What if the Matrix is already here?  What if it has already captured countless MINDS that are no longer AWAKE?

Luke and I were having a conversation today and we basically dived deeply into what has been troubling me for quite a while now.  What if a “QUANTUM SUPER COMPUTER…, D- WAVE has already been placed in charge of the entire world?

What if certain people (like me for instance) have not yet been captured by this Super Computer only because I simply REFUSE to give in to it ( – in my mind and thoughts – ) which is where the Matrix is actually taking place!

What if the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Bodies (IoB) was put into operation sometime after the year 2000?  Maybe in the year 2010?

Luke and I were discussing some of the other Alternative Media Truthers who seem to be very “stuck” in their thinking – and it is almost as if they are being controlled and run by a computer of sorts!  It perplexed me so much that we started talking about it.


Here is the conversation that followed:

Bradley:  Sometimes I think that the Matrix is very real, and that it is controlling everyone but us Luke…

Luke:  But where does that put us then?  Outside the Matrix?  In another reality?  One that is running parallel perhaps?

Bradley:  Not sure.  But if I had to guess, my guess is that the Matrix is not outside of us, but instead it is inside of us.  Or, perhaps it is inside of most other people who have simply given in to it!  We just have not yet given in to it!  So therefore we remain unaffected by it.

Luke: You mean because we don’t consent to it?

Bradley:  Yes I think so. We are still 100 percent Organic Human Beings with a “WILL OF OUR OWN” simply because we are fighting against the System which is now in the hands of a computer.  I think that the Matrix takes people over “vibrationally”, and yes it happens by consent!

Luke:  This kind of thing you are talking about can only end in an Earth “split” like religious or spiritual people are talking about.  It can’t go on indefinitely.

Bradley:  Hmmm, I’m not sure.  But as I’ve written many times on Love Truth Site, the entire SYSTEM all around us has turned totally Satanic…, ALL OF IT.  You are one of the few people Luke that I know who refuses to engage with and to use the “SYSTEM” as it has been laid out for everyone to use, and so you (in effect) are not consenting to it. 

I think that the more you engage with the system, the more that you use it, the more that “it” considers that you consent to it and the more that system considers you to be a part of it “vibrationally”. 

So yes, the more you engage with it – the more of a claim on you that it seems to have and the more control it can then apply to your mind, your emotions, and even to your physical body.

Luke:  Weird shit going on out there indeed Bradley.

Bradley:  Maybe the only way NOT to be taken over by the system is to walk away from it for good. Or, to say NO to everything the system wants!

Luke: I agree

Bradley:  That is where I think all of Trump’s problems are coming from.  He is still trying to engage with the system.  THE COURT SYSTEM I mean, but I wonder if he can actually ever beat it?  What if the entire system was now in the hands of a fully conscious SUPER COMPUTER? 

What if every man and woman who works FOR that system has somehow given their minds over to it such that the very system they once worked for was now CONTROLLING THEIR THINKING? 

What if it went deeper than this and because the JAB has been given out, their minds are totally locked into a constant Wi-FI connection with the conscious computer we are talking about such that they can not even think for themselves any longer?

Maybe the “system” is eating Trump alive only because he is engaging with it and standing up to it! 

But I wonder if he even knows that he could be very literally fighting his battle with a SUPER COMPUTER that is controlling other people’s minds?

Maybe the only way to beat the matrix computer is not to play it’s game or to engage with it?

Luke:  You could be right.  If everything on Earth is about making choices, consenting, engaging or not engaging, then where does all of that mental stuff lead to in the end… (thinking frequency here).

Bradley:  Hmmm.  Trump keeps trying to get “Justice” out of the system, but what if that system is now in the hands of an Artificial Intelligence?  What if the Court System has truly become nothing more than a Satanic/Matrix/System where there can’t possibly be any justice at all because those who are participating and working inside of it have been overcome by a fully conscious computer program (one that is inside of their minds) that can think, but can’t feel and does not have any emotions what so ever?  And it certainly does not care about our laws.  It only cares about who is a threat to it.

My opinion I guess is that Trump is fighting with a COMPUTER.

Luke:  What if he is doing that just to expose it?

Bradley:  Hmmm.  Not sure about that.  I think that everyone who refuses to fight the system has already (to some extent) been taken over by it on the level of their mind!  In other words they are now IN THE MATRIX.

Luke:  But what about Trump.  Couldn’t he be exposing it?

Bradley: Could be.  But at what point does Trump admit that he is not really fighting against evil people, but that he is fighting against an evil Artificial Intelligence that has taken over people’s minds and brains just like in the Matrix?

Luke: Good point!

Bradley:  The minds and brains of all people world wide who got the JAB or have been affected by the Spike Proteins being shed in my opinion are fully connected to this Super Computer, but to the extent that they fight against the extreme wokeness (and the status quo) is the extent to which the computer does not yet control them.

The sick and twisted part of all of this is that these people would have no clue or any idea that their thoughts or their thinking are no longer their own, but are actually being more and more controlled by the super computer!

I think we are in the beginning stages of a computer HIVE MIND EVENT that will ultimately force more and more people to comply with a cookie cutter reality that is very much in line with a computer game reality. 

It will be a reality where the super computer does all of the thinking for them…, offers them a few choices, but controls all of the possible outcomes!

We would all literally be stuck inside of the OASIS – just like in the movie Ready Player One.

Furthermore, the people who have totally given themselves over to the WOKE SYSTEM are now dangerous to the rest of us who are still fighting against that system…, they are dangerous because their minds are so controlled at this point – that they have become the EYES and EARS OF THE MATRIX. 

They are literally “The Woman in the Red Dress”  because their minds are so totally hooked up to the System – that they are potential agents of the Super Computer we are discussing and is watching everyone through all of the people who have given in to it.

This is why I keep writing on Love Truth Site that it is foolish to keep obeying people that are working for the system and in the government because we just don’t know if their minds are totally 100 percent compromised and taken over by the A.I.

I think the German Farmers are not yet hooked up because they are fighting back against the system!  But now that I’ve said this – have you noticed that the biggest TARGETS of the Globalists are the farmers all over the world?

This is not just about food in my opinion.  It does certainly prove what I am saying however because only a computer would try to get rid of all food world wide.  Only a computer does not need to eat, so getting rid of all food worldwide is what a computer would do.  But I think it is also deeper than that.  I think that farmers are more grounded physically to the land which has to do with electricity and magnetics.  That makes their minds much harder to take over.  The computer is TARGETING FARMERS because it sees them as a threat to its mind control.

They are just too grounded and the Matrix is finding it hard to acquire their minds and control their thinking.  Also, like we’ve discussed before Luke, it could very well be that the frequencies which are attacking me every single day in my camper are not even coming from the CABAL, but are instead coming from an Artificial Intelligence that is operating through satellites, WI-FI, and phone towers.

Luke:  That is plausible

Bradley:  Because I refuse to give in or give up and I keep writing every day – I could be getting “attacked” by a Conscious Super Computer just like Bryan Tew says in his testimony, but this computer has now been let loose upon ALL OF HUMANITY.

People more and more are handing their minds over to the fictional realm and to things that are not even real.  Here is a link to a digital and totally unreal being on the internet that is making 10,000 dollars a month by chatting with people.  You just can’t make this stuff up:


I don’t think this is accidental at all.  People who have had their minds TAKEN OVER are the only ones who are paying attention to this.  People are literally interacting with a computer intelligence… (an A.I.) and are paying it real money.  And if this isn’t a start to living in the MATRIX than what is?

I know this article might offend some people, but hey, like I said in the title, it is just speculation didn’t I – BUT WHAT IF…


All my love



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