By: Bradley Loves

Every day is a struggle for me in that I would LOVE to teach so much more than I already have!

But honestly, how can one teach really advanced things, when so few want to know the simple things?

I’m trying to get people to start thinking very seriously about the TRUTH in spiritual matters…, as opposed to the LIES or the CONS of Religions!

So many are “stuck” in the dogma and the tradition…, they still can’t see the forest, because the TREES are in the way!

A few people have asked if I really “know” anything about advanced science.

I’ve said it before…, if the Satan Worshippers were gone…, our world could be fixed in such a way that HEAVEN on Earth could happen very quickly!

I wrote an article about 1 year ago…, that outlined exactly how young children are “taught” in very advanced cultures!

Here is that piece in full!

This is a guide of what “could be”…, and what “is possible”…, even “here” on Earth…, if we could only work together and get rid of the REPTILES and their minions!

What follows is a simple Teaching Curriculum that is arranged “properly” and in a very systematic way that is for the BEST benefit of the progressing student who would be living in a very advanced Planetary System!


Junior Level: (Age 4 to Age 8)

Base Mathematics (includes simple Geometry)

Intermediate Level: (Age 8 to Age 12)

Reading and the Creation of Sound Differentials
Dynamics (Ratio’s and Mechanics)
Base Chemistry
Intermediate Magnetics
Intermediate Harmonics
Intermediate Mathematics (advanced Geometry)

Junior Master: (Age 12 to Age 16)

Dispersion (Ratio’s and Mechanics)
Intermediate Chemistry
Advanced Magnetics
Advanced Harmonics
Advanced Mathematics
Crystal Technology
Wave Acceleration (Photon – Graviton – Exciton) and Variables

Master Level: (Age 16 to Age 20)

Time/Space Theory and Practice
Portals and Vortexes (Displacement Issues)
Wave Guides and Keyholes
Inter-dimensional Travel and Hidden Doorways
Reality Bending and Universal Quotients
Astro-Physical Phenomenon and Celestial Mechanics
Healing and Body Regeneration

Application Level: (Age 20 and Beyond)

Advanced and Applied Chemistry
Applied Magnetics
Applied Harmonics
Advanced and Applied Reading and Writing
Applied Mathematics
Applied Logic and Problem Solving
Variables and Inconsistencies

Believe it or not…, this is the kind of learning that children who are NOT BEING LIED TO and HELD BACK…, would be going through in their young lives in order to become a very balanced and very worth while part of an advanced human society.


Now…, there is a reason I’m posting this…, even though I know almost no one is going to really “get” what I am saying…, and so few people read my blog anyway (except the military) that I am going to give out a few really good pieces of information only because there may be one or two people (LIGHT WARRIORS) who could benefit from this information!


I will break my silence and say a few things about magnetics.  This is the foundation of EVERYTHING!  If you want to learn the entire curriculum listed above…, you “must” learn about magnetics!


Harmonics is the next step!  No advanced society can go into the “Stars” without deeply knowing HARMONICS!

Harmonics is the basis of all “shield” technology that every advanced races uses…, AND…, is the what the most super advanced “weapons systems” in the Universe are based upon!

If you don’t know HARMONICS…, you don’t know anything!

Furthermore…, an advanced society will NEVER get to the level of “Celestial Mechanics” unless and until it understands what GRAVITY really is!

Here’s a clue…, THROW away anything done by Newton…, and ignore Albert “gayboy” Einstein

These men were buffoons!



This is all that “gravity” is!

Whether things go up or down, depends upon how “dense” they are, and nothing more!

This is why “dispersion” is one of the main things that should be taught to 12-16 year olds!

The ratio’s and mechanics of “dispersion” lead directly to so-called “gravitic reactions” because Gravity depends upon density + frequency.

Once Gravity is fully understood…, then Celestial Mechanics become possible.

Magnetics is directly related to gravity (density) through electricity and Harmonics!  Thus the ratios of “dispersion” become necessary to control gravitic reactions!

Can you see how it is all so very simple?   Can you see how it all beautifully builds in the most sublime and perfect way?


Why are these things “not” being taught in our schools?

Who has been sitting on all of this “knowlege” for 2000 or even 12,000 years??

Why does the VATICAN have an 18 mile long underground library with books from our Ancient Past it refuses to share with humanity??

Our world “could” be as ADVANCED as any other in the GALAXY…, in just one generation…, if the ILLUMINATI/SATAN worshipping CABAL could be gotten rid of!

Why are they STILL in power??

But tell me…, WHO is any postion of power cares about humanity or the Earth??

Think on these things!

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  1. berniieduggangmailcom

    Thank You Bradley for ALL that you are doing !!!

    Your Work is……………!!!!!!! ” FOOD FOR THE SOUL ” !!!!

    There will always be those that will continue to choose the Fast Food Fix !!!…………….

    Please know that “YOU ARE RESPECTED , HONOURED and LOVED MOST DEARLY for Your


  2. Linda Torgrimson

    Thank you, Bradley, for what you do. Please do not get discouraged. Have you considered starting a Facebook page? Facebook is evil, but you’re already being monitored, and this just might get you more readers. Regarding the flood that the commenter above refers to, I’m reading Graham Hancock’s “Magicians of the Gods”, and according to archeological evidence, a giant comet hit Earth in 11,800 BC, and then debris from this comet hit in 10,600 BC. Both times caused massive flooding and the demise of most earthly inhabitants. According to archeological prophetic messages left in places such as Gobekli Tepe, this comet is slated to come around again in our present time, between 1960 and 2040, to be precise. I highly recommend this book. Be sure to get the new updated and extended edition. It’s only $9.74 on Amazon. We are living in interesting times.

