By: Bradley Loves


Everything depends upon YOU!

You are the creators and the makers of the future!  Never forget that. It is your “minds” and “hearts” and yes…, even “souls” that the Deep State Satanic Forces have wanted and have been fighting for!

“We” do have an ally – a great ally in GOD our loving Father.  His concern for Earth and His people is unlimited, and yet due to our “free-will” it is required of us that we ask Him for help! (Every single day).

What the Satanists and the Luciferians have spent the last several decades doing (behind your back) is redefining what “God” wants, and what “God” is!

They are the ones who created the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, and they are the ones who have written – through their minions – most of the NEW AGE BOOKS.

They have given you some truth.  Yes about 50 percent, and then they have laced that truth with about 50 percent LIES.

Now…, please don’t be stupid about this!

A glass of water that is 50 percent pure, clean water (which is good for you) but is laced with 50 percent poison…, will KILL YOU INSTANTLY.

Don’t go cutting the New Agers any slack by saying they gave you at least half of the truth!

In the same vein, the 501 – C-3 Christians who have huge mega churches like Joel Osteen, (and countless others) who have given in to every kind of Governmental Regulation and are now selling you “Jesus Christ light” in a bottle are NOT telling you the truth either!

The truth is that many “Christian Pastors”  have been revealed to have put their names on the Government List to literally HELP with rounding people up and getting them into the FEMA CAMPS.

They were contacted and agreed to work against their own followers. Never forget how compromised people can be when they work only for money.

Over the next few weeks and months, I will be HERE FOR YOU ALL!

I will help in any way that I can!


All my love….


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