We’ve been dreaming that the world around us was “normal” when it was anything but that.  We’ve been dreaming that how we’ve been doing things in our world was the way that all beings from everywhere else were doing it, when that was far from the truth!

We’ve all been conned into believing that what we were being taught inside of our schools was honest and truthful, when it was simply fake and mostly LIES.

As a result of this collective waking dream we’ve been having (or SPELL that we were under) we all acted, behaved, and lived in ways that were extremely harmful and damaging to ourselves, our families, our countries, and even our world!

This has not been a good dream at all, but instead it has been a nightmare that has caused all of us tremendous anxiety, stress, and the loss of knowing who we really were.

The “DREAM” we’ve been having was given to us.  It was a con game and a lie right from the very beginning and has only gotten worse as time went on.  This concerned God deeply and he knew that something had to be done.



God has a plan to WAKE US ALL UP – it is called:  


This “plan” centered around sending millions of volunteer souls to the Earth at this time in history, most of whom had all of the information they would need already inside of them!  In other words, they would NOT need to learn any of this stuff in school, or need to hear it from anyone else to know it.

This way, no matter how much the Luciferians/Satanists hid or embargoed honest and  truthful information, WE THE PEOPLE would still be able to have souls here on Earth with us who KNEW what was being hidden and be able to speak about it.

And in fact, God did one better and sent souls to Earth who had FAR MORE KNOWLEDGE than they were hiding, because HE did not give permission to these Luciferians to LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING! 

Instead He told them they had to tell us plainly (in simple words) what they wanted to do to us, and if we did not object and take action, only then could they proceed.

Knowing that they would never win this way, they chose to HIDE everything they were supposedly telling us in SYMBOLS and defined “symbology” as an actual language! 

This way, flashing a “hand sign” could be called “communication” – and they could then claim in front of Gods Throne that it was not their fault if we did not speak their language!

This is another reason why it is the Democrats/Satanists most especially that are pushing very hard to have someone doing SIGN LANGUAGE at every single government speech (even if the one doing the hand signs is not even doing real sign language – as has been discovered).

That does not matter – the hidden point that they are trying to get across to the viewer is that using hand symbols is a language!

You see, by hiding everything, and lying about everything, they were effectively trying to remove all possibility of “choice” and all possibility of “freewill” from humanity. 

In other words, they were trying to win the game by doing a massive CHEAT – and God caught them in the act and as a result STARTED THE GREAT AWAKENING!

Unwilling to admit defeat, or admit that they had been caught cheating, the Satanists/Luciferians decided to create their own version of THE GREAT AWAKENING!

Unable to think creatively (because they are more machine than they are human) these Luciferians can only “mimic” what God does and thus can only offer humanity a “fake version” of God’s Original Plan.

Their satanic version of God’s Plan is called:   WOKE


Woke is the dark and satanic version of being “awake”.  In other words you are only “woke” if you believe every lie, every deception, every narrative, and every agenda that they FEED TO YOU!

And by doubling down on all of their lies (which effectively keeps you locked inside of the dream and still under the spell) and by getting you to buy into all of it, then somehow (according to their new definition of being awake) you are “woke”.

In other words, their “version” of waking up is going even deeper into the dream and staying fast asleep and staying under the spell.

We’ve seen this kind of thing happen before, and it is happening more and more because they are getting desperate! Up has become down and down has become up!  You are “awake” by being MORE ASLEEP!

When the Satanists don’t like a particular definition of a word (because that definition does not serve them)  – THEN THEY CHANGE THE DEFINITION OF THE WORD TO SUIT THEM!

They did this just before they started handing out the mRNA jab, by changing the actual definition of the word:  VACCINE!

According to the old definition of vaccine – the mRNA Gene Therapy that they had come up with and wanted to give to all of humanity for Covid 19 – could not actually be called a vaccine because it did not fit the definition!  That is until they rewrote the entire definition of the word VACCINE so that it included:  “Genetic Modification and Genetic Therapy” as part of the definition.

As we speak they are rewriting and redefining all of our words so that common words will now INCLUDE the meanings that they want us to think of as real and truthful.  In other words they are doubling down on more cons, and more lies.  And because we are finding them out – they have to actually CHANGE DEFINITIONS to hide what they are doing.

But, as I have said over and over again (here on Love Truth Site) “words” themselves can also be MAGIC SPELLS.


The Bible warned us this would happen and that in the last days GOOD would be called EVIL – and EVIL would be called GOOD.




They would not be going “ALL IN” and blatantly changing the definition of words right in front of us IF their plans for taking over the world were “on track”.

They are grasping at straws and engaging in acts of desperation because the GREAT AWAKENING (Gods Plan) is moving forward and more and more people really are in fact “Waking Up”.

Only the most gullible, and only the most brainwashed among us (and we should pity them) are latching onto the WOKE AGENDA.  Most of these people are extreme Liberals and Socialists who have already gone in hook, line, and sinker for things like:

  • Feminism
  • Abortion Rights
  • Gay and Lesbian Agenda
  • Trans-Gender
  • Trans-Human
  • LGBTQP+++++++++ (which now includes Pedophiles and Bestiality)
  • Witchcraft and Black Magic
  • Satanism as a Religion
  • Proper use of “pronouns”
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Sex Ed as young as five years old
  • Drag Queen Story Time
  • Etc….

These people are the ones who CLAIM TO BE WOKE!  

And they are only making such an absurd claim because the liberal/socialist/satanic schools, teachers, colleges and universities are actually TEACHING THEM THIS.

They are in fact teaching school kids that LIES are the TRUTH and that TRUTH is a LIE!

So all of the young people are coming out of their schools honestly believing that they are somehow fully educated and are now very awake (WOKE).

But are they awake?  Or, have they simply doubled down on the dream, the nightmare, the illusion, and the magic spell that they are being put under?



We are in a real time battle.  Truth is on the line, and so is the very nature and fabric of our Reality!  What happens next is up to us!  We are the ones who are being targeted!  We are the ones who are being challenged, we are the ones being lied to, and so WE are the ones that must take REAL ACTION!

If WE do nothing, then doing nothing is seen as fully accepting what they want to do to us, because doing nothing is a CHOICE!


All my love


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