When we look in the mirror, what do we see?

A “reflection” of an image that is nothing more than a body suit or a casing of the eternal soul.

The body is NOT who we are…, or at least not who I am!

It is what is “inside” that makes the difference.  It is the caring, and the concern, and the LOVE which makes the difference.

We are beings of LOVE!  We have been operating under sub standard conditions for a long time…, and “weapons” of frequency (yes weapons) have been used against us in order to distort our feelings and our thoughts in order to control us.

These shackles have got to be thrown off and over come!  There is no one who can do it for you because each and every one of us are in this fight for our very right to exist as pure beings.

Those who would control you are technologically advanced, but they HAVE NO SOUL!

They are devoid of LOVE…, having genetically removed such wonder from their genetic makeup long ago.

Now…, they can only hate!

We must come to understand that the ENTIRE SYSTEM under which we live (and which is controlled by those who would totally control us) is Satanic and Evil!

By this I mean that it goes against Natural Law and Against Life itself.

The only real way forward is to walk away from that system!  No amount of “wishing” is going to repair a satanic system which can not be repaired.

Say no to those who would control everyone and everything.

Use your power of choice to say NO…, I will not be a slave to your system.

All my love.

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