By: Bradley Loves


Did you ever stop for a moment to think that some of these government “whistleblowers” are actually being ordered, paid, and directed to seemingly “come clean” about certain issues (that almost everyone already knows about)…, so that countless other issues which are FAR MORE sensitive…, can STAY HIDDEN A LITTLE LONGER??

Just a thought.

There are so many “levels” to the deep secrecy game…, that whenever some poor smuck comes forward to tell about something that we suspected (but could not prove) years ago already…, and give us the “low down” on what in my opinion is a tiny and miniscule portion of the TRUTH, I sometimes groan and ask myself why he even bothered.

It’s like having an entire “mountain” of information being covered up by a large canvas…, while right in front of the mountain…, some military “do gooder” whistleblower comes out in front of the mountain…, turns on a camera…, takes a tiny grain of sand out from under the canvas of hidden information…, and then proceeds to do an “IN DEPTH” expose’ of the single grain of sand.

Microscopes are brought out, and then analyzing machines…, and that one “grain” of truth is inspected and looked at from all sides…, while the entire MOUNTAIN of hidden secrets STAYS HIDDEN underneath the canvas.

Well let me ask you my dear readers…, isn’t this what a PSY-OP INTELLIGENCE OFFICER DOES in the end?

It’s almost like he’s telling us all of his credentials ahead of time…, and then basically telling us that he is going to “make us look” one direction, while basically HELPING TO KEEP HIDDEN ALL OF THE REST by drawing attention away from it.

Yes…, ALL wars are Banker’s wars…, we get that…, (been done already) and everyone (who isn’t a total zombot) knows that…, MOVE ON!

  • What about the GIANTS??
  • What about all of the natural portals and star-gates that are opening all over the planet??
  • What about the Satanic/Luciferian Connection that is behind all of this?
  • What about all of the super advanced technology coming from Aliens and the technology currently being found all over the Earth??
  • What about the Deep Underground Military Bases?
  • What about the Vatican Connection to all of this?

Etc, etc, etc,……………???????????

Anyone with THIS MAN’S credentials, (see the very beginning of the video) should know about this other stuff as well!!

Can I get an AMEN to that??

So, if he does know about this “other stuff”…, then why is he giving us information which is in all honesty “smaller” than the smallest??

Now don’t get me wrong…, every meal starts with a “first bite”…, and in that regard…, IF this man’s goal is to eventually expose EVERYTHING…, then this entire 1 hour interview can be thought of as:  The First Bite of a very large meal.

What he is doing…, is showing us that the US Government is basically lying to us (OMG)…,  and is creating, and then funneling money into terroist organizations through the cover of “charities”.

Well, my oh my,  WHO in the world would have “thunk” ??

It’s almost like telling us the “dumb kid” in the classroom got caught with the “answers” to a test written on his hand…

It’s like…,

Oh geezz…, we NEVER would have suspected THAT could have happened!!

Come on…, we here in America are not as DUMB as you in the Military make us out to be!!

Here’s a clue and a suggestion to those in the Military:

Instead of giving us the “Operations Manual Version” of the Truth…, where the first page lists some of the parts…, and the second page lists all of the tool’s you’ll need to put together the product…, SKIP THAT PART…, and get to the good stuff!  We aren’t all Middle School Retards!!!

  • What is going on between the US and it’s Off World Allies??
  • What is really going on down in Antarctica?
  • How many Giants are waking up…, and how many have been killed in military confrontations so far?
  • Why are you putting Nano-technology into the Aresoal sprays that are being dumped onto every single country??
  • What about the AI “mind control” problem that is now creeping into the sub-consious minds of all human beings due to the Nano-tech that they’ve already ingested or breathed in??
  • How much super advanced ancient technology has been found in the middle east…, and is THAT WHY the wars are being fought there?? (As cover for excavations)
  • What is the Vatican/Luciferian/Satanic connection to all of this?
  • What is the Deep Underground Military Command Structure being used for…, and what is being planned for the global surface populations??
  • What is the Corporate Connection to all of the Secret Military Bases…, and even those bases located on the Moon or on Mars??
  • Is there a secret plan to bring Lucifer into our reality through some portal, stargate, or other ancient device, and are you on board with that, or working against that??

In other words…, STOP GIVING US FLUFF!

Some of us out here in DHL, or “Dumb Human Land” can actually think!!

The on-going he said/she said soap opera between the Clinton Foundation and other countries in the world is a monumental psycho drama made specifically for people who only want to see “scandal”.

It’s the “Jerry Springer” version of “look what’s going on in the world”…, and let’s see if we can get the guests and the entire studio to come to blows!

In other words, we don’t need more “this guy was having sex with his friends wife”… bullsh*t”!!

There are bigger and better things that need to be exposed!!

That being said…, continue to watch the video…, (it does contain some good info) and see if you agree with me!

All my love….


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