By: Bradley Loves


Let’s just get clear about this once and for all!    NOTHING that you see happening on the Earth is simply an accident, or happenstance, or just coincidence.

You must understand this!! (Double exclamation points)

There is constant “interferance” coming from the higher unseen levels.

This “interferance” is coming from BOTH SIDES…, the light and the dark.


Now…, normally…, when the dark has the upper hand…, they make it look like these wars that we see on Earth are justified and they appear to happen in a very “organized” and “necessary” way.

When the light side (the GOOD SIDE) starts to press the dark and gain ground…, the WAR spills out into the streets everywhere…, the gloves come off…, and it becomes a FREE FOR ALL OUT IN THE OPEN.

What have we been seeing in the last few decades??

I really do get tired of the endless (useless) lies of channelers who claim to be so spiritual…, but refuse to hand out honest information to the masses.

Instead of being honest…, and telling you that there is a WAR going on in the unseen realms…, and that this WAR for the Earth is “extremely nasty” and an ALL OUT BATTLE on levels you can’t imagine…

You hear things from Channelers like…,

  • There is no such thing as “bad”
  • Evil does not exist
  • There are no bad ET’s
  • Anything bad that does happen here on Earth is something that YOU WANTED
  • Do not be concerned when you see countless millions of people suffering as a result of the WARS that are a result of the battle over Earth.
  • Do not “JUDGE” anything, anywhere…, because IF you do…, YOU WILL NEVER ASCEND…
  • SURRENDER…, all that you are…, and all that you think…, to “higher beings”… (Who will “take care” of you)
  • Stay calm, stay cool, and most of all…, stay out of the way and be a good herd of cattle, while those above you FIGHT over who gets to own the herd!


(I added that last one…, since you would never hear a channler actually tell you that…, but THAT is closer to the Truth than any of the others…)

You see…, what the beings who claim the Earth do not want (on both sides) is that HUMANITY actually engage in the battle themselves!

They do NOT WANT human beings to determine their own destiny and guide their own future!

Every faction in the Battle has an agenda (even the good ones).

There is benefit to them on some level otherwise they woulde NOT BE HERE and not be fighting in the WAR.

If humanity itself were to engage in the WAR against ALL INTRUDERS, and kick out ALL ET’S, and then claim the planet as our own…, then WE WOULD BE THE “KINGS” OF OUR OWN CASTLE.

We would call all the shots here on Earth, and be the masters of own own destiny!

This is why even “channeled entities” will NOT TELL THE TRUTH!


They have a certain agenda concerning human beings…, and they are willing to USE US…, to help them in their battle with the dark…, but they REFUSE to give us the information that we need to FREE OURSELVES TOTALLY.

This is why…, even so called “light workers” have no idea of the size of the SPIRITUAL BATTLE AND WAR taking place over our heads.

I know…, I’m currently the only blogger saying this.

And you might rightly ask…, WHY is no one else telling us this stuff…, how can you be the ONLY ONE who is willing to tell us this stuff?

All I can say is to please look at the name of this BLOG.


This title means to love the truth, and to TELL THAT TRUTH at all costs…, no matter where it leads…, and what it takes.

I have met only a few human beings who are willing to “tell the truth” if it will “cost” them something (even their lives).

Phil Schneider was one such human being.

Unlike Phil Schneider, few however are willing to actually PAY A COST…, or “take a hit” for the sake of HUMANITY.

There are many more men and women…, who know exactly what I know…, but even though they are in direct possession of knowlege that humanity needs to know.., they have a nice home…, and a nice car…, and a family…, and they do not want to lose those things.

So rather than you tell the TRUTH…, they say nothing.


Here is the unfortunate attitude of 99.9 percent of the people who stumble upon the TRUTH…



So…, now you see what we are up against.


This is happening on a planetary scale, and until this changes…, the ON GOING WAR over our heads will continue to be a “secret war”…, that the masses of people on the planet “KNOW NOTHING” about.

More will be coming……








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