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The single greatest “tool” and “asset” any military strategist wants when going into battle is STEALTH!

They don’t want anyone to know they are coming!

Overt action and invasion RARELY works well any more…, and is very messy!  Not only that, but it does not translate well into further and further gains.

Covert “war” is the way ALL REAL BATTLES are fought these days!

IF YOU KNOW ABOUT IT…, then they have already considered their plans a failure!  REMEMBER THAT!

What the unsuspecting AMERICAN public does not realize is that the days of WWII, and fighting the NAZI’s…, is about as old a paradigm…, and as realistic as seeing a Dinosaur walking across the fertile plains!

If anyone still thinks that THIS (the WWII model) is the way battles are being fought today…, then I have a Computer in my garage with “Windows 95” on it that needs a new owner!

The cabal moves around the world ONLY IN STEALTH MODE these days…, and the battles that you are seeing…, are ONLY for affect!

The killing and the blood sacrifice must be done openly…, however the reasoning behind the battles, and more importantly WHO IS DOING IT…, is all very covert.

I published a Series a while back called: SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS

They can be found HERE

The Document that these articles are based on is below:



Listen…, what is happening on the world stage is “very complex” and multi-faceted!

It’s like playing a game of chess on “three levels” all at the same time!

Phil Corso Jr. said emphatically years ago already…, that the one thing that people needed to know most (if they learned nothing else in their lives) is that TIME had been compromised.

He was very sober faced and “dead serious” when he said it!

This is a “game changer” and MUST be factored into every equation!  As a researcher and even as a “reader”…, if you FORGET for one day or even a second…, to factor in the TIME TRAVEL possibility into the equation…, then

You’ve just made a HUGE error…, AND you’ve given the CABAL it’s greatest “edge” in the battle for this planet!

You as a reader have to start “thinking” multi-dimensionaly at ALL TIMES.

If not…, you are bringing a “pea shooter”…, to a “machine gun fight”.

You are out-witted, out-classed, out-manned, and out-gunned right from the get go…, and are exactly where the CABAL wants you to be!

Why…, why…, why…, do you suppose that SECRECY is standard operating procedure now?

Why do you think that everything is being done behind our backs?

Nothing can be taken at FACE VALUE…, or taken for granted!

I will say it again:

The single greatest “tool” and “asset” any military strategist wants when going into battle is STEALTH!

They don’t want anyone to know they are coming!

If you have not realized it…, let me be the first one to TELL YOU…, so that now you know.

THE WAR “they” are fighting is AGAINST YOU!

You are the enemy…, and therefore…, you are the one who the STEALTH is being used against!

If you read the .pdf  document that I’ve posted, you’ll know that.

Oh…, and if you can’t access the pdf from my blog…, then HERE is a link to it on Jean Hanies old blog!

This puts every living man or woman in to a very precarious position…, because ONLY once you KNOW this truth (the truth will set you free) are you properly prepared to sort through the DATA that you are being spoon fed!

This data you need to carefully sort through includes:

  1. What the Mass Media is telling us
  2. What “Religion” is telling us
  3. What “Governments” are telling us
  4. What “Education” is telling us
  5. What the “Alternative Media” is telling us
  6. And EVEN what “Channelers” are telling us

NOTHING can be just “believed”…, and taken at face value!

We’ve got to be smarter than this!

Your assignment today is to re-read the .pdf document called:

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

All my love









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