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It seems as if “some” of the state (which is in total FEAR of that happening), has already divided itself off from the REST of the state, and formed it’s OWN California Government, calling it NEW CALFORNIA, seen below in blue!

This article from seems to suggest just that:


Fearful of what their leftist-communists lawmakers are doing in trying to separate California from the rest of the United States and become its own nation, this report notes, are tens-of-thousands of this State’s citizens still loyal to the Union—and who, just weeks ago “declared their independence” from California, naming their new territory “New California”—and who are establishing their new State “by the book” citing Article 4, Section 3 of the US Constitution and their working to accomplish their goals of freedom similar to the way West Virginia was created during the American Civil War—and who, like their California followers today, established the new State of West Virginia by their declaring their independence after Virginia seceded from the Union.

Donald Trump addressed this when he visited a San Diego Marine base only days ago!

An interesting new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that during President Donald Trump’s first visit yesterday to the State of California since his being elected, he met secretly with top officials of the US military, CIA, FBI and Homeland Security at the San Diego based Marine Corps Air Station Miramar—thereafter making a visit to the Los Angeles area so secretive that local police officials were not allowed to know anything about it—but where he met with the founders of the “State of New California” who just weeks ago declared their independence—all moves, this report says, show clearly that Trump is preparing to declare that California is in “ a state of rebellion”—that then gives Trump unlimited power under the United States Constitution’s “Guarantee Clause” to extinguish California’s current government and establish a new one


This could, at first glance, be seen by most CALIFORNIANS as a “good” thing…, but according to this STATE OF THE NATION article linked below, it basically shows that California Governor JERRY BROWN may in fact be dragging his entire State, and all of it’s people into the deep dark pit of HELL!

Will Governor Jerry Brown Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned…

“The California Governor currently works for a criminal cabal of foreign globalists, not the residents of California.

He may not even know whose giving the orders,
or care, he’s such a New World Order fanatic. Not only is Gov. Brown Jesuit-trained, he’s also a zealous frontman of the Global Warming scam.

He allowed his state to be geoengineered into a disastrous drought, and then terrorized by
catastrophic manmade wildfires.

Brown knows that climate change is the latest
bogeyman that his masters will use as the new control mechanism for the planned One World Government.

This Guv is such a hardcore globalist they probably
don’t even have to bribe and/or blackmail him to carry out their transparently anti-American NWO agenda.”

— Intelligence Analyst and Former Military Officer

No matter how you look at it, the rogue sanctuary state of California is run by a career criminal politician—self-admitted to boot. As the de facto CEO of the California, Inc., Governor Jerry Brown answers only to his concealed Deep State masters just as he is beholden to his many corporate sponsors.

The LA Times news clip that follows is proof of the lawbreaking governor’s own “sanctuary state” law.

Much of the California state government functions like a hardened criminal gang of corrupt career politicians. Because of the incessant drug trafficking, human trafficking and arms trafficking that takes place across the Mexican border, most of the lawmakers in Sacramento are accomplices in each of these criminal enterprises.

However, it is Democratic Governor Edmund “Jerry” Brown who is the reigning ringleader of this multi-year RICO crime spree. RICO because Brown has been riding a crime wave that involves every type of racketeering operation covered under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

Through many of his official governmental acts of commission and omission, Gov. Brown has participated, either directly or indirectly, in the conduct of criminal activities which are usually prosecuted according to the RICO Act. The following exposé provides a list of some of the relevant RICO crimes.


As a “SANCTUARY STATE” California is protecting some of Mexico’s most hardened Criminals in the from of the MS-13, which is basically a Mexican Death Squad of young mercinaries for hire!  In order to join MS-13  you MUST KILL SOMEONE as the entrance fee!

All I know is if you still live in California…, you may want to start thinking about MOVING TO HIGHER GROUND!





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