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I’m going to start this post…, with a quote from the article that was linked in the first piece with this title…, located here:


These gods have been feeding off of humanity for thousands of years.

They consider us their herd, just as we consider farm animals. As above, so below. They feed off of our negative emotions and energies and they feed off of our worship to them.

I’d like to call your attention to the very last part of this quote.  THEY FEED OFF OF OUR WORSHIP OF THEM.

Going back to this piece here….

….where I talk about my conversations with Shane Bales (aka The Ruiner)…, and his personal experience with what he called: THE PARENTS.

Some of these “beings” were up to 13,000 years old…, and (one or two) of them had been given a way to artificially extend their normal human lives INDEFINITELY…, specifically by getting the people around them…, (their “underlings”) to willingly WORSHIP THEM.

Once it became CLEAR to me in my mind that WORSHIP was a way to transfer “energy” from one being to another…, or from a group of beings to a single entity…, the “light” so to speak was turned on…, and it was a real  AH HA…, moment that covered a whole lot of territory.

This brings into serious doubt…, every form of overt WORSHIP (Or Ritual) that human beings have been engaged in over the last several thousands years!

Of course…, it ALSO explains exactly “why” the top leaders of the CABAL or the Illuminati…, still practice ANCIENT RELIGIONS…, which require them to OFFER actual “sacrifices” in the form of ritual killing and blood.  You see even in those ancient religions that concern sacrifices to the likes of Moloch, Baal, Isthar, Innana, and others…, there is still much ritual and magic that is being done to “transfer” that energy.  And it is all GOING SOMEWHERE!!

You see…, as Jay Parker has said many times…, these “energies” actually FEED the ARCHONTIC ENTITES…, and in the case of the Illuminati.., they are “working” for the REPTILLIAN/ARCHONS…, against humanity…, and what most people do not understand…, is that killing and “raping” little children is PART of their agreement with the Archons/Reptiles.

They have agreed (willingly) to do this for wealth – status – nice homes – a good job…, and the ability to live without ever having to do a hard a days work.

They are NOT (as some would suggest) being FORCED to do this day in and day out. They are “taking” the “paycheck”…, and they are “cashing” the “paycheck” as we speak.

They are accepting the benefits that come with what they are doing, so they are doing it WILLINGLY!!

This is why at the very TOP LEVELS…, no one ever gets caught…., no one ever gets exposed and no one ever goes to JAIL!

They are PROTECTED by the SYSTEM!

We can bring this “idea” right into the current day…, and look at the designs of all of the Major Catholic Cathedrals across the planet (which sit on top of major ley lines).

These huge buildings…, built like gigantic RESONANCE CHAMBERS…, once again have tall pillars or columns spread all over the building…, which act as ‘nodes”…, sort of like the micro processor of a gigantic computer board.

The SOUND (Music and Organ)…, and also the sound of Prayers and Chanting of the people…, is ALL being “channeled” and focused and then SENT SOMEWHERE!

Here is another quote from the same article:

We find ourselves in a matrix, where an artificial light construct has been overlaid upon the real world. As in the movie, The Matrix, we are simply batteries that the gods feed off of. This is our plight, where we are born and we die in a matrix as food for evil entities. And of course they have their minions here on Earth that keep the herd in line.

And here is more from the same article:

Unfortunately we are not free. We haven’t been free for a few thousand years. We have overlords, trans-dimensional beings who have invaded Earth many thousands of years ago. In the ancient legends, they are known as the gods. The Gnostics knew of them as the Archons. Don Juan called them The Predators. They are our overlords, and they have constructed a matrix, or false covering of illusions, to cover the Earth, which keeps us captive. We have been mind controlled, brainwashed and hypnotized to believe these illusions to be reality. They consider us their herd, and they feed off of us. That is the predicament we find ourselves in.
These overlords have recruited many minions to keep us in line. In the past, there were the royal bloodlines and priests which acted as the minions. Today we have the same scenario, but the royal bloodlines are hidden as heads of states. The high priests are no longer found only in the traditional religions, but have found their way into new age and as “spiritual” teachers. And of course this all branches out into banking, corporations, the military and police, etc. On the spiritual side you have all of the fundamentalist followers of the religions and sects.

My “severe” judgements of the NEW AGE…, and NEW AGE CHANNELERS as simply another “part” of this ARCHONTIC DECEPTION is not without merit!

Once again…, I invite you to re-read this entire post…, and here is the link so that you can really investigate this issue.

All my love…



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