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What started originally as a conceptual disclosure on apparitional Beings of Light Energy, Transhumanism and AI developments, eventually invited a parallel debate on the mind destroying projects via Black Ops Budgets which poor Yohannes Riyadi and others have been historically funding via Grey Screen Bank Trading Programs, for this grubby – Deep State / Vatican Cabal.

So close, yet so Gross!  Money scalped which SHOULD have gone to the nations! To house, educate and help people! Stolen by the Zionists and Cabal.

WHO has stolen the future of Humanity with impunity?   Who is funding these circa 1,000 US bases, and Rendition Centers, with whose money? The world needs to take a good look at this ugly Cabal and ask, in whose name? Who also gave these rapacious Fed and Banking Zionists such over whelming power?

Where should Real Leaders focus their time and energy?  Will any of them focus on enhancing humanity? Not the way it’s going!

Nations are economically crippled, and beholden to the cynical duplicity of ruthless Zionist Banking, the War Monger Military and Agencies, Big Pharma and the Gulf of Mexico Petrochemical type mass polluters. Not least America.

As we have seen, the FRB-NY operation has been allowed to run up Grey Screen Trading and Derivatives gambling exceeding $50,000 Trillion on the Riyadi account alone, while always publicly denying him his share of his lawful Profits, and even denying truth of its existence.

Yet clear checks via Bank of Indonesia, and internal Treasury / Fed references expose their lies. As they have also done with a vast array of other Elders and Trusting Nations accounts. Everyone has been a victim of the cynical Bait and Switch US Treasury / FRB-NY scam shuffle. Always, they deny, and always they LIE!

On one hand, as with all Elder’s accounts, they deny their very existence until Obama / Con Man Soetoro needed $15T to cover up a Treasury / Fed black hole.

Then suddenly a completely fraudulent series of SWIFTs appeared cross referencing such AU volumes as simply did not exist, to carry out a bogus FRAUD asset scam to justify raising $15T over several SWIFTs which would be used to protect the illusion of a solvent US, by Money Laundering, Conspiracy to commit Fraud and Wire Fraud to patch over an insolvent Fed.

We then saw the Pureheart Chairman disappear, (a Chairman using the false name of a dead boy – and also Marlon McCall who acted as Company Secretary for Pureheart, which was the company who carried out this vast fraud) his passport visa denied renewal by Clinton and clearly still flagged, and a series of Bank Chairmen were involved, who then suddenly could afford very early retirement.


The kickbacks on $15T can do that. The paper trail is undeniable, but as with the Herzog Fraud, all investigations denied. Despite Herzog threatening to turn the lot of them in if arrested and extradited to the US. Ackermann was pushed out of Deutsch Bank, and the excreta tracks were visible. But no one moved. Justice? Why is Herzog not on trial in America?

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White Hats Report#63 – #ARRESTtheFED






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