By: Bradley Loves


The last week has more or less been EPIC!

What appears to be Disclosure…, is  “seemingly” coming out, and I can only say that in my opinion, those who have been keeping secrets from the rest of humanity are only revealing this much because they are being FORCED to do so.

We would not be getting a single shred of TRUTH out in the open otherwise, and it is important for you to realize that.

The main reason that anything at all is coming out is a result of the constant pressure being applied by the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.

In addition to this, I believe that Donald Trump has had a very powerful effect in forcing the DEEP STATE to come clean with us.

Just this week, Ben Fulford has posted a partial post saying that the Dark Cabal is trying to “negotiate” for peace.

Although Ben Fulford gets a few things right…, he gets just as much wrong…, so we need to be careful!

This may or may not be true, and it is my opinion that the Cabal will only use any attempts to negotiate for peace as a STALLING TACTIC, in order to get the pressure off of them while they REGROUP!

This is a typical “reptilian” move, and has served them well in countless battles.

In order to save money, time, and resources, they “act weak”…, pretend to want peace, and while negotiating for peace, they organize a far more vicious ATTACK from behind the scenes.

These people are wholly SATANIC and evil to the core!  Nothing they say can ever be trusted!

This attempt at PEACE is most likely due to the actions of Donald Trump and his latest EO (executive order) which FROZE the assests of anyone using money to do harm to humanity!

Naturally, if the CABAL can not PAY other people to do their dirty work, then no dirty work will ever get done…, because THEY (the Illuminati) KNOW the absolute and horrible KARMA that is connected with doing these types of things.

This is why they will always “order” evil things to be done, but refuse to do any of these things themselves.

They give gullible and foolish people worthless “money” (which is nothing but paper) and then laugh as the KARMA for the horrible deeds goes to the ones who have done the actions.

(See Mark Passio for details)

So at this very moment, (according to Ben Fulford) the Illuminati is appealing for “meetings” so they may “negotiate peace”.

(I would not trust them as far as I could throw a Skyscraper)

Over the last week or so, much has been coming out (even in the MSM) about Flying Saucers and Military Jet Pilots who have seen them.  This is not accidental.

This appears to be in preparation for a small, or a partial string of disclosures that are highly arranged and sanitized.

However, it is my opinon that this small “DISCLOSURE” is going to be tightly CONTROLLED!

It is going to be extremely sanitized and very carefully filtered out, and hopefully many brand new “FAKE IDEAS” will also be “planted” into the reeling minds of the unsuspecting public as a few technologies are released into view… (which will cause people to go gaga and let their guard down).

Remember…, there is a HUGE “power differential” right now between the masses and what is called:  THE BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATIONS!

To disclose everything, would be to give up the power differential, and therefore to accept that they are NO BETTER than any of the rest of us.

I don’t see this happening!

These people are literally bred to be bigots!

They are trained from a very early age to be ELITIST in their thoughts about others.  Therefore their whole world view says that they are the “deserving ones” while the rest of us are nothing but “dumb cattle”!

They are NOT about to give the cattle “equal power” …, Unless they are absolutely FORCED to do so.  I do not see them doing this willingly.

At the very least, they will try to control the NARRATIVE totally, and offer the public countless reasons as to:

WHY, WHERE, WHEN, and HOW they had to decieve the people while saying that they had no choice but to do so… (which would be a lie).

It is for this very reason that CONSTANT PRESSURE for the exposure of real truth can never be stopped or pulled back…, not even for a single day.

Now more than ever, the pressure for TOTAL disclosure and exposure of what has been done is vitally important, because they will most likely try to SANITIZE what we can learn, and what is disclosed while continuing to bury and HIDE the worst of it.

ESPECIALLY their treaties with aliens who have been abducting humans and taking them as FOOD, (Eating, drinking, or bathing in their blood) or using them as SLAVES.

They will NOT want to tell you this stuff, nor their part in agreeing to it through CONTRACT.

David Wilcock was interviewed by Jimmy Church on Coast to Coast AM a day or so ago, and I started listening to the Interview and found that there was enough good information in it to recommend it.

However, I want my readers to REMAIN CLEAR here that David Wilcock does not “know” everything!

He has some huge mis-conceptions about reality…, and one of his biggest and most debilitating flaws is his belief in the LAW OF ONE.

He subscribes to a Philosophy which was wholly and totally CHANNELED (dating to a time after all of the Voice to Skull technology had already been perfected) and was mentally received by one single human being only.

This human channel was a personal friend of his, which is why he buys into it hook, line and sinker!

I am not the only person to call the LAW OF ONE a huge con!

Shane Bales (aka The Ruiner) has also told me that when he was actually INSIDE of the Illuminati…, it was made very clear to him that the LAW OF ONE teachings were a complete and total fraud!

Shane told me that these teachings were handed out to all of the underlings of the top level Illuminati management in order to GET them to do very, very, EVIL THINGS.

(Things that they were refusing to do).

He also told me that THE LAW OF ONE teachings are handed out to all of the Secret Military Personel so that they can read them and hopefully be convinced that it is OKAY to “be evil” and they will not have to worry about facing horrible consequences for what they have done!

The LAW OF ONE states (among other things) that there is a negative way to get to Heaven…, and so therefore (apparently) anyone can choose to be as EVIL as they want to be…, and still get there.

This was a necessary CON that was put in place ONLY to get “other people” to do the sick, twisted, and horrible things that the ILLUMINATI knew would have to get done in order for them to take over the entire world.

This is why it was put out there!

Keep this in mind when you listen to anything that David Wilcock says about Ascension and about Consciousness!

David Wilcock is a good man and is well meaning, but like all of the rest of us, he is filled with his own flaws, faulty ideas, and lots of short comings!!

Use him as a source for intel about programs and projects only, but be wary of his SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHIES!

Here is the Jimmy Church Interview!  He interviews both David Wilcock and David Icke.








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