By: Bradley Loves

Even though the title of the article sounds quite Biblical…, and maybe even a little scary…, it is not meant to be so.

Instead…, it is intended simply as a scientific or mathematical statement!

Since having grown up on a farm…, I know just a little bit about planting seeds and gathering the harvest.  And I can tell you with utter certainty…, that not ONE TIME was a corn seed ever planted that produced a tomato!

Nor was there a bean seed planted that grew into a carrot!

I can tell you with utter clarity of memory that no radish seed ever produced a cucumber!

What I witnessed with bold understanding is that


Seeds are considered the essence of life.  Or…, to some, seeds are considered to be the beginning of life.

But this again…, is somewhat Biblical…, and could be restated in a more modern day way of looking at things.

We could…, just as easily state this idea in a more scientific and mathematical way.

Seeds are a FREQUENCY!  Or…, they hold a magnetic frequency so to speak.

What we now know about the Earth…, is that it is an ELECTRO-MAGNETIC life form…, or perhaps an ELECTRO-MAGNETIC operating system that functions very much like a machine.

You could think of a seed as an open electrical circuit…, that has not been “grounded”.  And yet…, very literally…, if you “plant the seed”…, or put the seed in the ground (more commonly known as “grounding”) the electrical circuit is complete and now ELECTRICITY is able to flow.

Due to the grounding effect, the electrical circuit is now in operation.

What is a plant…, if not a “shoot” of electricity…, bolting from the earth?

Some of you may say…, well…, what about water?   And I say this:  Everyone knows that electricity flows far better IN WATER…, that in any other medium.

This brings up many more questions…, such as:  What really is a human being if NOT a more complex ELECTRO-MAGNETIC system…, more or less tuned to the ELECTRO-MAGNETIC frequency of the Earth?

With ELECTRICITY…, and MAGNETISM…, the whole universe has come into being and is now “spinning” in operational mode.

Funny how almost every motor “spins” around an axis using copper wire wound around magnets.

From a true scientific point of view…, or mathematical…, there is NOTHING strange about the way the Earth does what it does.

It is precise…, it is perfect…, it can be planned…, AND…, believe it or not…, IT CAN BE PREDICTED!

You…, as one of the masses living on the surface of the planet have been “taught”…, or “told” by your teachers…, that almost everything that happens here…, is happening by CHANCE!

You are being told that there is NO REAL WAY to understand the universe or the cosmos.

If you jump back to the article that I wrote for you yesterday…, you’d see that I said that the educational system and the religious system was LYING to you.

Nikola Tesla…, one of the great scientific minds of the 19th and 20th centuries has been almost obscured from history only because he could see the TRUTH so clearly, that his understanding surpassed what the masses were “allowed” to know.

Thus…, his contributions to the Earth were taken…, hidden, buried…, and locked up!

This is a Cosmic CRIME…, by the way…, committed by those men and women who had NO RIGHT to interfere with the natural flow of events on the Earth.

And…, as so eloquently put above…, YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW…., they are about to “reap” the harvest of the actions they planted!

Mathematically speaking…, every thought…, every word…, and every ACTION that is “planted” into the electro-magnetic “field” (isn’t that just a huge give away too…, I mean really…, they don’t call it a FIELD for nothing)…., when you plant a thought, word or action into the field…, it HAS TO GROW!

Not only that…, but it HAS TO BEAR FRUIT!

This is not just scientific…., but also is a mathematical CERTAINTY!

Now…, coming from humble beginnings is sometimes not so bad…, and at the same time is the best way to learn…, so let a former “farm boy” tell all of the stuck up “smarty pants” out there that if you PLANT SEEDS…, then EXACTLY what you planted has to grow and will bring YOU the result!

So…, what we have happening here are things like “thoughts” …, “words”…, and especially “actions” which are literally ELECTRICALLY CHARGED…, and just like seeds…, once “planted” into the morpho-genic (morpho-genetic) “field” have to bear fruit.

We do NOT have to go to the Bible to get our basis of belief or faith in this idea…, NO…, we can actually go to REAL SCIENCE…, and real world MATHEMATICS to know that this idea is absolutely true!

“IF” you did not know this…, then I can tell you also with certainty…, that it is NOT because either science, math and even religion had no idea…., what I will say is that “YOU” were not considered worthy to tell this information to.

YOUR education was incomplete!  Knowledge was left out…, and kept from you.  Those men and women you considered heroic leaders were in fact complicit in HIDING from you the TRUTH of how things work in the world and in the Universe!

Thoughts ARE magnetic!  Words (sounds) are both magnetic and electrical.  Action (thought in motion) places the electrical and magnetic FREQUENCY of the thoughts into the “magnetic field” around us and thus just like planting a seed into the “GROUND”…, your thoughts and words are NOW GROUNDED into the morpho-genic field!

This by the way…, extending this wisdom and knowledge out to other fronts…, is the basis of MAGIC!

And remember…, from all of my “other” articles…, the word “magic” is a short version of the word:  MAG-net-IC!

For those men and women who dabble in magic are using “thoughts” “words” and “symbols” as magnetic (magic) seeds and planting them into the morhpogenic field around them in order to REAP THE FRUIT!

This of course is the knowledge that was KEPT from you…, for those who fancied themselves as: WIZARDS,   did not want the masses to ever figure out that living a happy life was as easy as simple understanding of the way the UNIVERSE around you worked and supported you.

These men and women…, (the Illuminati) CHEATED, LIED, and STOLE their way to the top of the food chain here on EARTH…, and they did it on the backs of each and every other human being living here.

Now…, the Cosmos…, seeing that THOSE were the seeds that these hapless and useless human beings planted WILL be producing the FRUIT of those actions for these men and women!

All I can say to these men and women of the Illuminati is this:  YOU STILL CAN REPENT!  YOU CAN STILL SOFTEN THE SHARP EDGE OF THE STING YOU ARE ABOUT TO REAP.

Change what you are doing!

Those beings at the very top of the pyramid ALWAYS KNEW that the COSMOS would react with “perfect” precision…, and with mathematical certainty to the sowing of these seeds!

Those who used magic…, on faith…, thinking it was some sort of DARK RELIGION based evil works (the more evil you do…, the more  benefit you get) have been conned just as certainly as the masses of innocent men and women were conned.

The fact of the matter is this: YOU DID THIS EVIL OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL!  You did it thinking that you would gain a benefit over the rest of your human brothers and sisters…, and NOW…, you will see that this was the biggest LIE EVER TOLD.

However…, do not read into this article hell…, or damnation…, or anything BIBLICAL.  Instead read into this article the perfect precision of the UNIVERSE and the perfect memory of the morpho-genic field which has been both WATCHING and RECORDING your every thought…, your every word…, and your every DEED since the day you were born!


Take some advice from a simple farm boy.

All my love to my readers today…, and to those who fancy themselves as ILLUMINATI…, think on these things.





















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