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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., right, flashes a sign as he is joined by his vice presidential running mate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., at a rally in Sunrise, Fla., Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., right, flashes a sign as he is joined by his vice presidential running mate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del. ——[Notice however…, that he is doing the exact (SAME) sign with his lowered right hand as he is with his raised left. This is what proves that he is not trying trying to just say “I love you” as so many people continue to claim. The raised sign…, and the sign from the lower hand PROVE it is an OCCULT sign that is the AS ABOVE SO BELOW sign which are of OCCULT ORIGINS.]

When Barack Obama got to be President…, I was very suspicious of him. I did not think he had the right street “cred” to be a President.  However…, in all honesty, 8 years ago…, I had no idea that the “President” of the United States, was really only the CEO of a Paper Corporation on Wall Street called USA INC.

Throughout the entire 8 years of his presidency he has LIED repeatedly to the American People, only because his real “job” is to basically head a FOR PROFIT CORPORATION that has on going business dealings with both ON and OFF WORLD ENTITIES.

In fact…, I don’t think he has ever really told the TRUTH to anyone that could be considered to be the voting public period!   I could name thousands of things that he could have “come clean” about during his term as the (CEO) and President of USA INC.

There are many things that I think the American people as human beings have a right to know…, not just the stock holders of USA INC.   And yet…, as CEO.., his job is to please the stockholders of the CORP., and not to tell the truth to the masses.

However, if Barack Obama was really a decent human being (at all) he could have told us the truth about a few things!

Starting with:

The UFO/Alien problem…, and moving on to all of the hidden free energy devices…, to his own participation in Project Pegasus…, to how the Federal Reserve Bank is actually owned by a group of private ELITE families…, for a start

However…, lets not get hung up on such petty and “minor details” that may only have affected every human life being lived here on Planet Earth.

There are many other lessor things that he has lied about.

There are (in truth) so many things that he has LIED about during his 8 year “reign”…, that there really is no way to even know where to begin to discuss it.  Each day of lies…, seems to blend into the next day of lies…, so that really…, it’s just all one continuous stream of FICTION pasted on the canvas of our so called: reality.

For instance:

  1. The Capturing and killing Osama bin Laden (He was already dead)
  2. The “STORY” that Russians invaded the Ukraine (The CIA did that)
  3. That we are somehow fighting ISIS in Syria.  (No…, Isis is there to get rid of Assad…, and therefore the CIA is arming Isis).
  4. That the “economy” has ever recovered. (No…, the true unemployment rate is over 20 percent at least)

So there you are…, there’s a small start!

However…, the LIES he really needs to be called onto the carpet for are these:

  1. The continued LIE that 9/11 was done by Hijackers on Airplanes
  2. The continued LIE that anyone ever died at Sandy Hook
  3. The continued LIE that the Boston Bombing was real
  4. The continued LIE that the TSA or the Patriot Act are necessary given that they are the means by which the NWO is taking away civil liberties.
  5. And continued LIE that the his job is to serve the people, when he knows clearly he is serving the Corporation, which wants a Globalist Agenda.


In his defense (not that it is really a defense mind you) in the grand scheme of things…, he has not really done ANYTHING different than the previous Presidents have ever done.

What IS DIFFERENT about Barack Obama…, is that for some reason…, he had the “support” and backing of the NEW AGE!

This WAS different!   This was something NEW…, and this is something that MUST NOT BE OVERLOOKED.

How is it…, that after the total failure of George W. Bush to convince good men and women that what he was trying to do for the country was in their best interest, we suddenly get a guy as “President” who has the endless support among those who are deeply MIND CONTROLLED BY THE NEW AGE and the Channeling Community?


The proof that many of these “entities” are NOT what they claim to be is


This is all the PROOF any logical and normal (not mind controlled) person would need once they look backward on his Presidency with an open mind.

Forget about the fact that he is any better or any worse than the last many Presidents we’ve ever had…, that is NOT the issue.

The issue is that his continuous LIES…, which are as clear and as evident as those of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, or any number of past Presidents,  have been over-looked and apologized for by what many people are calling Channeled Entities and ASCENDED MASTERS!

This is KEY that opens the LOCK to knowing what most of the NEW AGE is all about.

DECPEPTION on a this level or massive scale is nothing but SATANIC!

It is a tool of the DARK…, and has been pawned off as somehow NECESSARY by those who are getting MESSAGES out of thin air!

Because they are unwilling to THINK for themselves…, they can not conclude that LIES on this level is doing horrible DAMAGE…, and no loving SOUL would ever do that!

Those men and women who are working for the good of humanity…, always work in the light of day…, NOT in the dark corners of secrecy and deception.

All of these so-called channeled “entities” who have made up endless excuses for Barack Obama…, and who have apologized for his endless stream of LIES…, have now proven themselves to be either of the DARK, or working FOR THE DARK without really knowing it…, only because they are SO BLINDED.

The reason for my saying and writing this is quite simple:  Beings of the LIGHT/LOVE vibration would never support, nor indulge in such comprehensive and deceptive tactics as we have seen over the last 8 years of Barack Obama’s Presidency.

(Get as offended as you want!)

There have been countless channeled messages as to the Cosmic Nature of this man called:  OBAMA…, and now…, only at the “end” of his Presidency…, are all of those “messages”, “posts”, “articles” and “weekly updates”…, that are everywhere all over the internet, seen for exactly what they are and always were:


Once again get as offended as you like!

I am not here to make “friends” with the NEW AGE.  I am simply here to point out what the TRUTH IS.

(That is why I can’t keep a computer that runs longer than 3 or 4 months before it’s ruined.)

Time to take off the Rose colored glasses…, and see what YOUR CHANNELERS have been telling you!

All my love for now…,

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