This is what the Deep State, the White Hats, and oh so many people who come to Love Truth Site have failed to see.

They see what I write, but do not believe that it comes from a Source much higher than me.

What I have written here is being VINDICATED IN REAL TIME because it did not come from me in the first place.  I was always merely the messenger.  As we speak, many of the things I wrote about here on Love Truth Site are now being SHOWN and PROVEN to be real, vital, and valid.

You could have learned so much if you had only thought that what was being written here was meant for the seeker of REAL TRUTH inside of you.

I invite you to start reading here on Love Truth Site with new eyes of belief and to cast off your blindness as to just where these messages are coming from!  Help is available if you would but ask.

How can I possibly know all of the many things I write about and how does it appear as if I can predict the future?

Maybe I was never the Author in the first place!  Maybe I was always just the messenger!

All my love


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All – TEN PARTSwill be posted here and on Rumble for everyone to see and listen to!  The TRUTH will set you free!


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