They wanted Mind Controlled Slaves.

Every single one of us needed to be compliant and complacent to their every whim. They worked hard – very hard – day and night to perfect the various techniques and technologies associated with MIND CONTROL.  So important was this single tool – that they placed it at the highest levels of secrecy behind every Government Firewall and literally tried to keep anyone from finding out about it – AND – even more importantly, they labeled everything associated with MIND CONTROL protected under the blanket of NATIONAL SECURITY.

They did this so that no matter who, what, when, or even where any information would come out against them and their deeply satanic practices and experimentation – no one who had been harmed by those using these tactics would EVER see justice done in America.

Congress and the Courts would be forever kept away from any kind of open discussion, documentation, or discovery of wrong doings done by deeply INSANE perpetrators – even if that wrong doing was MASSIVE and akin to genocide.  All of these practices were not just labeled as top secret – they were protected permanently under the iron blanket of National Security.

This meant that those who were doing these kinds of horrific things – and if you read Cathy O’Brien’s book TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA, you can rest assured these things were absolutely horrific – no one would ever pay for any of these crimes, and no one would ever be brought to justice in the Courts.

I have written about this before in a repeated manner.

National Security actually became a “god” to the very people who broke every law of man, and broke every law of the Great Creator – only because this “god” of National Security protected them from any fallout from their actions and their behaviors.

National Security became a huge board to hit innocent people over the head with in order to silence them from saying anything about extreme sin, wrong doings, and various crimes against humanity.

The people who enacted these so-called protections – to keep all of these crimes secret – committed TREASON and SEDITION against We the People – and are all traitors. Not only do they deserve a traitor’s death here on the Earth – but they also deserve to burn in hell for all of eternity as well.

Listen to Kathy O’Brien – who was herself turned into a Mind Controlled Slave under the MK-ULTRA program, and subsequently wrote the book “Trance-formation of America” as she explains:


How can our “legal system” call itself “just” if all of the people who have been severely harmed and abused by others cannot get any justice?



If millions of innocent people have been seriously harmed, damaged, or victimized in the horrendous ways that Cathy O’Brien describes in this video, and they come to the Courts – American Courts – seeking Justice and cannot even get their matter heard due to the restrictions of National Security – then there IS NO JUSTICE in the Courts.

You people reading this have got to grasp just how serious this really is and what it means for you.

This kind of thing not only goes against the Bill of Rights – but it goes against the Constitution as well.  And if the refusal to administer justice happens even once – then courts FORFEIT all rights to operate, and have turned ROGUE.

If the Courts have foregone the only contract that they have with We the People – and that contract is the Constitution and Bill of Rights – then these courts are TREASONOUS COURTS and they are SEDITIOUS COURTS – and they have no power or authority to operate here in America period.

In other words – their operation STOPS right by god now – period – and they are OUT of business.

Furthermore – all of the Judges and all of the Lawyers and all of the Clerks who are staffing these Courts have forfeited any and all “protections” for their actions and they can be held FULLY accountable for criminal acts against Americans.

These so-called administrators of Authority are now legitimate criminals according to the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

The people themselves have every right to seek punishment and restitution from those agents who broke their “OATHS” and have turned against their own countrymen by protecting those in Government who have done EVIL.

A really good question to ask here is HOW can these criminal courts bring charges against anyone – anywhere – for things like “child pornography” when the actual government itself was and still IS to some extent – heavily involved in sanctioning and running child pornographic rings?

And what’s worse than actually doing this is that they have labeled their own criminal actions as important to NATIONAL SECURITY – in order to protect themselves from any kind of prosecutions and making themselves untouchable – while other people who did far, far, far less – were treated like animals in the courts.

Since these wanton criminals have excused their own actions – while at the same time condemning all others for “statutory crimes” – going so far as to jail people and heavily fine them for simply not wearing a face mask during a fake pandemic – then the hand of true justice will have to come from the THRONE OF GOD HIMSELF.

Thankfully – there are quite a few people like myself living on Earth who are going to “testify” for as long as it takes to paint a VERY CLEAR PICTURE of exactly what these human monsters were doing at every level – and who was selling out for money and hurting their fellow man just so they could “keep a job” or “get a paycheck”.

I don’t “need” to know their names!

GOD knows their names.  All I need to do is paint a very large picture of what was going on – who basically was doing it – list all of the horrible crimes against mankind that were being done – hidden and in secret – and WHO should have known about it – and who should have said something about it.

Additionally – Each and every soul who was placed under MIND CONTROL can and will testify in front of the THRONE OF GOD as to what was done to them – and by who.  They will do this just before these animals who betrayed us all and used inhuman treatment and abuse against the rest of us will be cast into the pit and burned for all time.

Here is the book  – TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA as a .pdf – e-file.


This is the “next step” in learning just who, what, when and where real EVIL was being done here in America, and how high up the Chain of Command it goes.



It has been suggested that the mRNA vaccination that is being rolled out for “Covid – 19 – if it does not kill you – will actually change your DNA with Nano particles – and turn your entire body into a huge radio receiver which can receive COMMANDS or “uploads” and “downloads” of information from “5-G” towers.

Your mind will essentially be “thinking” thoughts that are NOT YOURS.

Could this be the final solution to getting every man, woman, and child left on planet Earth to be wholly obedient to those who want to rule it far into the future?

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