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