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The only thing that creates the reality that we all live in is:



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  • Why is it so important for the powers that be to run constant TV shows, and News “Programs” with violence and death?
  • Why is it so important to show endless “bad news” in the Main Stream Media?
  • Why must there be endless pornography on the internet where kids as young as 10 can easily look at nude images of men and women??

This is happening, because it is the MIND that creates what we see

The MIND is “constantly creating”.

This is a “collective” effort and every single one of us are participating!


Every single image…, and every single idea that floats into the MIND…, programs it to “outwardly create and then to manifest” these ideas.


On a sub-conscious level…, ALL MINDS ARE CONNECTED.

On a sub-conscious level…, what we experience as a group is created by ALL OF US.

The “type” of world we are living in today is a massive projection of our INNER THOUGHTS.

This is why the powers that be are so interested in the sub-conscious MIND – (As explained to us by Jay Parker.)

This is why “mind programming”…, and all of the many MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL PROJECTS are possible.

This is also why the CABAL uses TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL.

There is a purpose to all of this.  There is an “agenda” behind all of this!!

Nothing is done without a purpose.

There is a “goal”.

That goal is to “get” as many people living here on Earth…, to use their MINDS (the sub-conscious portion of it) to create a very DARK REALITY that we will all have to live in and experience!

Human beings of today have ABDICATED responsibility for their own thoughts and their own thinking processes.  In fact…, they have been told and taught NOT TO THINK. (As absurd as that sounds)

What’s even MORE bizzare is that renegade spiritual groups and teachers are “teaching” that “thinking” is bad for you…, and that you should just “surrender” your life and your thinking to others!

Every single thing (all of it) that we are being told is for our good…, is part of that PROGRAMMING and part of a CON!

  • The schools that our children go to…, and what they are being “taught”.
  • The television shows we are all being shown…
  • The rampant sexual images, ideas and suggestive dialogue on the television are all part of the sub-conscious mental programming that is put there in order to “get us” to create a dark and unbalanced reality!

You see…, every single MIND is a creator…, and every single MIND living here on Earth is a part of the “collective” of ALL OF US.

This is the ONLY WAY that those who are trying to TAKE CONTROL of this Earth can do it!

It can’t be done ANY OTHER WAY!

They must “get us” to create the DARK REALITY that they want to live in…, FOR THEM.


They must first attack the MIND.

It was NEVER, EVER going to take place any other way!


Like parasites…, they must first infiltrate and poison the mind with every manner of deviancy!

They must use drugs…, alcohol…, gambling…, sex…, promiscuousness…, and the rejection of GOD.

They must FILL our society with this…, by filling our MINDS with these thoughts FIRST!

The MIND only creates outwardly…, so what is first put into it by the programming agenda eventually ends up on the world stage!

THEY (The Cabal) KNOW THIS…..

“THEY” (The Parasites who wish to take over our realm or our dimension) KNOW THIS!!

The only defense against this agenda is to come together collectively!

No longer can we sit and think that we can change things individually

No longer can we claim that if we sit QUIETLY in our homes and simply meditate…, that things will just somehow miraculously GET BETTER.

The “technology” of the television, and all modern day electronics, and their ability to PROGRAM human minds far out weighs a single human being who meditates and “sends out loving thoughts”


The numbers are not there!

The MATH does not add up!

We do not have the “numbers” of people praying and meditating…, and “sending out loving thoughts” constantly ALL DAY LONG to successfully counter act the poisonous programming that is entering into the MINDS of young adults and young children ALL DAY LONG.

The “NEW AGERS” who consistently insist that all they need do is send out loving thoughts…, have NEVER ONCE stopped to ask if the formula for what they are doing is ADEQUATE to achieve the goal.


A boat that is floating on the ocean has sprung a leak…, and it is clear and obvious that if one picks up a pail…, and bails out the water…, that action will help to keep the boat from sinking.


This is where NEW AGERS fail every single time in the game of life!

They refuse to think things through…, and claim that all they have to do is “believe”.


Here is the equation at hand in the example above.

Yes…, bailing out the water will help the boat from sinking…., (IF and only IF) the hole in the boat is small enough…, OR…, there are enough pails bailing out the water fast enough to keep it from sinking!

It’s PURELY MATHEMATICAL…. Nothing more!

IF…, the hole is too big…, and there are not enough people or pails bailing out the water…, then mathematically…, the SHIP WILL SINK!

Now…, applying this very same logic to our “problem” here on Earth.

IF the “goal” of the New Agers is to SAVE THE PLANET…, (as they claim) and it is their goal to help restore LOVE and BALANCE on the Earth…, then there is a MATHEMATICAL EQUATION that also needs to be looked at.

IF the CABAL is using  massive “technology” (TV, Radios, Movies, Cell Phones, Computers…, etc) to program the MINDS of all of the young people and all of the children by placing subconscious “images” into their brains which will affect what their MINDS will create…, then ONLY an equally powerful and comprehensive system of LOVE and CARING will counter balance that massive programming in order to get the MINDS of the young people back to creating a loving reality!

Remember EVERYTHING is created collectively from the subconscious MIND.

However…, the numbers that we are looking for are not adding up in my opinion…, and as I see it…, the SHIP IS QUICKLY SINKING.

No matter how many crazy “channeled messages” come across the internet telling us CRAP like…, THE LIGHT HAS WON…,

….all one needs to do is to watch what is happening in real time in the world to know the true story!


This world, or REALITY is being collectively created by all of us.

LOOK CAREFULLY…, BE HONEST and pull off the rose colored glasses!

What do you see?

Do you see things getting better?

Do you see people sharing and loving more than ever before??

OR…, are there more wars, killings, deviancy and such.

The only way there could be MORE…, of what I’ve listed above…, is if ALL of the MINDS of every human being living on Earth were helping to create that.

Therefore…, we are NOT achieving the goal that the Channeling Community claims we are!


What are the children thinking inside their head??

What are the children being taught in school??

This will have an affect on WHAT THEY CREATE WITH THEIR MINDS on a daily basis.


Massive amounts of loving and caring input are necessary on a daily basis…, and it HAS TO BE CONSTANT!

You can’t do it for only an hour and then rest or take break!

You are battling massive technology, broadcasts, programming, and input from millions of Satanists whose lives have been dedicated to bringing in a NEW WORLD ORDER OF LUCIFER!

Get your heads out of your behinds…, and realize that the WORK  spiritual people need to do is MASSIVE!

IF you are here on Earth at this time…, and claim to be of the “light side”…, then you should be Youtube-ing, Blogging, Writing, Speaking out, praying, meditating, and “teaching” 24/7 non stop to anyone and everyone who will listen!!

Start teaching the REAL TRUTH…, and that TRUTH is that Earth’s Reality is created by all of us.

Every single “mind” on the planet is important…, and every single human being needs to be taught properly and told that what they think…, will eventually manifest!

The “VACATION” is over.

Leaving the “work” to others, is like sitting in the boat and DOING NOTHING while it sinks!

A friendly Word of advice….

Pick up a PAIL and start bailing out the water!

All my love…….






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