By: Bradley Loves


Countless New Agers (having been exposed to numerous false teachings) have come to believe that we are here on Earth to learn how to ESCAPE the Earth.

This is sort of like saying that you are coming to the DINNER table, and eating, so that you will hopefully never have to eat again!


Is this logical?

Millions of NEW AGERS are so desperate to ASCEND to a much higher level…, that they are willing to IGNORE and OVERLOOK abject hatred, criminality, outrageous actions and blatant stupidity!

They firmly BELIEVE (I feel a Santa Claus moment coming on here) that by “ignoring every single thing happening around them” that they are MORE SPIRITUAL…, and thus MORE READY for such an event to take place.

Well, as Mark Passio says…, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

If this is what you truly believe…, then you will be “here” for a very, very, long time!

The higer levels of the Universe are nothing, if not “precise”.

You do not “get” to move into a better and nicer home…, if you did not do EVERYTHING you possibly could to clean up and take care of the home that you just left!

Furthermore…, you do not “get” to have new and BETTER NEIGHBORS…, if you did not do EVERYTHING you possibly could do to be loving and “neighborly” to the neighbors that you had while on Earth.

Finally, you do not “get” to have access to HIGHER KNOWLEDGE if you did not “USE WISELY” the knowledge and the understandings that you already had.

  • This means NOT using technololgy to TORTURE OTHERS!
  • This means NOT using telepathy to hack others minds to CONTROL THEM.
  • This means NOT writing computer programs that spy on Everyone and Everything…, just to know what they are doing (And then sell that information as if you owned it).

However my friends…, this is just the TIP of the ice-berg.

I could very literally write an entire BOOK (a very large one) on specific protocols and rules of conduct for the Earth…., and how and why men and women living here “get” to move to another HIGHER LEVEL!

Trust me…, very few (IF ANY) are behaving in such a way as to “rate” that kind of move!

This INCLUDES first and foremost…, millions of NEW AGERS who have no clue what kind of behavior the Universe is looking for!


The Universe wants people to actually EARN the right to move upward and forward…, and you do this by being CONSCIOUS of what you are thinking, saying, and doing at each moment of everyday!

However…, as Mark Passio agains says:

Your ACTIONS…, must equal your THOUGHTS…, which must equal your WORDS.

This is the real holy trinity!

New Agers think (falsely) that having “good thoughts” and saying “kind words” is all you need to ASCEND!



You must also take “right action” each and every single day…, so that your actions = your words = your thoughts!


Living on Earth was not MEANT to be easy!

It is a short cut that was designed for MAXIMUM LEARNING!

It is a school…, and class is always in session!


Millions of NEW AGERS have been “convinced” that by “not engaging” with the Earth or with it’s problems…, they can somehow navigate around the “traffic jam” of souls and “Escape Earth” without having to learn any of the real lessons that Earth has to offer!


Sitting in your home…, or your ROOM…, and meditating for hours a day.  Then eating a VEGAN lunch…, (so as to care for the animals)…, and then going for a walk in a flower garden in the evening…, only so you can do it all over again….


Your neighbors down the street are engaging in RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE…, raping children analy, drinking the blood of humans, engaging in canibalism…, etc…, etc…, etc…

Does NOT create within YOUR VIBRATION a single ounce of spiritual upliftment necessary for YOU TO ASCEND!



Whether you want to be that “keeper” or not…, whether you think you should be that “keeper” or not!

This however does not mean INDULGENCE and lack of rules!

This does not mean that you TOLERATE wrong thinking and wrong doing…, but that you proceed to CORRECT these things as much as it is in your ability to do so WITHOUT taking away freedom or FREEWILL!

Every parent is faced with TEACHING their own child how to “get along” within the world.

Once the lesson is given…, it is the child’s business to LEARN THE LESSON.

A child must learn not to crap on the floor, and not to pee on the carpet!

To NOT TEACH such things is cruel and unloving…, and BAD PARENTING!

If a child refuses to LEARN THE LESSON…, the lesson is repeated, and if a child consistently refuses to learn…, the lesson gets more and more intense and more and more difficult!

New Agers have come to believe that NOTHING IS BAD…, NOTHING IS WRONG…, NOTHING IS EVIL…, and so they have begun teaching that we must TOLERATE EVERYTHING!


Ultimately…, we still have alot to LEARN!




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