By: Bradley Loves


Even though I have been writing for the last five years almost daily, and have covered many subjects, there is one idea or theory I have not discussed with my readers because I just can’t prove it.

Over time my suspicions have grown stronger and stronger, and while I am still looking for the “smoking gun” that will tie my theory to some real world evidence, there is enough circumstantial evidence out there where I can finally at least tell you the theory!


Human beings (worldwide) are being experimented on and being “subjected” to personality overlays that are wholly faux or false as a result of technology and chemistry!

I’ve waited to write about this because I know just how controversial this single theory will be once I’ve voiced it, but I do believe that it makes sense and is highly logical from the standpoint of the Luciferian Cabal.

Through a mixture of broadcast technology (frequency waves) and the introduction of chemicals (chem trails) I believe that massive amounts of human beings are being subjected to what I am going to call personality overlays!

These overlays are a form of MIND CONTROL…, but are extremely intense and have to do with a persons sexual nature.

I see two very significant changes in human personality that have taken place over the last few decades that if one had the proper statistics I think could be proven!

One:  The intense “desire” to change gender!

Two: The overwhelming “urge” to have sex with children!

It is these two issues I am going to be talking about.

I am NOT including in my “theory” the desire or the predisposition toward being “gay” or “lesbian”…, only because it is quite provable that these dispositions have been around (in significant number) for thousands of years.

Now…, you’ll have to follow me quite closely on this topic people, because I have looked at it very carefully.  And, while I do admit (after careful study) that there have always been a tiny few (very small amount) of people who wanted to cross dress or change genders – as well as deviant people who wanted to have sex with children…, the numbers were NOTHING compared with where they are and what we are seeing in society today!

There has been a virtual explosion if you will, of both men and women (and now children) who are suddenly “desperate” to change genders, cross dress, and become a “tranny” and a simulataneous and parallel explosion of grown men and women who are having very strong urges to engage in sex with little kids (as well as little kids becoming sexual at a very early age).

The numbers just don’t add up!   It is like it has come out of the blue and on the scene all of a sudden…, and nature just does not work that way!  At least not without serious manipulation and intervention!


The Luciferian Cabal is going on… that’s what is going on!

They are actively attempting to CHANGE or MORPH humanity into someting far different than what it was…, something more to their liking!

These Luciferians are “in-bred” psychopaths who because of their own strange religion and ritualistic practices have become quite deviant in their behaviors and desires.

They “stand out” like sore thumbs in society and will NEVER be accepted in our wider society, because their personalities have been so desperately distorted from a very young age!

However…, their “treaties” with the undergound reptilian race (grays) have changed things.  For proof of what I am talking about here, we have to go back to Dulce, New Mexico…, as well as two other underground facilities in Canada and Austrailia!

It is in these jointly operated facilities where human beings have been genetically experimented on since the 1970’s for the sole purpose of changing them into something they were not intended to be.

In exchange for human “test subjects” the reptiles were more than willing to do a few side experiments at the behest of the Luciferian Cabal.

Now…, I do think these reptiles had their own reasons for all of the genetic experiments they were already doing which included cloning, and other such things…, but changing human society sexually was purely a human/Luciferian Cabal project…, not a reptillian one (in my opinion).

I will get into the reasons for this in a minute, but I think that I can pinpoint with quite a bit of accuracy exactly when this project started!

Even though the experimentation was taking place throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s…, it was when George Bush Sr. became President of the United States in Janaury of 1989 that this “project” went from the lab into a massive country wide deployment!

First here in America and Canada…, and then soon afterward in Australia!  Some time later it was spread worldwide!

It is also at about this time that the world wide CHEM TRAIL PROJECTS started and shortly there after when the internet came “on-line” and the vast sales and distribution of “PC’s” or personal computers.

Although many in the military will claim that Chem Trails are a “cocktail” that was being deployed for military purposes…, it never hurts to remember that standing behind the military and controlling them like puppets are the SECRET SOCIETIES, and hiding behind the secrect societies are the Luciferian Cabal.

It is not necessary that the entire “military” even knew the full extent of what these “cocktails” were meant to achieve!

So even though the Chem Trail Projects could indeed have been justified for a dozen military reasons…, there is nothing standing in the way of puting two or three additives into the cocktail that will achieve another goal!

I mean…, as long as the planes are flying overhead already…, and they are dispursing the chemicals…, one might as well put everything they can think of into the mix in order to kill 33 birds with one stone!

It is the “mix” of certain chemicals…, along with the deployment of broadcast waves across certain spectrums which have caused and created this huge shift in desires within “certain” men, women, and children.


Why do this?

Because as I’ve said…, the men and women of the Luciferian order are psychopathically distrubed!  Their religion and their sexual practices cause them to stand out everywhere they go!   It is as simple as not wanting to be the “only ones” in a crowded room who are acting in wholly deviant ways!

Misery loves company!

