By: Bradley Loves


Preston James (a writer for Veterans Today) has written a new article that I think is a must read for everyone who cares about EARTH!

It’s long, but it is an in-depth look at why so many people in mid-level positions of “authority” (he calls them “THE FEDS”) literally sell their souls to the Dark Cabal, or put in another way, SELL OUT ALL OF HUMANITY and sit idly by while innocent human beings are destroyed!

Here is that post, and I highly recommend it!

Why do so many Feds sell out to Ruling Cabal?

After having read his article, and it really is a good read, I have my OWN thoughts on the subject.

Some of them parallel his own thoughts, but mine go much deeper and even offer a very practical SOLUTION to this problem as well.

First off – these men and women (whom he calls “The Feds”) are only doing what they are told, for the “paycheck”!   Many times, they do NOT agree with what their higher ups are telling them to do, but being weak and cowardly, they simply “Go along to get along” as Preston James put it.  See the quote below:

Thus, it is fair to say that they have become true believers in their subculture and all the Cabal myths that support their false beliefs. It is the powerful rewards for internalizing this authoritarian subculture of the Cabal and all the rewards given them for doing so that motivates them to “sell out” to this Cabal-defined and -controlled Hierarchical system of authority and control.

However, there are always some feds who learn that the subculture of their agency is a lie, and most of the time they just live in quiet desperation to maintain their great pay and top benefits (which includes the best retirement packages imaginable).

Those that have too much character and integrity to go along just to get along, leave their jobs. Those few that try to change things get stepped on hard by the Cabal – often fired, blacklisted, sometime harassed for life, some get jailed on phony trumped up charges and some get murdered.

So what he is basically saying is that anyone who isn’t just like the CABAL themselves, will simply do what they are told for the money and benefits – or, out of weakness, fear, and self preservation!


What do I mean by this?

Okay, so let’s get right into it then, shall we?

Every problem we face here on Earth is a SPIRITUAL problem, and spiritual problems REQUIRE spiritual solutions!


As a living and breathing human being – YOU (yes YOU) have to be willing to HOLD every man or woman who SELLS OUT to darkness and evil, 100 percent fully accountable for their actions, and SAY SO!

This accountability comes in the “hereafter” – BUT – is only certain (or assured) IF YOU TELL THEM THAT YOU WILL IN FACT HOLD THEM BOUND to any and every crime they commit against the innocent public!

I’ve written about this before, and I’ll write about it again!  The NEW AGE (which was created by Luciferians) teaches Luciferian dogma which tells their followers that they can NEVER move forward if they “JUDGE” anything or anyone!

This is complete and utter BUNK, and serves a very DARK PURPOSE!

What it does is to get “good” people to stand down, and to never take any action or actions that would PREVENT the NEW WORLD ORDER takeover that the Globalists are planning!

There are many ways to do this, and many reasons for doing so, which I will try to explain!


  • You have to start thinking of life as ETERNAL (that death really means nothing), and that you really do exist AFTER you leave your body!
  • You have to think of this “eternal life” as a game of CHESS, which has many levels to the “game board” – some of which you can not physically SEE while you are here on Earth, but really DO exist!
  • Think of Spock playing chess on a 3 level game board.
  • By you TELLING all public “officials” that YOU (yes you really do have that much POWER) are not only willing, but CERTAIN to hold them fully accountable and BOUND to any and all crimes against innocent people that they have committed…, you are moving an “invisible chess piece” into place on the next level up of the game board!


You write something to this effect, and then you “post it publicly” on Twitter – Facebook – Youtube – Reddit – Snapchat – or anywhere else on Social Media!

Remember – this is “THEIR” spy network!  They put this in place to spy on every single human being alive!  Everything that you say is being recorded at all times.

By doing what I’ve just told you to do…, you are using this SPY NETWORK to your advantage, and USING IT AGAINST THOSE WHO CREATED IT!

Because they are now “recording” every single thing you think, say and do…, there can be NO EXCUSE or CLAIMS in the “here after” or on the “other side” that they did NOT know you didn’t want them hurting you or stealing away your freedoms!

