By: Bradley Loves


I’ve said countless times…, in countless articles…, that it is my firm belief that the CABAL…, or the world Controllers are trying to create a DARK REALITY here on the Earth.

Well another way that could be said is:

Dark…, Satanic…, or simply Machine-like or “hived”…, take your pick…, they are all talking about the SAME THING!

This is where all of their planning…, and all of their machinations are leading them.

Let’s revisit what Shane said in his article on THE WAVE!

The Singularity: (Side Dark)

They want us to interface with technology. Maintain and enhance our current ways, manners and standards of living.

Machines doing our labor. Biotechnology healing all disease and illness and prolonging lives.

Cybernetic enhancement. Virtual Reality and ownership of Virtual Intelligences.

Nanotechnology rewriting DNA and the environment.

Man becoming machine.

On top (and partially behind) all of this is an Artificial Intelligence controlling it all.

I think you get the picture.


Although THIS may certainly be the goal of the AI…, it is NOT the goal of the CABAL.  Much of the CABAL are Luciferians as I said in other articles as I’ve written…, and, at a certain point in time…, the “goal” of the Luciferians will cease to be the goal of the AI…, and at that time…, AI…, will take out the Luciferians with total and extreme prejudice!

The AI wants a “hived” centralized “electronic mind”!     It does not care about demons or blood sacrifice.

As it is right at this moment however…, the goals of AI…, and the goals of the Satanists do fit in nicely (hand and glove) which is why the Luciferians are CHEM- TRAILING the entire planet with Nano-particles!  The Luciferians want TOTAL MIND CONTROL…, to control the masses…, which they are terrified of!

AI also wants TOTAL MIND CONTROL, but wants to hive the entire human race into a Borg -like machine!

Because the NANO – TECH is already up and running all over the world!  The totality of humanity is ALREADY INFECTED!

I’ve said this before…, many times now.  Humanity does not even know the depth at which their thinking, thought processes, likes and dislikes…, and understanding are ALREADY being manipulated and steered.

You see…, it is perfectly possible to be “infected” and have your MIND steered…, without knowing or being aware that is the case.

Only a “very” powerful and diligent SOUL…, one who USES their mind constantly…, as in puzzle solving….would KNOW that something was trying to control and steer their thinking processes.

(Sorry New Agers…, Faith and Belief does not count…., because that is not USING YOUR MIND…, in a way that you would readily know it had been hacked…, faith and belief is simply taking what someone else says…, and then trusting it.  NO THINKING NECESSARY)

This is exactly what the Nanites or Nano-tech is doing to human beings as we speak!  The results can be seen everywhere…, and are coming on-line day by day in the “unveiling” of the NEW WORLD ORDER PLANS.

What are some of the primary goals of CONTROL…, and therefore MIND CONTROL???

  • The destruction of male/female traditional roles
  • The destruction of gender identity
  • The destruction of good/evil idealism
  • The destruction of CARING
  • The destruction of borders and national identities
  • The destruction of knowledge and eduction

What are the primary goals that the NWO and the AI trying to PROMOTE??

  • No gender (there is no male or female)
  • No such thing as EVIL (is all okay and all good)
  • No such thing as GOD (Satan however is a good thing)
  • No borders between countries…, it’s all one big country
  • No real education (you only NEED to know what you are told to perform your function for the WHOLE)
  • Only one currency…, (controlled by the NWO)
  • Only one government (controlled by the NWO)
  • Only one Police (controlled by the NWO…, and soon robots)
  • Only one Military (controlled by the NWO…, and soon androids, clones and super soldiers…Robotics)
  • Tech implants into your brain and your body to “enhance”… but also to “correct” abhorrent behavior and thoughts.
  • The move toward total SEXUAL openness and expression…, which includes adult/child sex as a normal part of society.
  • The removal of Christian values, norms and modesty…, and a return to the ROMAN types of clothing, where most men and women wore “very little”, and children ran around in the nude!

If you think I’m kidding…, then I’m not the crazy one…, you are…, because the HIVING of our minds has already begun…, and normal people don’t even KNOW how much they’ve changed their thinking over the last few decades.

Here are some of the latest “FASHIONS” for men coming out of London!

Take a good hard LOOK at it!







Not only do these Images show us the direction that our species IS ALREADY GOING…, there is a very BORG LIKE FEEL to what is being presented on the Fashion stage.


Man is woman…, and woman is man!  No difference…, it’s all the same HIVED BEING.

Next we have an article about a “transgender woman (used to be a man), and a transgender man (used to be a woman) having a child in Ecuador.  The press is playing this up, seeing how well it sells!

See Here

Also you can look in this article as well:

See Here

Here’s a picture of the two of them:


And for your information…, the one that LOOKS like a man…, was the one who got pregnant and had the baby!

And then we have this:

Little kids doing sex and strip dances on Youtube in their undies…, (with their mothers encouraging them)


You see…, what we are getting is a totally HIVED MENTALITY in the human mind set that will soon accept and fully allow the BORG LIKE programming of the A.I. Nano Tech!

(A Nano Tech that we are ALL now infected with…..)

It has already started…, and the ONE THING…, that is totally and fully in support of this NEW WORLD ORDER take over is:


It is the Satanic Version of:  “Turn the other cheek”

Only this basically says:  “Look the other way…, and IGNORE EVERYTHING”


There are hundreds of other examples I can give…, but the article would get too long!

More will be coming.

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