By: Bradley Loves





The “battle” to save America – as a country – is ON!    

So say I – and so says “Q-Anon”

The Powerful Democratic Party “Elite” never really “liked” this country the way it was.  In fact they hated it – and they have always hated it.

They were the Party of Southern Elitists that wanted “Slavery” to be kept in the Southern States – and never to be abolished!

Fully backed up by what they see as a viable GLOBALIST ALTERNATIVE to America – an alternative which has been wholly built up and funded by very wealthy – (insanely wealthy) – European Oligarchs – the Liberal/Progressive/WeAreChange/WeHateAmerica/Democrats believe that they have a single window of opportunity in the here and now to totally “destroy” (not change) what this country once was – and to remold and remake it into a “Vassal State” of Europe!

This “Vassal State” would be the second to the last step before declaring a NEW WORLD ORDER and a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!


They have no “intention” what so ever of making America better or more wonderful for the people who were born here – THEY WANT IT GONE!


This is as REAL as it gets people – and it should not be a surprise to you!


Unless you have been sleeping 24/7 – or – have been hiding under a rock – this should NOT be News to you.

Very slowly and steadily – “subversives” working inside of the Federal Government – otherwise known as the DEEP STATE – consisting of tens of thousands of men and women who have taken “Secret Oaths” to “Secret Societies” – have been very carefully and slowly setting up and getting ready for the total “failure” of America.

Working in “total disguise” – they are WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING!

Men and Women in Government who are working for the Deep State


The absolutely SICK THING here is – that many of these people were “born on American soil” and claim to be Americans.  

Yet sadly “America” never really filled their ideals, their hopes dreams and goals of what a country should be.

However, these “people” are NOT in any sense of the word “normal”.

Instead, they are insane believers in “CENTRALIZED CONTROL” of absolutely everything and everyone!

These poor, sad, and usually totally degenerate men and women – would actually rather go back to the glory days of the Great Roman Empire – with its utter and total control over the populations in their Empire – along with their countless Pagan “gods” and “goddesses” – and their extreme sexual debaucheries that made Rome into a haven for countless sexual degenerates from around the world who actually worshipped the “sex act” as a totally natural thing, and thus freely engaged in sex with anyone, everyone, and everything!

In those days:

  • Men were having sex with men
  • Women were having sex with women
  • Groups were having sex with entire groups (Orgies)
  • Adults were having sex with children
  • Humans were having sex with Animals


The entire Roman culture was slowing turning into the next Sodom and Gommorrah during the last days of Rome!

It is/was exactly this type of totally immoral and base societal behavior that the Liberal/Progressive/Democrats are desperate to go back to!  

They absolutely LOVE that kind of society!  It is “cosmopolitan” – and unhindered by RULES – and is a circus-like Free for All.


I’m not joking here, and there are always hidden Roman Toga Parties taking place in America all the time.  Especially at “Frat and Sorority Parties” and also in Corporate America – which is just the next step after College Level Fraternities!

Indiana University Hosts ‘Sex Fest’ Event Featuring BDSM Demonstration

One of the most famous examples of this type of SEX FEST – was the TYCO CEO “Dennis Koslowski” who was put on trial in NY for bilking corporate investors out of 600 Million Dollars and even threw a massively expensive 2 million dollar Roman Toga Birthday Bash for his wife using other peoples money!




Not only do the “Rich and the Powerful” secretly want to go back to the “glory days of Rome” – they are literally planning and plotting to force that choice on you as well – and ram it down the throats of anyone who actually stands in the way!  

Your opinion does not matter!

You have got to try, at least, to grasp at an understanding of the hidden thinking and the hidden carnal desires that are fueling this deep desire on the part of the “progressives” for going BACKWARD toward this type of older culture!

It was extremely ELITIST!   

Back then – HUMAN SLAVERY – was perfectly legal!  It was considered the “right” of the wealthy to keep and own slaves to do their labor!

The Democrats (at the top levels) here in America – have always secretly “believed” in SLAVERY – aka the “right” of one human being to OWN another human being!  

In Ancient Rome – you could buy and sell human beings out in an open market – just like you sell cattle and horses in an open market today!  

And it wasn’t only “black people” that were being bought and sold – just as many “white people” from all over the world were being bought and sold as ROMAN SLAVES as well!


Young “White Male” Slave up for Sale in Ancient Rome

So all you Social Justice Warriors out there can just get over your sycophantic “White Supremacy” BULLSHIT!    