And so…, they concieved of a way in which they change or morph human society such that there would soon be many, many human beings cross dressing, changing their genders, and becoming “trannys”

This would give them cover as the Luciferian Elite mixed more and more with the common man.

In addition to this…, the Luciferian Elite did not want to be the only adults in a crowded room making “gaga eyes” over cute little kids and talking about their desire to take them to bed for some much needed sex!

You have to remember that Satanists and Luciferians consider sex with children to be a SACREMENT TO SATAN, and as a result they do it often.  But this type of deviant behavior…, once practiced for long periods of time becomes a more or less “ingrained” personality trait!

Like a new groove being cut into a record…, it can become quite permanent and thus these Luciferians and Satanists actually began to need and desire sex with little kids and it is no longer about their religion or pleasing Satan.

It becomes a personality trait!

This makes them stand out like sore thumbs as I’ve said…, and they don’t like to be so exposed!   Thus.., their quite horrific (if not logical) plan to simply change or morph society at large so that everyone (or at least a very big portion) of humanity is having the same desires as they are.

Rampantly growing numbers of men and women worldwide are being chemically and technologyically morphed with personality overlays that are subversively causing them to “yearn for” and to “desire” sex with little kids!

Through the “mix” of chem trails and broadcast frequencies…, their minds and personalities are becoming “entrained” (almost like hypnosis) with certain suggestive frequencies that the human ear can not hear…, but is still being broadcast none the less.

With the introduction of chemicals (that they have to breath in…, because it is already in the air) their minds are subtly changing and what were once mere “thoughts” eventually become very strong desires and urges!

So this is my theory…, (which I can find tons of circumstantial evidence for) but can’t actually PROVE!

The TRANS-GENDER MOVEMENT is being wholly ficticiously created merely so that THEY can feel more comfortable in society becuase this is a type of deviancy they practice for their own sick religious and pagan purposes!

The countless men, women and children who are being affected are victims!   They have been INFECTED with a personality over-lay through the used of chemicals and broadcast waves and are having urges and desires their own natural personality (if it had been left alone) would never want and would never have chosen!

The exact same can be said for the seemingly countless men and women (the numbers are seriously growning exponentially now) who are having desperate urges to engage in sex with little kids!

They also have been infected with personality overlays through the use of chemicals and broadcast waves and thus their “urges” to have sex with little kids is not their own natural personality…, but an OVER-LAY that is unnatural to the personality they were born with.

Once again…, this is a joint experiement and a joint deployment of both human and reptillian origins!

While I don’t think that the reptiles are the ones who thought up this idea to change or morph all of humanity in this way…, I do think that the SATANISTS or the LUCIFERIANS could never have accomplished this goal on their own!  They needed the help of the reptiles for this little side agenda of theirs…, and in exchange for continued use of underground bases and human test subjects…, the reptiles agreed to help!

We are now (in 2019) seeing the results of the deployment which started (as close as I can pinpoint) in 1989!

Ronald Regan would never have allowed for it…, but the moment George Bush Sr. took the office of the President…, all bets were off!

We are now (roughly) 30 years into the deployment of what can only be termed as a MASSIVE WEAPON!

It is a weapon that was designed to change or morph humanity over time so that the Satanists and the Luciferians could simply feel more comfortable with their own highly deviant personalities and practices!

It was designed so that hopefully there would come a time when their urges and desires for sexual deviancy and strange sexual practices would go “unnoticed” because EVERYONE would be doing it!

In this way…, (remember…, nothing gets done for just one reason only) they could get FAR MORE OF THEIR OWN placed into very high level positions!

They could get far more Satanists into the positions of Judges, Government Officials, Police, University Professors, Teachers, Intel Agents…, and even into the Office of the Presidency…, “IF” these traits or personality flaws were suddenly seen as “NORMAL”.

How in the world do you think Barack Obama was able to get “into” the seat of the American Presidency??

As GAY as he is…, (and some say he also engaged in sex with young boys) and with the now open fact that “Michelle” is actually Micheal (a transgender) who is his mate??  How could he stay in the Presidency if so many people knew about it…, but decided to stay silent??

This could only happen…, and would only be tolerated…, if a huge number of men and women simply had (mistakenly and erroneously) started to see this behavior as “normal” or “natural” when it was anything but!  Thus they decided not to make an “issue” of it.

However…, it is my opinion that this is NOT NORMAL AT ALL!

It is (my opinion) that personality overlays are being chemically and technologically INDUCED in good people and that their so called deepest desires are nothing more than faux or phantom over lays.

They are feeling the effects of the massive deployment of a WEAPON that came about as a result of what took place in Dulce, NM and started almost 50 years ago!

For more research into my thinking…, I highly suggest reading this ENITRE SERIES called:  BIGGER FISH TO FRY!

It is over 24 parts and all links can be found here:


If you read ALL THE INSTALLMENTS…, you will not be disappointed!  A lot of research went into that series!







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