By: Bradley Loves

It’s the only thing that makes sense AND answers ALL the questions!!

If you listened to the “Higher Side Chat” Episode that I posted for you two days ago…., the one with Walter Bosley…, then you will have to admit (as he did) that there are some very STRANGE Time anomolies that are happening in the world as we speak.

Things that just don’t seem like they should be happening…, but happen anyway.

If you listened to that chat…, and here it is again…

You’d have to admit that as far back as the late 1800’s with the sudden appearance of “Lighter than Air Craft” all over the western America these so called time anomolies are very telling.

Walter Bosley speculates that these people who were building this super secret “technology” as early as the 1800’s became part of an early Breakaway Civilization and calls it the “1903 Group”

He further speculates that they may have gone both to the Moon…, AND to Mars as early as 1900.

The connection that CAN BE PROVEN between Donald Trumps family and Nikola Tesla is huge.

(As Trump would say)

So HERE…, is my two cents…, and I’ve written about this BEFORE…

The BUSH-CLINTON-OBAMA CRIME CABAL…, (yes New Ager’s…, Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, worked for the CIA and reported directly to George Bush Sr.) is the SATANIC SIDE!

(And yes New Ager’s…, since they are Satanists, they are pushing for a Satanic Global Domination and One World Government.)

However…, there is another side!

If you listen to the Higher Side Chat Podcast…, it appears that Donald Trump’s family (which was also part of an old Secret Society called NYMZA) a secret society that goes all the way back to what was once old “PRUSSIA”.

This NYMZA group was very advanced technolgically and very deeply esoteric and involved in MAGIC as well.

But that group (NYMZA) then  “split” into two different factions…, one being the NAZI/Hitler/Satanic Side…, (which eventually turned toward SATAN) and the other one being a more benevolent/esoteric/magical side.

Now, for the last and final time, please get this NEW AGERS once and for all…, Madame Helena Blavatsky, who created the Theosophical Society and who had great respect from the likes of Adolph Hitlers “Germany” was in fact a SATANIST!

Her chosen Symbol for the Theosophical Society.., which is a giant snake that forms a circle and then “eats” its own tail…, is also the very SAME symbol that the CHURCH OF SATAN itself uses.

Remember that “SYMBOLS” mean something!!

Here…,  LOOK for crying out loud at this image because pictures don’t lie.

Now, if this isnt enough to PROVE exactly what “Madame” Blavatksy and her court of “misfits”…, (aka St. Germaine/El Morya/and others) are into…, then look at this quote from Jesus himself!


Not taken from the Bible, but instead a newly discovered work called:

The Pistis Sophia…, Jesus says this about Satan and the “Outer Darkness”….

Taken from this page:

AND Mary continued again and said unto Jesus:

“In what type is the Outer Darkness; or rather how many regions of chastisement are there in it?”

And Jesus answered and said unto Mary:

“The Outer Darkness is a great dragon, whose tail is in his mouth, outside the whole world and surrounding the whole world.

And there are many regions of chastisement within it. There are twelve mighty chastisement-dungeons and a ruler is in every dungeon and the face of the rulers is different one from another.”


What (pray tell) are we really looking at in the Photo above ??? (?)

What we are looking at, is a great “Dragon/Snake”…, whose tail is in it’s mouth, that is outside the whole (world) and surrounding the whole (world).

Now…, look at the Church of Satan logo…, and compare that logo to Madame Blavatsky’s chosen logo for her own secret society!!


Did it ever occur to you that SHE could possibly be a SATANIST??

Now…, if she is (IN FACT) a Satanist…, then why are these “men” standing next to her in this photo???

Let’s see here…, we’ve got St. Germaine…, “Lord” EL Morya…, “Lord” Kuthumi…., and right in the very middle of this little cozy group…, an admitted Satanist…, and (as told to us by her own words) a follower of Lucifer!

Madame Helena Blavatsky.

Now read this:


If you will permit me…, I will “decode” what she has said in her book.

