By: Bradley Loves



Humanity is beginning to look more and more like a bunch of rotting corpses rather than the species that GOD our loving Father originally created.  The “signs” and the “symbols” of it are everywhere, but the people themselves do not seem to see it.

(Perhaps they don’t want to)

Terrified to look, terrified to listen, and terrified to speak out…, they have literally almost given up all hope on being human any longer!   Falseness and Delusion are the order of the day in the lives of the masses.



There is a wanton “disconnect” from the world of TRUTH, from the world of CARING, from the world of what once was.  Young people (especially) are no longer concerned with being TRUTHFUL…, but only about having their way!

LYING has not only become common place in almost every situation…, for some reason people have come to see lying as MANDATORY!

The News Media is only one just particular instance of what has become a world wide epidemic.

Unfortunately…, Grandparents and Parents are so “unplugged” from their own families, children, and grandchildren these days…, that they do not realize or seem to care that DECEPTION between young people is RUN AMOK!

No ones tells the TRUTH any longer…, because they can see that the TRUTH is not valued (by anyone)!


Fantasy is “valued” not only by children, but by many adults because it supports “Identity Agendas” and “Identity Policies”.

So children and young people have engaged in living their lives as a FANTASY, because there are no adults who are telling them NOT TO!

Boys can be girls, girls can be boys, up can be down, and down can be up…, and it all depends upon what you FEEL…, and nothing more!

TRUTH or FACTS don’t matter…, ONLY how you feel at the moment matters and that is enough!

Therefore TRUTH = what you FEEL about something…, and NOT WHAT ACTUALLY ARE THE FACTS!


This little boy is NOT a “girl”…, but he “feels” like he might want to be one…, and so…, therefore he IS A GIRL…, and what is worse…, is he is REWARDED for saying so!

This of course is NOT A FACT…, but it is being treated in our world as if it were the TRUTH.

Therefore…, one no in America NEEDS FACTS any longer in order to say something out into the world -and have it be accepted as the TRUTH!

All one really needs is feelings and desires!





The entire Donald Trump Witch Hunt is based upon this EXACT PROBLEM.

The “identity” politics of the left…, filled with the LGBT crowd…, the open borders crowd, the Abortion crowd, and every other kind of social identity group that walks, and who “feels” that they are abandoned by the establishment, have taken up living life as a FANTASYand so therefore they do not want any FACTS to get in the way of their perceived “REALITY” .

The Democrats in Government…, as well as their countless supporters within the Media and the Deep State…, have been supporting FANTASY as TRUTH for so long…, that when it came to Donald Trump…, they needed no facts at all to make the claim that he was a Russian Agent.



The people living life as a FANTASY did not need to see any PROOF…, all they needed was their FEELINGS!  Because their “feelings” ARE THE TRUTH and their “feelings” are the PROOF!

Because they were so deeply into their FEELINGS…, they decided that lying and committing CRIMES was a quite valid way to get what they wanted!



No one ever thought that it would be so difficult for one man – The President of the United States no less – to prove the simple TRUTH of the matter of his innocence…, but you see HERE is the very problem we are all facing in spades…, TRUTH does not matter any longer – FACTS do not matter any longer…, only how someone FEELS about a situation matters…, and because 50 percent of the country did not “like” the outcome of a Presidential election…, they therefore “FELT” it should be changed!

They did not care HOW it changed…, just that it SHOULD CHANGE – because their “feelings” wanted it to.

Facts don’t matter…, we’ll make it all up as we go along…., and it’s okay to do that…, because this is what we have “learned” from our liberal “teachers” over the last 20 to 40 years starting in 1980.

ANYTHING…, and I mean ANYTHING AT ALL that was handed to the people that wanted TRUMP gone, and that might support their FANTASY of how “reality” should be…, was taken AS FACT and AS TRUTH…, even when it clearly was not!

Once again…, need I remind you that our “culture” is TOTALLY INTO SUPPORTING FANTASY OVER REALITY.


These sideways “adults” who no longer have an adequate grasp on the need for TRUTHFULNESS…, have been supported in this approach to “perceiving” reality however they “feel” it should be for well over a generation or two, and at this point, there is no turning back!


The younger generation has been taught in school by very liberal teachers to dismiss TRUTH (facts) and to always go with what feels good to them!

Well guess what…, that is exactly what they are doing…, this this is now what we are seeing!



Darkness falls upon the Earth



What is a Satanic Reality if not one that is completely cut off from GOD…, and also cut off from GOD’S most basic laws of TRUTHFULNESS??



“They” did not say that Satan is the Father of all Lies because he was always being TRUTHFUL!

Satan is the Father of all Lies…, because everything that is a LIE is Satanic – and leads to destruction!


Donald Trump can attest to this…, he has now lived it!  But have we as an American society LEARNED ANYTHING FROM THIS…, or are we too busy to take notice??

When a culture or society can no longer be “honest with itself” and can actually not tell the difference between TRUTH or FICTION.., it is lost!

We are there!

Listens up campers…, we are not “getting there”…, we are in fact THERE!

What happened to Donald Trump proves it!

So what do we do?

There is ONLY ONE WAY…, and it is going to hurt like hell!

Sorry…, but once your arm is broken and the doctor has to reset it and put it back where it should be…, the PAIN TO PUT IT BACK IS EXTREME!

We must start telling the TRUTH all the time…, and most especially making the younger generation DO IT AS WELL.

Identity politics and living in FANTASY have to go…, and accepting what is TRUTHFUL must be the course of America from now on.

That means getting rid of this crap like THIS:

And we all start calling a boy a boy…, and a girl and girl…, and NO they can’t use each others bathrooms!


If not…, America (and the rest of the world) is DEAD!


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