By: Bradley Loves

A Russian “robot” named F.E.D.O.R.  (Which runs on A.I., or Artificial Intelligence) has been field tested, and has been proven to be “deadly accurate” when shooting pistols with both hands.

This humanoid looking robot can rapid fire with either hand and hit the target with great accuracy.

Taken from this link on Russia Today:

And so there you have it people!!

Robots are now able to carry guns and shoot with extreme accuracy!  What could possibly go wrong with this?

Remember no matter how much a “machine” can be “programmed” NOT to hurt people…, it can also be HACKED and REPROGAMMED TO hunt down and kill ALL PEOPLE!

Any intelligent program can be rewritten.

I want give a personal “thanks” to all the New Agers out there who have given the Illuminati/Dark Cabal the precious “time” they needed to bring their Robot Armies into completion.

How did the New Agers do this?

By constantly telling EVERYONE who can read that there was no such thing as bad…, and that ALL of the “bad people” were, or are, being” rounded up as we speak, so there is no need to taken any action on your own.

There is only one difference between me and others who write on the Internet.

That difference is that I REFUSE TO BE CONNED!

I will NOT LIE TO MYSELF…, nor will I accept OTHERS LIES into my life simply because they say things with a smile on their face and wear a nice suit.


  • Why does a “robot” need to carry a gun in the first place?
  • Who would the “robot” use the weapon on (if NOT a human being?)
  • Guns were made to KILL humans (not other robots).
  • There is no OTHER POTENTIAL TARGET in existence that using a GUN on makes sense…, unless that TARGET is a human being.
  • Even if the “video” CLAIMS that the robot is programmed not to kill humans…, USE YOUR HEAD!
  • If that is the case…, then WHY teach it to shoot, and use a gun in the first place?????
  • “Robots” don’t need to hunt for food…, and “animals or game” in the wild are the ONLY OTHER TARGETS IN THE WORLD that a “gun” can be used for that makes any sense.
  • So…, IF NOT HUNTING GAME OR ANIMALS…., THEN…, (use your head) the only OTHER targets out there that a hand gun is designed to kill…, is a human being.
  • So the Robot who carries a gun, and knows how to shoot it…, but says he won’t shoot human beings is like car that can “self drive”…, but won’t open it’s doors to carry human beings inside of it because it is not “designed” for that.

A robot that can carry a gun and is programmed to shoot that gun…, IS A KILLER OF HUMAN BEINGS!

The “gun” was and is only designed for ONE THING…, and that is to KILL living and breathing things!


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