  3. diamaha

    I don’t have a scientific mind and do not need “proof” – I rely on intuition. You are doing a superb service for mankind and I honour you for it.

    Please do not get discouraged – you are sorely needed!

  4. If you know about problem solving, you’d already know what needs to be done. Also in previous posts you mentioned 1m viewers. First you’d have to take measures to make sure your blog is actually read, not simply posting on your blog from time to time, and ‘hope’, that viewers will come along. As a matter of fact, there is a high probability that so called ‘social media’, which are ‘owned’ by ‘private corporations’ are censoring specific content for specific users. With that in mind, there is a high probability your articles and content will never reach normal, everyday citizen who wants to find out information. However, someway, you were found in search engines or other people’s blogs, when was looking for good content regarding specific subjects, and because what you write has a high probability of real value, your blog is read by me. Only intelligent persons, wanting to know the whole picture, will find your content anyways. So, even if you post on social media, if you’re really that censored, you’ll likely be censored. Here’s a post on ZH, regarding how twitter retweets are somewhat censored:

    Now, if you really wanted all those viewers, all you had to do is go post, be active in the comment sections on multiple websites and draw attention to your articles. On one hand, posting away might give your information to multiple people, and on the other, you can have less to none views and continue to improve your knowledge and material.

    As for teachers and educational system, it has to be an educational system with similar/same nucleus of knowledge, but the knowledge itself has to be free of bias, (like pride and other sins, especially in the liberal education, which is actually useless), and only allow specializations for jobs to be generally short(equivalent of the masters degree of 2 years). This is the only way to ensure that some people’s education never diverges too much from the main view, and with that divergence, some views will be harder to integrate.
    The issue with the world system of education starts from university(at least it was from my view), in which people’s values are majorly diverged by having people educated 4-6 years in universities, with different degrees and different values. Some real economists become hedge fund managers and sometimes they rack billions of dollars per year(though they are few), forming themselves also an insatiable greed for their own views, robbing millions of people, both of their wealth and their own dreams. Thus university education is heavily biased, is heavily guilty of ‘partiality’ and in specific countries, at bachelors degree, for example, in economics, there is NO MENTION of what ‘hedge fund managers’ are, or what is a hedge fund manager.
    Apparently, they manage ASSets…

    As ridiculous as it is, normal people, if are to continue to exist and not be chipped and treated like slaves, need to actually understand economics, and managing finances.
    Jesus hated the greed that was cultivated by these money managers.
    But at the same time, in what he written at the time, he promoted the idea of having people very capable to manage their affairs.
    The issue is that people have been educated by the dirty MSM with all the greed, lust and gluttony available, making them completely unaware and incapable of understanding concepts like prudence, determination, temperance and justice.
    And those are needed, to not give in to bad spending habits.
    People are bad at spending their money, let alone spending their time……

    This is the issue. Educating them to be aware of their own selves, the resources available, the knowledge that can open doors to infinite possibilities.
    Or else, end up like at the time of Noah, when, apparently to some sources of information, he built an ark for himself and his family(a total of 8 persons it says), some animals, and all the rest of the people on this planet were flooded 5000 years ago(an estimate of 3500 BC).
    At that time, the lifespans of people have reported to be over 300+ years(at least Noah lived 350 years, at least that’s what is written in the Bible), and, as a result of that, the estimate population at 3500 BC was reported to be 9 Billion. The people did not believe Noah at the time, were full of lust and all other sins(same as today).
    If that is correct, 9bn people died, 5000 years ago. It was because of wars, strife, sins and greed. On a long enough timeline, the individuals have to be free of all the sins in order for society to evolve, without throwing their own destruction to other societies. What would happen if you’d have current lustful and sinful media, or ridiculous sharia law on few galaxies away, with advanced technology? The answer is simple, wars, discord that could make galactic wars. No one wants galactic wars. Star systems and planets of life destroyed because of some group of sinful individuals? A high probability that is not going to happen. So that means, there is a chance, current society can be in danger, if it doesn’t actually change it’s path from a sinful nature to a virtuous nature.
    No wonder Jesus wanted to save the people. Look what that gotten him. Crucified, and put on a cross, dead, to be worshiped like that for 2 millennia. And people are still sinful, but now we can have a higher impact of sharing information through the media(that currently, is stubborn with a wrong way of doing things). There is a high chance that 9bn people got flooded 5k years ago. And that was, because of their sins. Question is, will history repeat itself, or not?

  5. Jeff

    I hope you continue as well Bradley. I read your work previously but lost track when you took time off – just found you again recently. Your work is challenging to all of us because it makes us go deep inside ourselves – where a lot of people are scared to go. We are all teachers and students in this world and all of us are at different levels as we move onward. We have to help those who know less than us (teachers) while still learning more to move forward (students). We have to work together to make it happen. I’m trying to figure out who I am – where I am – what to do – how to help – and where I fit into everything.

    Thanks for what you do!

  6. Lee harrison

    If common sense was acceptable you would be in the white house and not Donald ### ing trump

  7. Bradley I feel your frustration but don’t give up. Today we had a beautiful day in the UK. The weather man on the TV said the skies will be cloudless and blue but if you looked at the sky it was being chemtrailed to f**k making it milky. Internally I was screaming doesn’t anyone look up and question what the hell is going on! If only for my sake keep informing us. You are the chink of light and truth in the darkness.

  8. jakifr

    Willing to keep on learning with you.

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