I found this article on In5D (and even though it has some things that I don’t agree with…, I feel that the “SPIRIT” of the article is on the right track…, and is why I’m posting a link to it.

We are all in this together…, and sooner than later…, (when the full truth is told) we will have to work together to make the future of Earth work for all of us! 

Regardless of whether we supported the wrong people, or gave out bad information in the past, we will be working together.  So, look past the content, (and certain information sources) and look into the “feeling” of the writer for your best “get” to this post.

By: Wes Annac

David Wilcock recently released a new article about the cabal’s inevitable demise, and as usual, it’s packed with information about the ‘cosmic drama’ as he calls it, that we’re going through.

I’ve followed David’s work for years, and he’s been a major force in my awakening and my interest in spirituality, extraterrestrials and the fall of the Luciferian cabal. In his latest article, he continued to offer tons of information from various news sources to make the point that the cabal is falling and trying to take the world down with them.

An assortment of unsettling things are happening that ultimately point to the cabal’s defeat and the establishment of a new way of life that takes every person’s needs into account, and we’ll want to prepare for the amazing things we’ll learn and the revolutionary things we’ll have to do to change the world.

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