Read a HISTORY BOOK for crying out loud!


In those “glorious days of Rome” – as an Elitist – you could very literally “buy” human beings to do your work for you – or, if you didn’t need them to do your work – you could just use them as “sex toys” and have group sex with them for fun at parties and social gatherings!

Of course – not only could you buy adults – but you could ALSO buy young children as slaves as well!  That also was perfectly legal in Rome.

Now, due to their size and lack of strength, children were not very good workers – BUT – according to the ELITE/ORLIGARCHS living in world back then – they were “excellent” sexual toys – and were hugely convenient to have around for a sexual “pick me up” if one was going away on travels without the family – and could be used as a constant reminder of just how rich and powerful they really were!

Not only can your “slave boy” carry your luggage for you while traveling – they can do all of the OTHER sexual things that your wife (who is still at home) can not do while you are away!

(You see, owning another human being means you MUST be really important somehow – and BETTER than all others!)

But – just as Ancient Rome was getting to the point where it was a no holds barred FREE FOR ALL of sexual depravity – ROME FELL!

And it fell from within!

It’s core social fabric came completely undone because a society and a culture can not live – can not grow – can not prosper in that kind of degenerate and immoral atmosphere.


This is why around 330 AD – ROMAN EMPEROR CONSTANTINE – literally moved the Capital City of the entire Roman Empire out of Italy a total cesspool of debauchery – and into Turkey!

He “hated” the totally degenerate atmosphere of the streets of Rome and their “pagan” ways.  Rome had become nothing more than an illiterate “mob”, and he was sick and tired of it.

He built a brand new Capital City on the location of the Ancient City of BYZANTIUM – and named it after himself calling it:


That city still stands today and is now known as: ISTANBUL

Q – Anon – is being very clear with us all in his post #3837 that what I am writing about in this article – what I am telling you right now – is the GODS HONEST and ABSOLUTE TRUTH!


More than selling of State Secrets.
More than selling of US security.
More than selling of MIL tech.
More than selling of C_A assets.
More than selling of NSA bulk data collection programs.
More than selling of Uranium.
More than selling of US Space NAT SEC programs & positions.
More than selling of US AID..
More than selling of SAPs
CLAS 1-99
>Crimes against Humanity.

When you cannot destroy/defeat the United States of America by attacking head on, you change tactics and deploy a ‘KILL FROM WITHIN’ [internal] operation.

>Division of Citizenry
>Border Collapse
[Install ‘like-minded’ leaders in key positions of US Gov]
How many people [removed] from the FBI had Iranian family backgrounds?
The Silent War Continues…..



So this is what is “At Stake”!  

I am not joking here!  

America is literally on the “Chopping Block” – and if you did’t know about it – and had not yet heard about it – then the only reason you do NOT know about it – is that the Liberal MEDIA – CNN – MSNBC – ABC – CBS – ABC are ALL – 100 percent IN ON IT!

Their CORPORATE CEO’S several decades ago took up sides “against” America and “ordered” their News Anchors to ignore and bury stories that would have shown you the TRUTH!

This makes these men (and women) GUILTY OF TREASON!

Q – Anon – in his post #3838 is ALSO VERY CLEAR that what I just wrote above is the absolute TRUTH!

Control over the media has kept people in the dark.
Control over the media has kept people at heel (behind).
Control over the media has kept people focused on falsehoods.
Control over the media has kept people in a constant state of fear.
Control over the media has divided our Republic into segments:

>Political Affiliation

When a citizenry is divided they have no ‘collective’ power.
When a citizenry has no ‘collective’ power they can no longer control the levers that govern them [levers of control].
[illusion of democracy]




The video that I just posted from Tucker Carlson where he gives us a good look at the Democrats “NEW WAY FORWARD ACT” – shows us that their entire goal is the “internal destruction” of America!

They are not stupid!

They don’t care a rats butt about MIGRANTS!

They know that countless migrants who come here will most likely FAIL.  

That is the point!


When millions upon millions of people in the country are FAILING – then they will sweep in with the United Nations aka THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

There is far more I could say in this post – but WHY?

You will either “get it” or you will “ignore it”.

If you are a NEW AGER – you will simply ignore it all – pretend that nothing that happens here on Earth matters!  You will fully “allow” the New World Order to take over.

But unlike the promises from your ASCENDED MASTERS – do not look to “moving to higher level” any time soon!




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