By: Bradley Loves


There are two things we have to remember here!  First is the fact that no matter what you think of Trump…, Hillary is/was a CRIMINAL!  She practiced witchcraft AND is claimed to have a “body count” behind her that is between 70 and 90 people.

Her campaign director John Podesta is almost certainly a pedophile…, and is probably connected to Global Child Traffiking for sex.

So…, that being said…, what happens if Trump goes Illuminait on us??

Then reading and learning everything that Mark Passio talks about in his De-mystifying the Occult…, and in his New Age Bullshit (both of which I’ve recently posted) becomes ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT.

We can not fight this “IF” we do not understand who these people are.

If you are of the “opinion” that all you have to do is “wait” to be saved…, (which is what a 5 year old would do)…, then by all means…, be a tiny child…, but don’t be surprised if NO savior ever comes, and you end up sorting this out on your own.

I have “listened” to many videos done over the last month or two telling us that the GALACTICS…, PRIME CREATOR…., and JESUS are all waiting in the wings while arrests are being made and underground bases destroyed…, and yet…, NOT AN INCH of proof has been provided.

Since this is what keeps happening (especially with the RV) and those who constantly talk about it…, it is my guess that all of these videos/updates are HUGE CONS and STALLING TACTICS which are designed to get anyone who might take action to BE STILL AND WAIT!

This is the DO NOTHING ploy that a MIND CONTROL expert would use on someone he wants to keep out of the battle and out of action!

Needless to say…, I am very skeptical!!

This is not to say that I don’t listen to people like Kent Dunn and/or others…, but I’m VERY CAUTIOUS when actually “believing” anything they say.

I need PROOF!

“BELIEF” is a “Religious” tool…, that was given to mankind by our ENSLAVERS…, to keep us docile and quiet.

If we are simply called on to just “BELIEVE” .., then I usually RUN the other way…, because that is such an obvious old religious ploy!

You can consider any and all points of view in my opinion…, but you MUST VERIFY!

PROVE IT…, or stop saying it!!

For the next few months WE THE PEOPLE will have to stay very vigilant as Donald Trump takes office.  If he fails to keep ANY of his promises or starts to lean SATANIC in any way…., we will need to CALL HIM ON IT RIGHT AWAY!

All my love…

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    • I am approving this comment with the stipulation that I do not necessarily trust all of the information at the link. There are a lot of people who have it in for Trump…, and he has done some good things in his life. If you use the link…, keep an open mind as to the idea there is a huge agenda going on here.
      Remember that the GLOBALISTS wanted HILLARY AT ALL COSTS…, and even cheated, bribed and lied to get her in INSTEAD OF DONALD TRUMP!
      I am not so easily fooled by a video and some claims unless there is LOTS of PROOF.
      Will that being said…, I have okay’d this comment.

      • Anyone who understands the system at all, knows that the entire thing is rigged. I’m really surprised when even truthers fall for Trump, as there is an overabundance of information proving that he is nwo. What you call the globalists are simply one faction. The Trump faction is another and he is just the one who happened to be selected (not elected, as elections are a ruse).

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