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For those of you who may not have yet read the two very long posts that I put out a few days ago.   STOP right here!

This post is a continuation, and a deeper look at that information.  I highly recommend going back and reading VERY CAREFULLY what was placed there.

See these:

I’m sorry that the posts are getting much longer but there is a tremendous amount of information out there, and ALL of this is necessary to connect the dots.

Bit by bit.

I also HIGHLY recommend that you read THE TERRA PAPERS part one and two…, because I really don’t see a way around including that information simply for background in our discussions.

This post is called:


It is NOT called:  This is what I “believe”.

That is for a very good reason.  This is about what I can logically PROVE!

Additionally…, you’ll be very AMAZED when I start adding commentary here FROM MY OWN LIFE that backs up what was placed into the last many posts.

You may be surprised that many of the things that were talked about…, I had already been told, in person and face to face, by people connected to the Projects.

So rather than having me just posting this information on my blog and saying…,

Oh this is so nice…, I “think” it sounds good, just because someone SAID IT…, so why don’t you all just BELIEVE what this guy is saying…, it sounds reasonable…


What I am telling you is that I have gotten alot of this verified to me in my OWN experience while living my life.

Therefore…, this is not what I “THINK” is happening.   This is what I KNOW is happening.

So you can see the difference here can’t you.

This is not about what I “BELIEVE”…, because belief has nothing to do with this information.

There are things happening here that can be PROVEN to be fact.

And other things we are being “TOLD” that can be PROVEN to be LIES.

Some New Ager’s will always tell us…,



….As if their “truth” can somehow magically be different than other peoples “truth”.  (Get over yourself New Ager’s)

Mark Passio says…, the Truth is the Truth…, PERIOD.

And I will add one more thought to that:




After all that was said a few days ago in these large posts, and it was a lot there…, this may be the most surprising thing that I will say today.


Now please let that sink in.

After all of the deeply informational stories that I’ve read and posted…, including watching hundreds of hours of videos from MARK PASSIO…, and his going through his “Astro-Theology” teachings as well as Jordan Maxwell’s “Astro-Theology” teachings about the “SUN”…, I still KNOW that Jesus is a real charater in our story!

And…, NOT because the Bible says he is real.

And certainly not because Steve Quayle says that he is real…, (although if he reads my blog at all, he would probably be very surprised to hear me saying this.)

JESUS exists because from a deep perspective, only a very PURE force of LOVE can “balance” the equation of what is happening inside of this reality stream.

If the Universe is based wholly upon Mathematics, and it IS…, then every single equation must balance out…, so if JESUS did not exist…, the entire Universe would have been destroyed A VERY LONG TIME AGO!

It is really that simple.

Mathematically HE is very necessary and HE HAS TO BE THERE!

He is the factor in the Equation that keeps the whole thing from being unequal.

So let’s get beyond either “believing” in Jesus or “not believing” in Jesus and get to the part of WHY he is there in the first place!




It has, in effect, spun totally out of control!

And without an undefeatable “balancing force” the Universe would in fact see it’s total destruction at the hands of the Black/Dark Forces.

Notice how I said an UNDEFEATABLE balancing force?

You see, Prime Creator/GOD is not stupid like the Illuminati/Cabal think he is.

He can see what will happen in every case.

In order to preserve all of CREATION, an undefeatable force had to be created to keep the DARK FORCES in check and at Bay.


It is (as Steve Quayle says) an epic battle between GOOD and EVIL or between LIGHT and DARK.

It is between FALLEN ANGELS…, which includes a very dark and Ancient form of Artificial Intelligence.., (created by the Dark) and PRIME CREATOR himself.

It is a “WINNER TAKE ALL” battle where the “prize” is the entire Universe itself.

Even the men and women who work deep inside the SECRET PROGRAMS are starting to see that this really is about LUCIFER/SATANISTS…, and a rebellion against GOD.

The “stories” or rather “LIES” and “CONS” that are told to countless men and women all over the world are very carefully constructed to get them to “willingly” come over and help the DARK SIDE.


I’ve written about this as well.

Every single one of us WILL (not might) be TESTED.

Every single one of us will have to face the LIES and the CONS of the dark side…, when offered…, and have to MAKE A CHOICE.

  • Will I take money or dollars in exchange for HURTING other human beings??
  • Will I sign a Non-Disclosure agreement, and then SAY NOTHING when I find out that countless horrible things are being done under ground to innocent living human beings?
  • Will I “believe” every cover story that I am given to ease my conscience, and then “JUSTIFY” the work that I do that hurts and kills countless human beings??
  • Will I sell my SOUL for money??
  • Will I seel my SOUL for fame??
  • Will I agree to “join” up with the Dark Side because they appear more powerful…, and it’s easier??
  • Will I turn my head and ignore the suffering of countless millions while JUSTIFYING that behavior because some channled entity told me it’s all OKAY…, so dont’ WORRY??


Which side are YOU on??

That is the question!

The great DIVISION is the only thing going on here!

You are either for PRIME CREATOR and GOOD…, or you are on the side of EVIL…, and don’t care.

If you are on the side of GOOD…, then you CARE ABOUT EVERYTHING!!

Every single harm and offense against living human beings offends you, as it OFFENDS GOD.

You do NOT take money to work in Secret Underground Bases like DULCE and countless others.

My problem has always been with the countless men and women in this world (not hundreds but MILLIONS) who have signed Non-Disclosure agreements and AS WE SPEAK are working with Aliens against MANKIND.  (For Dollars).

They have left their senses.

They care MORE about a damn paycheck…, than another human life!

This puts them squarely on the DARK SIDE!

They will be destroyed by PRIME CREATOR, no matter how “nice” they seem to be.

You can NOT aid and abet the damage being done to human beings (SOULS) and escape PUNISHMENT.

It is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE.

Sorry New Ager’s…, 2 plus 2 does NOT equal 7 !!

2 + 2 = 4  Period!!

If your ACTS or ACTIONS…, or even your NON ACTS…, or NON ACTIONS (as in doing NOTHING or ignoring it all) contributed to the destruction of man kind…, PRIME CREATOR will take ACTION as well.


When the “crop circles” show us that a cell is splitting and “one” is becoming “two”…,

That is showing us that the DIVISION between the LIGHT and the DARK is taking place.

Those who are going higher are on one side…, those who are going lower are on the other.

The “problem” here is that the DARK wants EVERYONE going lower.

So since they “control” the Church, the Media, the Schools, and everything else…

They created the NEW AGE (long ago) as a TRAP!

They wanted to make certain that anyone who stopped going to CHURCH would still fail the TEST and fall into the TRAP.


It has been documented.

And anyone who follows the NEW AGE as a Religion…, is now caught in a secondary TRAP that will take them lower!

No matter how many promises they get of going “higher”.

DOING NOTHING is the faster way to go lower!

We were all put here to face the TEST before the final separation between the Wheat and the Chaff.

Not one of us gets out of facing it.

You will either TAKE DOLLARS and look the other way while allowing horrible, horrible things to be done, and even help those efforts by working in Secret Bases, and in Secret Programs…,

Or, you will refuse with every fibre of your being…, and STAND FIRM AGAINST EVIL.


This means telling what you KNOW!

This means trying to make up for what you’ve done against humanity, when you didn’t know who was really behind all of this.


All my love…, more coming…


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