By simply “looking deeper” you can decipher what she really is saying.

She is saying that SATAN or LUCIFER is the “symbol” of self-sacrifice in our world (not Jesus)…, and that he did what he did only so that man kind would become “intellectually independant” from an otherwise TYRANICAL GOD.

A GOD who was keeping all knowledge from them!

Satan (thus) will be both the “creator” and “saviour” of “Divine Man “(not Jesus) or even God himself (who can not be trusted).

Read it again slowly.


Read it.., read it…, read it!

And now…, we have THIS WOMAN who is seen seated right next to who??

St. Germaine-El Morya- and Kuthumi!!

So, if Madame Helana Blavatsky is an unapologetic and unshamed and DEVOTED follower of LUCIFER “Savior” of mankind and “bringer” of the LIGHT…..

Then who are:

St. Germaine – El Morya – and Kuthumi ??

2 + 2 = 4


Now…, it gets even better…, because let’s look at a few of these NEW AGE blogs that are very supportive of St. Germaine.

This single blog “teaches” us that St. Germaine is an “ASCENDED MASTER”…, and so therefore we should always listen to everything he says!

BUt…, if you look at this website…, you can find (in the side column) ALL of the very “teachings” of the NEW AGE that Mark Passio hates, and calls totally FALSE teachings.

Every single New Age “Fake News Teaching” is there…, and every part of it is a CON…, put there to get good men and women who might actually “do something”  here on Earth in the form of ACTION…, to STAND DOWN.

Why am I so certain of this??

Because if Blavatsky was a Satanist…, then so is St. Germaine!

Further more…, any blog or website that “supported” Barack Hussain Obama…, (who was clearly a part of the BUSH-CLINTON Crime Cabal) unknowingly supported SATANISM and was fully complicit with the Luciferian Agenda!!

Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it New Agers…., for the last 8 years.., IF YOU SUPPORTED OBAMA…, you supported the SATANIC AGENDA.

It is also very clear that the ENTIRE BUSH CLAN (All of the family members) are Satanists as well…, (which includes the Clintons AND the Obamas).

If you don’t believe me that George Bush (et al) are Satanists…, then please check out this website and read it all:

Therefore what it reallyboils down to this:

Any “channeler” (and there are many) who told us/taught us that Barack Obama was here to “save” the world and was here as a “chosen” or very high soul…., is a TOTAL LIAR and is/was in support of SATANISM.

Also…, any human being who continues to “post” these Channeled messages on their blog sites and on their web sites ARE IN SUPPORT OF SATANISM and are unknowingly working for the Luciferian cause and AGAINST the side of LOVE.


Stop helping the people who want to KILL all of humanity!


Now…, where does all of this “Ascended Master” Stuff historically come from in all the books and related New Age teachings that are being spread ALL over the world??

Alice A. Bailey and the Lucis Trust Publishing company!

Alice A. Bailey was the chosen “inheritor” of the New Age from Blavatsky’s “primary” student…, Annie Bessant who took over the group from Blavatsky in 1907.

After Annie Bessant…, Alice Bailey took over the group and formed the Lucifer Trust Publishing Company…, and then later changed the name to the Lucis Trust!!

Let’s repeat that for the doubters!

The Lucius Trust as it happens…, used to be called The LUCIFER TRUST…, (until it changed it’s name)!

Here is the Lucis Trust website claiming to be all about the “NEW AGE” and in support of the Ascended Masters.

So once again…, IF you are calling yourself  THE LUCIFER TRUST…, and you are following in the footsteps of Helena Blavatsky (who was a Luciferian) and you are in support of all she stood for which apparently included THE ASCENDED MASTERS…., then who (pray tell) are the Ascended Masters??

Do you finally see the problem we are bumping into??

This can NOT be resolved with just a wink and a nod, and some sort of sly double speak.

This NEEDS to be addressed.

What do these people REALLY BELIEVE??

More will be coming on this…,

All my love….


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