By: Bradley Loves


How many times have I wrote an article about “secrecy” on this blog?

In those many articles…, I have almost always laid the ENTIRE burden of blame for everything that we are now going through on that ONE SIMPLE DEMONIC DEVICE!

Even John F. Kennedy…, before he was killed by those who hate truth…, was “enlightened” enough to bring this idea to our attention!  It has even been called by some:

The SPEECH that cost him his life…..

However…, just like JFK did…, humbly…, I will continue until my dying breath to shout from the rooftops the very SAME THING he told us years ago!



This being said…, the problem of “secrecy” is not just a Global One…, nor is it just a “government” one, a Banking one…, or a Military One.

It is a personal PROBLEM and deficiency that we ALL share on this planet!

Every day…, each and every one of us “sow the seeds” of secrecy into the “causal” field of manifestation around us.

You see…, WE are the very arms and legs of these institutions!  It is, WE THE PEOPLE, who follow orders…, and do the bidding of these psychopathic masters…, and keep hidden all of the Information that EVERYONE ON EARTH has a right to know.

I DARE YOU to argue with this!  Please…, make my day…, and place a comment into the comment section saying this is not the way it is!

This is happening at every level our our society!

It’s not just the MEDIA!

Every man or woman who is holding a job…, has made it a point to WITHHOLD INFORMATION from someone, at some time…, and even from those who may have had a very good reason, perhaps “life threatening” to know it…, simply due to “POLICY”!

Don’t you dare tell me otherwise!

This form of “SECRECY”…, which is known as the “withholding” of vital information…, is rampant on Earth…, and it is KILLING HUMANITY…., and it is KILLING THE PLANET.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s make a “list” shall we?   Who is it that daily “withholds” vital information from others?

  1. Universities
  2. Think Tanks and Study Groups
  3. Regular School Teachers (who have been told what not to teach)
  4. Clergy and Religions
  5. Judges and Lawyers
  6. County Clerks and City workers
  7. County and City Recorders and Record Keepers
  8. Hospitals and Doctors
  9. Competing Businesses or Corporations
  10. Laboratories
  11. Pilots
  12. Accountants
  13. Parents
  14. And the list goes on, and on, and on…..



We are in LOVE with the fake idea that keeping secrets is our “right”!  This is a CON that was given to us by Off Worlders who wanted to both control and enslave us all.

We have a right to keep personal secrets (the knowing of which) makes NO DIFFERENCE to the health and welfare of humanity or society!

THAT is where our right to secrecy stops!

JFK tried in his speech to make this abundantly clear!  If there is any information…, the knowing of which is vitally important to the health and welfare of humanity…, THEN it is a COSMIC LEVEL CRIME to withhold it!

Edward Snowden…, who in my opinion is a very “enlightened” man…, understood this idea perfectly!  And…, when he could not get his “superiors” to listen to him…, he took action on his own!

How many MILLIONS of men and women who have worked in government projects and systems are out there right now…., SITTING on vital information that ALL OF HUMANITY NEEDS TO KNOW?

Yet…, they “remain silent” and withhold the information because they were “ordered” to do so!

Here is the problem…, MAN…, (read: Government) has passed laws…, which are in opposition to COSMIC LAWS OF HARMONY

The stupidity of this is on the level of passing a law whereby “gravity” gets ignored!

Don’t worry…, we are passing a new law against gravity…, therefore…, all of you people out there…, simply OBEY our law and walk off cliffs…, since you are hereby “ordered” to disregard LARGER COSMIC LAWS.

What do you think the out come…, “eventually”…, of such ridiculous orders and laws will be for mankind?


Mankind has got to “wake up” and see that the ridiculous “orders” concerning the “WITHHOLDING” of information that they have been given will KILL THEM and KILL THE PLANET…, eventually.

The reason I am writing an article like this…, is to show that each and every ONE of us…, in our daily lives…, are doing it!


I just read this particular article posted on “DIVINE COSMOS”…, and even though I believe “very little” of what is written there any longer…, it is important to know what is being put out AS INFORMATION!

Taken from here:

I almost fell on the floor laughing at one of the last paragraphs written by what appears to be David Wilcocks own hand.

You see…, he has said (many times) in video and in audio recordings that even though he has been “given” much information from insiders…, he USUALLY keeps the best parts of it SECRET…, and to himself…, so he can be able to “vet” other sources who may come along.

He has also said…, that he holds FAR MORE information back…, than he reveals (for this very reason).

So, in other words…, he engages (as a New Ager) in the withholding of VITAL INFORMATION!

Now…, fast forward to yesterday…, and his own blog…, where he writes this:

I will be getting into far more detail about the threats and abuse that has occurred for both of us in the next update, although he has suffered far more.

We both got into a lot of trouble with the Alliance for not having done more to release critical intel at certain key moments.

Personal issues and sorrows are not considered reason enough for us to “embargo” the release of vital information.

Anything and everything we suffer with down here is considered to be completely ridiculous compared to what the Alliance is now facing.

I asked the SSP Alliance to bring me up there for abuse and torture as an “under-performing asset” instead of Corey, but was refused.

The reason apparently is that the Blue Avians are preventing this from happening, since my contact with this world is not yet “authorized” at this time.


Truthfully…, I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

The reason is simple. If David Wilcock really “knew” all of the things about the Cosmos…, (The Divine Cosmos)…, which is the very NAME of his blog…, then he would have also known about the “HARMONICS” involved with NOT giving out all of the information he was supposed to give!

If David Wilcock knew all the things that he claims to know about love…, and about the LAW OF ONE.., etc…, he would never have done this!

So, here we have a guy…, who by the way…, countless people read in their on-going search for the truth…, and believe in what he says…, that has (according to his own writing….) made a vital mistake…, that any person who has ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE COSMOS…, would never have made!

If what he writes in this particular tiny part of his “blog post” is true…, (and I make no claim that it is) THEN it is obvious that his “practice” of  “withholding vital information” from the public…, a practice which he himself ADMITS to doing both in both audio and in video recordings and interviews  (purposely for his own benefit of vetting sources) has now come to bite him in the ASS!


This is THE DIVINE COSMOS…, at work, and you’d think a guy who names his blog…, THE DIVINE COSMOS…, might actually know how the Cosmos works!

This is how the phrase…,

As you SOW…, that shall you REAP…

Actually works in the Universe!   And no one…, not even New Ager’s are immune to the affects of Universal Mechanics.

And so, if what he writes is TRUE…, then…, he has now been called onto the carpet by higher ups…, for WITHHOLDING INFORMATION.

Once again…, keeping secrets…, has NOT paid off!

Maybe David should have listened to JFK’s Speech!  Actually…, I think he has even posted it inside one of his articles…, maybe he did listen to it!


And, for that matter…, does anyone reading this article really “get” that keeping secrets is hurting our planet?

Does anyone really get, that by the very “act” of millions and billions of us doing this type of thing at our jobs daily…, and not thinking of the HARMONIC EFFECT we are creating…, We are leaving the door open to have OTHER PEOPLE LIE TO US in turn…, which even includes beings from “other planets” and even “other dimensions”…, as in the case of Channelers and Channeled Entities!

As “we” sow…, that shall “we” reap!

My friends…, Think on These Things….

All my love….















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