By: Bradley Loves


If you are wondering why (when everyone else seems to be posting other things) I am posting so much material about degenerate aliens…, it is because it is my belief that “WE” collectively are being CONNED!

The multiple “distractions” and “scandals” we are seeing each and every single day taking place in the “NEWS” are nothing more that a “stage show”…, or a “drama” being played out in order to:


This is what we are seeing played out.

All of the He said/she said crap that is happening in our political world…, whether with Trump, or Clinton…, or Putin, or Merkel…, is all just NOTHING!  (Read Distractions)

It is really just NOTHING…, because far more importantly these Alien Grays have been “FARMING” the Earth for a very long time and using humans.

The only thing that WE should be doing is EXPOSING THIS!

All of the posts and articles about whether or not we can get OBAMA (or now Trump) to release the “RV”…, or get NESARA going is really just crap and bullshit (in my opinion) when we have so much MORE going on right under our feet!

In fact…, (in my opinion) these things will NEVER HAPPEN…, and all of the endless posts and articles written about such things are merely a continuous flow of distraction to keep your MIND OCCUPIED so that you will NOT do any real research in the direction that I am going.

Rumors of impending “ASCENSION”…, are part of the same CON…, and merely put out as a “warm blanket” and a “coloring book” for the human beings who find it TOO DIFFICULT to face the real truth about what is happening here on the Earth, and most specifically UNDERGROUND

ARE YOU BEING TRIGGERED LIKE THE SNOW FLAKES when Donald Trump was “elected”??

Well then…, here is a warm and fuzzy channeled message telling you how much someone you’ve never seen loves you…, and how much they care! (Even though…, these beings DO absolutely NOTHING in real terms to alleviate any of the suffering we as a collective are experiencing here on Earth).

What’s that?  You disagree with me??

Well, maybe we should go interview some of the people living inside Syria!  Or perhaps those living in Yemen!  Certainly those people have SEEN REAL PROOF that they are being aided by the Channeled Entities who LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Perhaps the men and women of Eastern Ukraine, or possibly those in Libya will tell us how much the Channeled Entities have helped their lives for the better!!

That is the purpose of all of the Channeled Messages telling us we are “loved” is to get us to BELIEVE that all of the horror we are seeing is somehow going to stop SOON!

However…, this has been going of for thousands of years on the surface of the EARTH.

One war after another…, one battle of human sacrifice after another…, over and over and over again.  Manipulated by OFF WORLD beings who feast on the blood, body parts and “terror energy” that these conflicts create!

And those men and women NOT living in the battle zones are CONNED by stupid channeled messages telling us that those who DO LIVE inside battle zones either wanted that or earned that AS KARMA!

However…, next it will be happening in the WESTERN COUNTRIES and possibly the US and Canada!!

Then the Channeled Entities will be telling those people living in Syria and Yemen that it is the KARMA of those living inside the evil USA as a reason that they are now being bombed, killed, and tormemted.

They will be “told” that those men, women and children living inside the USA…, (And CANADA) “WANTED THAT”…, and “CONTRACTED FOR THIS TYPE OF EXPERIENCE”…, and the people of Syria and Yemen (hearing this type of channeled message) will most certainly “BELIEVE” that this is the TRUTH!

They will be “told” by channelers that they should NOT be concerned about such things and that it is a “balancing” of energies in the world, and to just go about their daily business and let it all happen.

Round and round and round the lies and deceptions will go…, and those humans who are working with and for the Draco’s and the Grays will “get fat” off of the money their Banks are making by selling weapons of war all over the world.

Those who are aligned with the banks (George Soros, Brzezinski, Kissinger and others)  will simply move from country to country as the battles rage on…, and go into the zones that have already been ravaged by war…, and buy land at pennies on a dollar and live their while new places are bombed and ravaged.

IT IS ALL MIND CONTROL at it’s finest…, and I REFUSE to participate in the he said/she said political debates out there in “LALA land” when I KNOW those debates are meaningless and set up for public consumption!

Instead, I will post things about our REAL PROBLEMS on this world and stop following the leaders in the Media…, many of whom are there specifically to keep people’s MINDS occupied with meaningless drivel!!


All my love…..

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