By: Bradley Loves

  • Bradley goes on a short rant:

We have been enslaved by words!

I’m not kidding, and this is not a joke!    The words that we speak, but do not know the definition of – are the very words they have used against us!

A “person” is a “corporation!

26 U.S. Code § 7701. Definitions

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(a)When used in this title, where not otherwise distinctly expressed or manifestly incompatible with the intent thereof—


The termpersonshall be construed to mean and include an individual, a trust, estate, partnership, association, company or corporation.


So when a judge or a court asks:  Are you this person?  And points to some made up charges written on a sheet of paper – they are asking if you are a “corporation”.

When you say yes,  you mistakenly admit to being something that you are not!


Few there are in this entire world who can admit to themselves or believe that the “system” they have supported all of their lives is so purely EVIL!

Few can admit that these nice looking people – people who for all practical purposes seem “honest” – are running a huge racket and a con against most of humanity – FOR PROFIT!

Few can admit that their own friends and neighbors – people they know and even like and sometimes play cards with- are IN ON IT – and are PROFITING OFF OF IT!

No, no, no…, that can’t be true!   I know Jenny who is a Judge. I know Allen who is an Attourney, and Bob who is a Clerk of the Court!   They can’t be in on something like this!  They would have told me!

This is the part of the problem that most good and decent people simply can not digest!  They just can’t digest that this effort toward FRAUD is so big and is so huge and that it involves millions of working men and women all around the world – people who are part of the Court System – many of whom they may actually know!

The next step for them when they think this way is very predictable:


No, no, I will not believe it!   I will not think about it!  they say.

They will IGNORE the fact that millions and millions of innocent young people are being sent to jail around the world every year – just so that Court System can profit off of the Papal Trust – the Ceusti Que Vie Trust – a TRUST that was supposedly set up to take care of the needs of every man, woman and child in the world, but instead is only accessed when the Courts want to siphone off millions in legal fees when doing battles against the owners of the Trust.

This pillaging of the TRUST is why it is “illegal” to hold a mere plant in a plastic bag – a plant that GOD himself created!  This pillaging of the TRUST is why most of the people wasting away in jail are young kids between the ages of 20 to 30!

That is why the jails in America are FULL!

And yet, every single child who is called up in front of the Judge will say “yes” when they are asked if they are “that person”.

They know no better – and their idiot parents (who have not taken the time to learn a single thing) have not taught them any better!


It is “word magic”!

Foisted upon an innocent soul by a Judge who may or may not look mean, but is determined to use that child as a funnel through which the Court System and the Prisons can make money.

It is not only barbaric, but is PURE EVIL.

And, you keep wondering why, why, for GOD’S sake why, does the world looks like it does?

  • Why is it falling apart?
  • Why is there so much violence and strife going on out there?



It is because so many people have REFUSED to look up and to take notice of the barbarity and the injustice that was being handed out around them by “institutions”  and “authority figures” which for all practical purposes – are some of the most corrupt in the entire world!

And now for the “end” of the story – which you probably don’t even want to hear:


His children are ignoring things they need to be paying attention to!  They don’t need to be watching TV all the time – and spending all summer in their boats and yachts!

They need to be paying attention to and fixing the INJUSTICE taking place around them.

And so – if they are going to “ignore” what should have been fixed – then just like a school teacher who has tried everything to get the children to be obediant – the entire CLASS gets punished!

  • What are we seeing out there as we speak??
  • It looks like the entire class is getting punished to me!

And if things do not change – then it will GET WORSE!

Time to get off of the NEW AGE band wagon which tells everyone that it’s all just a dream – and to just “forgive it all” – and to instead take some real action in this world…., OR…

  • Be prepared to have some real biblical stuff raining down on everyone – everyone meaning – the ENTIRE CLASS!

All my love,



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