By: Bradley Loves



I’m sorry everyone…, but I’m having a really hard time “believeing” that this hurricane…, which will hit land in Florida, cover the entire state of Georgia…, and then the entire state of SOUTH CAROLINA…, is an (accident) of nature!

My “Cabal senses” are tingling…, and I would not put it past them to use this hurricane as a “punishment” for Brett Kavanaugh getting on the Supreme Court!

I know it boggles the mind to think this…, but you’ve got to remember that these people are PURE EVIL!

Most of you just can’t fathom EVIL like this…, only men (such as myself) who have actually encountered this level of evil, and felt it…, can really grasp the depth of it, and grasp how these people think!

The HATE that moves this level of EVIL could easily move the CABAL to want to make millions of people suffer – JUST TO PUNISH ONE MAN!

Lindsay Graham, during his rant to the Senate Committee, may have solidified his states fate!

He is one of the Senators from South Carolina…, and the Deep State may be looking to (punish) all people from South Carolina – simply because of Lindsay Grahams moving rant to the Senate Committee…, which may have been one of the single things that helped Kavanaugh get confirmed!

For those of you who doubt…, just remember…, these people (the Cabal) kill chidren and drink their blood!  They aren’t going to worry about using HAARP to steer a hurricane over Florida and Georgia…, just so it can hurt South Carolina!

Anyway…, my two cents….








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