This subject is getting no real attention, yet it is one of the most important and crucial pieces of hidden information that you’ll ever come across, so please do pay attention and give a listen.  This information could actually save your life or at the very least save the lives of some of your family members in the near future.

Please listen to this 90 minute podcast:



For further information and some extremely important study, please review these three additional videos concerning the super advanced technology that “they” are using to target the minds and bodies of human beings.

Targeted Individual 1

Targeted Individual 3

Targeted Individual 5

For even more information of how “Law Enforcement” is actually helping the Deep State with extremely unlawful surveillance, gang stalking, and the invasion of privacy, please see this important Love Truth Site Article:

Fusion Centers, Citizen Spies & the Debasement of the American Character

For an entire website that is filled with information and is dedicated wholly to “Targeted Individuals” please go here:


For other “support” videos concerning the current problems that we are all facing here on Earth, and just how far things have gotten simply because humanity was not  really paying attention, please watch these other videos:

Patriot Underground interviews Kerry Cassidy

Here is a link to the Mark Passio and Alex Jones interview that I mentioned in the podcast:



Here is the Michael Salla and Alex Collier Interview that I mentioned in the podcast:

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