Those who we trusted the very most have sold us out to the highest bidder.

But you do not need to take my word for it – instead, you can listen to someone who used to work for the United Nations tell you the same thing from his own mouth!

Just like every other great nation in history that has added itself into a long line of fallen nations, America may have to experience great pain and hardship before gaining BACK the original freedoms it once offered to its people.

It did not need to be this way, but we as a people fell asleep at the wheel and when people fall asleep doing something potentially dangerous like driving a car (or running a country), there is a huge cost for doing so which is usually summed up in hospital fees and repair costs (if the ones that fell asleep even survive).

The perpetrators of this insidious crime against America are the same types of people who have done this kind of thing to other countries in the world at other times in history.

They are sick, twisted, and evil men and women who do whatever it takes (lie, cheat, and con) to get placed into positions of great power or authority and then USE and ABUSE that power for their own selfish gains.

They are the “controlled puppets” of very rich people from behind the curtain who could be considered “Oligarchs”.  Oligarchs and are men and women that have no use for rules, laws, and regulations which might hinder their Agenda of Global conquest.

They are extremely greedy men and women who would sell their own mothers if the opportunity presented itself to them because what they want more than anything is total control.

These men and women however NEVER put themselves openly onto the world stage, but instead work their “magic” through willing and corruptible puppets leaders that can be bribed, black mailed, and purchased for a price.

The puppets they hire to work for them are people who will do anything for an easy life, a huge bank account, and enjoy rubbing elbows with important people and being seen as part of an important club.  (They are the poster children of corruptibility)

Because of puppet leaders like Barack Insane Obama, Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Joe Biden and countless others from around the world as well as businessmen like Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, Jack Dorsey, Larry Paige, and Mark Zuckerberg…, these extremely wealthy Oligarchs are able to crush any and all opposition to their Global Agenda and at this time in our history are very close to establishing what they call:




Over the last several decades many criminally minded men and women (who have absolutely no use for morals, ethics, honor, or integrity) were able to be placed into very high level positions of power here in America and after being in these positions of power for less than two or three decades, the very fabric of America is now coming apart at the seams. 

(This we can see clearly with our own eyes).


God says this:  “As you sow, that shall you reap!”

If every single position of power and authority over the course of just three decades has been filled with a socialist, communist, or a satanist…, then after only three decades (a single generation really) every output or outcome of the politics and policies of these people will be equal to something that is:


This is not rocket science people, this is as simple as “sowing” and “reaping”.

I have said it many times before in my writings. 

You can not plant CORN and expect to get CARROTS to grow.  If you plant CORN, you get CORN!

In other words, if criminals are put in charge of running things, then all we get is INJUSTICE and EVIL as a result, and if we are being honest and stop kidding ourselves – that is exactly what we are now seeing taking place all over America (and in fact the entire world as well).



The problem that we are now experiencing here in America is that all of the “self correcting” and “self cleansing” mechanisms that we might have wanted to use to clean up our own government and to purge the surrounding systems are either now totally broken (by design) or have been hi-jacked in such a way that the greater majority of “We the People” (who might wish to bring about correction and punishment to the people who did this to us) are very literally being BLOCKED at every single turn.

This is why I have stated under the title that America is now a CAPTURED OPERATION.

Paul Craig Roberts thinks the very same thing that I do and has written a scathing article that can be found here:

The United States Has Been Destroyed by Its Ruling Elites

Like Roberts, my opinion is that We the People simply can not get our country back by using any of the available levers of power that were once put into place to help us to make corrections and to save ourselves from a situation just like this one.  We have sadly gone too far over the edge of the cliff to be able to pull ourselves back without outside help.

All of the available levers of power have been deliberately blocked and taken from us.

None of the attempts at voting the problem away, or using the Police, the Courts, the Legal Systems or even the Intelligence Agencies to make any of the necessary corrections are working, or ever will work! 

The system is too corrupted and too far gone for this to work.

WHILE WE SLEPT…, every single level of the American Governmental System, the Court System, the Law Enforcement System, and the Legal System has now been captured and has been taken over by those who are attempting to HIDE what they have done in order to make it appear as if there is a tiny semblance of the American System still up and running for the good of the people.

But this is simply a pretense…, it is a LIE!

The Holy Spirit has shown me just how far America has fallen, and how far it would have to back track just to be normal once again.

The Holy Spirit has also shown me that what most people think of as our still functioning and operational Government is actually working hard behind the scenes and taking every step it can take and is doing everything in its power to either control us, kill us, rob from us what little real property we have left, sort out our belongings amongst themselves, and finally to sell off the crumbs they don’t want to whomever pays them the most money.

You might think this is hyperbole’ – but it is not far off from the truth.

Here is SG Anon with his 51st Audio File on the current events that are going on behind the scenes.

Listen on Rumble:

I pray every single day for America and for an effective way to advise and to inform the rest of the people in this once great country living around me, but this is now very difficult because 40 years ago a hidden war was declared on me (by Satanists with access to extremely advanced technology) and I have been beaten and bankrupted for not being willing to just roll over and allow America to fall into their greedy hands.

I became a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL and then labeled by my own country and its Law Enforcement Agencies as a TERRORIST for merely wanting to save all Americans and this country from a horrible fate.



Extremely hidden Black Operations were put into place by this hidden group of men and women operating from behind the curtain which involved some of the most top secret technology that the mind can imagine.

This included things like:  A.I., Super Computers and Simulations, Time-Travel, Quantum Access, and Looking Glass.

I wrote about this technology and how they were using it in a series called: 


If you want to know more about just how deep this goes, then please read this series:


All my love


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