By: Bradley Loves


Crime fighting “robots”…, and machines which “POLICE” human beings…, as well as the giant “A.I.” servers which run them…, are not just coming…, they are HERE!

They are making their initial appearance…, and that…, means this:

Our moment of CHOICE is at hand…


You see…, the LAW OF FREEWILL states very clearly that we collectively must be given a choice…, however…, most people do not recognize WHEN that moment is upon them.

Conveniently “distracted” by TELL-A-VISION…, Sports, Drinking Alcohol…, Hollywood and the Music Industry…, “fast cars”…, or just about anything else but looking at what is happening around them…, and trying to SEE what is going on….

Human beings really don’t know WHEN the moment of choice appears in their lives for certain things…,  a moment they NEED to take advantage of!

For each and every horrendous thing that has ever happened or “manifested” here in our reality…, there WAS a moment of choice for that “thing”…, where we collectively had the chance to say:



Harmonically…, nothing can stay manifested if enough of us say NO to it!

However…, that moment of choice…, ONLY STAYS for a brief moment!  Once something manifests…, and the people affected by it DO NOT SAY NO….

Then, those men and women “running things here”  get to use the:

Since they didn’t say no…, then they must WANT IT…. EXCUSE

This excuse…, is called:


It has been used over and over and over and over again…., for almost every horrid and despicable thing that has ever come about on this planet.

So now we have this story:

What Could Go Wrong? Crime Fighting Robots Now Equipped with Self-Defense Instincts


This story located here:

Is the moment in history where WE ALL as a collective must stand up and say:

NO…, we do NOT WANT ROBOTS acting as POLICE…, and carrying weapons with the ability to shoot and defend themselves…., EVER!

Just like the article says:

What could possibly go wrong with this picture?


We have to be smarter than what we have shown ourselves to be in the past!  We also have to realize that this is only a first step toward ending up in the TERMINATOR MOVIE.

NOW is the time to say NO!      Later, once this gets going…, it will be TOO LATE!

No matter what kind of ridiculous excuse we hear about the NEED for robots to act as security police…, it is nothing more than an EXCUSE to forward an agenda that has very advanced robots in charge of the Human Herd!

Al Bielek…, a man who was involved with the now famous: Philadelphia Experiment, claims to have been used by the Military and TIME TRAVELED to various futures and alternate “timelines” in order to see what was happening.

A tiny bit of what he has said can be found here!

One of the more important revelations of his was that a certain point in our future history…, ALL CONTROL of humanity is placed under A.I. MACHINES…, including the daily Security and Police Actions.

He further said that any human being who could “not” follow the rules that were set down by the Machines…, after only one or two “warnings”  WAS “TERMINATED”.

Hmmm…., where have we seen that before?

I suggest that everyone start doing some research into Al Bielek.., and his discoveries.  The question that I will leave you with is this:


If not…, then what are we willing to do or say so that future does NOT HAPPEN?


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