Behind the scenes – are we all being played (???)

Here is a comment posted on a very recent Kerry Cassidy Interview

Why would Angel studios and the producers of Sound Of Freedom that Juan is promoting be directing people who want to help over to the Polaris project which partnered with the Clinton initiative + Carlos Slim which funded Hillary & the Gates foundation?

The NCMEC – National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was launched by Hillary & Tony Blair.  Isn’t this a clear red flag? Is Angel studios completely unaware of this? How could that be possible? And now because of this new awareness about trafficking, many groups are pushing to micro chip our children enslaving them further. The studio is directing people to Polaris who run the national human trafficking resource center and are also a Clinton global initiative member. How can this happen?

This couldn’t be more of a red flag and if Slim is the major donor that’s a clear and present danger that they’re using this as a way to tell us like the cabal always does and now they’re going to push to have our children micro chipped. All the money that people are donating, are literally going to contribute to sex trafficking.

The WHITE HATS need to provide us with some answers really soon!

Here is that Kerry Cassidy video:

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