By: Bradley Loves


You may think that you are separate from everyone else living here in America.  You are NOT! 

What happens to a few of us will certainly happen to the rest sooner than later.  The world is NOT immune to this onslaught.  What happens here will affect every single man, woman and child living on the Earth! 

So get ready to start helping!

The rioting, the looting, the burning, the insanity is aimed at ALL OF US.

You MUST take a stand! 

You must engage this enemy that is attempting to bring in the New World Order!  Your “liberal” friends are totally asleep and you MUST wake them and show them they are being used.

Use the digital world of Social Media to take a stand, and make sure that YOUR VOICE and YOUR WORDS are heard and seen! 

Do not just stand by and just “allow” as so many New Agers keep telling you to do – NO ASCENSION IS IMMINENT.

You can not afford to simply just “forgive it all” or “look the other way” any longer thinking that within days – you are going to “escape it all” by ascending, so you can comfortably sit in your home, do nothing, and just let it all occur!

You will live in the same enslaved world as everyone else if that is your reaction to all of this!

And if you are a Chritian, and you think this is just a fad or a phase that “the kids” are going through – then you are being fooled!  There is a method to this madness and it is aimed at destroying America – and once America falls – so does the rest of the world!

You do not need to engage  in anything physical – you don’t even need to leave your home – but for GODS SAKE – at least use your fingers and your keyboards to put up a fight!  


Get rid of the idea that your friends might not “like you” if you tell them how you feel and how it is!  

Ridicule is the first and primary weapon used by the CIA and the Enemy!  They use it because human beings are so cowardly – they fold the moment someone ridcules them!  You’ve GOT to be stronger than this!




All my love,

PS – Pray every single day!  Pray for America!  

Stop thinking there is NO God


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