This video…, is a REPOST…, and is posted in a direct answer to a comment I got in my e-mail.  The question came after THIS post I made here:

The comment basically went like this:

Yes, yes…, it’s all well and good…, you point out all of the problems…, and then say…, WE are not doing anything!!

Yet, you’ve not given us any SOLUTIONS!  Nothing that we CAN DO!

So here (again) is a seven hour video…, now posted for about the 4th time on this blog (the first time being well over a year ago) called NEW AGE BULLSHIT.

It’s by Mark Passio…, and in this video…, Mark gives concrete SOLUTIONS and ACTIONS that everyone can take in their own life to be more vigilant…, and can BECOME part of the SOLUTION instead of being part of the problem.

Basically what I am saying here…, and what Mark is saying by posting this video…, is that the SOLUTION to our problems…, is to personally BECOME THE SOLUTION yourself by changing your fake and faulty belief system!

The NEW AGE is basically FAKE!   It is a MIND CONTROL TACTIC!

The solution to all of our problems is to wake up from the MIND CONTROL!

So, >>>>>HERE<<<<< is the video that will help you DO THAT!

(Here is what YOU can personally do).   Watch the full seven hour video and change your thinking about what is really real…, and what is FAKE!

The “meat and potatoes” start at 2 hours and 15 minutes (the first two hours are epic as well).

All my love….

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