Don’t you see the beauty of this??  You now have them in a TRAP!!  It’s a trap of their OWN MAKING!

In the here after – you will have a “recorded version” of a public message sent out to ALL men and women in “AUTHORITY” – a message that they themselves collected and RECORDED that you did not consent to the NEW WORLD ORDER –  and even more importantly – that you are going to HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE for every theft – every crime – and every thought, word and deed that was EVIL and committed against humanity while they were here on Earth!

Because they are recording EVERYTHING…, they have effectively BEEN NOTIFIED – and now, YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

The very second that they pass from their physical bodies – they will effectively be “ARRESTED” by Cosmic Level Police who rule the COSMOS!


Because there is a WARRANT out for their capture and detaining!

They, as SOULS, will be detained!

They can not move forward, they can not simply just skip, dance, and frollic on to the “promised land” in a different solar system or galaxy!


Because countless people like you and me are HOLDING THEM BOUND to any and all crimes they committed here on EARTH that they did against “innocent” and “loving” people.


  • Cowards will always do what they can most easily “get away with”!
  • If they feel there is NO CONSEQUENCE for simply “taking that paycheck” and going along with the New World Order, then they will DO THAT, because it is easy!
  • Further more, if they get to the here after and you have NOT publicly stated that you will HOLD THEM BOUND, they will make the claim (to the higher cosmic forces) that you did NOT say (in advance) that you did not agree with their actions.  They will say YOU gave them the authority to do what they were doing simply by giving them a “badge”.

You have now put yourself in the drivers seat and in the hereafter…, they literally become COSMIC LEVEL CRIMINALS that will be hunted for their crimes here on Earth!

Now…, if these so called “FEDS” start reading public statements like this – that will be a very SOBERING PAUSE for them, and they will most certainly RE-ASSESS what they think is the EASIER ROUTE!

Do they listen to and take orders from the CABAL, and then become Cosmic Level Criminals that are hunted in the after life??  Or do they change their way??

Suddenly, they must WEIGH their actions on an ETERNAL SCALE on and not a short term gain SCALE.


I’ve already written one (for myself) and it has been publicly posted for 3 to 4 years!

You can find it here:

Don’t even try to tell me that this DECLARATION has no POWER!


On a Spiritual Level – this is causing countless headaches and massive problems for unseen beings that are used to always getting their way!

Whether Archons, Djinn, Demons or out of body entities…, they are massively hurting as a result of this DECLARATION!


Because it holds THEM accountable!

Now, you can use mine as a guide to write your own, and simply just write your own and post it somewhere on a public forum!

Since these SICK as*holes are recording EVERYTHING that you say and do, it is just as good as handing it to them across a desk!  They are AWARE OF IT!


You have just moved a multi-dimensional CHESS PIECE into place on the “game board” on a higher level that you did not know existed!

You have given them FAIR WARNING that by causing you pain and suffering here on Earth…, they are going to be immediately DETAINED on the other side, and depending upon your DECLARATION – could be FORCED to pay some kind of restitution on the SOUL LEVEL.

This means they do not just get to skip and frolic away happily on the other side…, but MUST pay a DEBT to you first!

Because of the level of ATTACK on my natural life and on my incarnation here on Earth, I’ve added huge penalties in my Declaration, which are going to make these sick people WISH they have never been BORN!

You can too!

If MILLIONS of these DECLARATIONS start popping on SOCIAL MEDIA…, how eager will these “FEDS” be to just “go along to get along” any longer?

Suddenly…, the light will come on in their sick heads.., and they will see that the REAL POWER is with those of us who want TRUTH – LOVE – and FREEDOM!

As Harry Truman once said:

Speak softly – but carry a BIG STICK!


And I’ve got to tell you.., that MY STICK is the biggest damn stick the UNIVERSE has ever seen!

In the here after – these guys (and gals) are literally “F*k’d”.

Nuff said!

All my love….

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